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Riverside Signal  

Scene Around Town: Beachwood Circle CVS
Construction on the new Beachwood Circle CVS continues, as can be seen in this photo taken October 8th, 2015.
Borough Bulletins

 Don Wiesner, 62+ Year Fire Company Member,
Now Citizen of the Year
As is annual tradition, the Beachwood mayor and council met in mid-September to announce the newest Citizen of the Year award, the winner of which has their name prominently displayed on a blue-painted cut board at the Beachwood Circle intersection at Atlantic City and Beachwood boulevards through the following year.
A closely guarded secret until the night of the meeting, residents present looked on as the full body of the Beachwood Vol. Fire Company filed in and took up half the council chambers, with all but one member promoting their presence under some sort of municipal pretense other than the award, thus keeping its winner in the dark.
Upon Mayor Ron Roma's motion, councilmen Greg Feeney and Ed Zakar lifted the blue board from behind the dais - blank side outward - and walked it around to the front.

"Without any further ado, we would like to congratulate and present the Beachwood Citizen of the Year to Donald E. Wiesner," the mayor said as the room erupted in a standing ovation and the board was flipped to reveal the name of the long-serving member of the fire company stenciled in stark white against the deep blue surface of the wood.

Past-Chief Wiesner was stunned and stood among his fellow firefighters in a wide, shocked smile.

Roger Hull, current chief of the company, then rose and read from a letter he sent the governing body in June to offer Mr. Wiesner as the 2015-16 nominee.
"Don is the epitome of a firefighter, dedicating his life to the betterment of the fire service and serving the Borough of Beachwood," he began, reading through a sketch of the honored man's life of fire service that began with the U.S. Air Force in the 1940s and 50s when he was "serving at several bases, in different states, including Alaska before it was even a state."
"In Alaska, Don volunteered on his off-hours from the base with the Anchorage Fire Department," Chief Hull read. "Don was then shipped out to Korea during the Korean War, where his base and fire apparatus came under heavy enemy fire, almost costing Don his life. On a leave from the Air Force, Don answered his first call with the Beachwood Vol. Fire Company in 1953, assisting our department. When Don was discharged from the military and settled in Beachwood, he officially joined [us] in 1956."

Mr. Wiesner, he continued, also served over 20 years with the fire brigade at Toms River Chemical (later Ciba-Geigy), where he achieved the rank of chief, a rank also held with Beachwood from 1967 to 1973.
"Don consistently responds to the highest number of calls year after year [and] is also our department historian [and] has made great efforts to preserve the history of the fire company, the borough [and] fire service in general," said the current chief. "In addition to preserving Beachwood antiques, Don amassed a large personal collection of fire memorabilia, including hand-pulled hose carts from the early 1900s and a 1930s American LaFrance fire truck that he personally restored. Don has shared his collection with the fire department and has donated numerous pieces to the New Jersey Fireman's Home Museum."
Other past achievements of the new borough citizen of the year, Chief Hull reported, include serving as Ocean County Fire Coordinator for 33 years, first as a deputy then as chief; serving as a lead instructor at the New Jersey State Fire College and also instructing at the Ocean County Fire Academy; representing Ocean County on the New Jersey Fireman's Home's Board of Managers for 24 years, where he also maintained and contributed items to its museum; being a life member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the New Jersey State Fireman's Association; and representing Beachwood on a world tour as part of a People to People program for the fire service where he "trained with firefighters in Russia and Germany" and where "in each firehouse Don visited around the world, a Beachwood Vol. Fire Company patch is proudly displayed."
"Today, Don serves in a fire police role in our department [and] is still active in the maintenance of the fire station and equipment," closed the current chief. "Don also assists in many planning assignments, assessing the needs of the fire department, such as serving on our apparatus committees. Don can always be counted on to step up for any new task given to him [and] recently put on an awesome presentation for our membership and our newest recruits outlining the history and traditions of the fire service and the history of the borough."

Mayor Roma then invited Mr. Wiesner to say a few words.
"I'm really taken back by this - I was wondering why certain guys were here, I couldn't imagine what they were doing up here," he said, still visibly stunned. "I really want to thank all of you for coming out, and I really appreciate this award - I don't realize how many years back it is now. Sixty years in the fire service is a long time, and I've enjoyed every minute of it, believe me."
"I really enjoy being in the fire service," he concluded. "Thank you again, thank you, mayor and council - thank you very much."
Mayor Roma pointed out that this may be a more visible year for his name on the board downtown, as the construction of the new Beachwood Circle CVS on the site of the Beachwood Circle Inn/Shop/Carpet Land and several surrounding buildings was drawing a great deal of attention beyond the normal highway traffic.
All of the governing body members congratulated Mr. Wiesner, with Councilman Bill Cairns adding that he'd known him since the early 1980s when he first joined the borough fire company and that the past chief was "a great example for young men coming in - this is well deserved."
Mr. Zakar said he recalled him in the 1970s when he himself went through county fire school and had also known him since moving into town in the early 1980s.

And in other news of the governing body:
From the September 16th and October 7th council meetings - Borough Clerk Sue Minock was continuing to compile information and events listings for the 2016 borough calendar... the public works department picked up and installed the seasonal autumn mums throughout the town, including at the Beachwood Circle... the bluff above the bathing beach will soon have its gazebo replaced, the current one standing since 1994 showing its age... an antenna behind the sewerage authority that was no longer needed by the borough office of emergency management was taken down by public works and recycled... Mr. Zakar attended the annual 9/11 memorial ceremony at the firehouse on Beachwood Boulevard and noted that it appeared less and less residents were turning out for it each year... JCP&L Community Manager Maria Sessa reminded residents to report streetlight outages at their website here... the refrigerator inside the recreation building at Birch & Surf Park was repaired for the clubs that use it, including the softball league... Mayor Roma remarked that the annual 5K and One Mile Fun Run was, for the second consecutive year, held despite the rain and wind, and joked that it might have to change its name to Rain on the River 5K if the trend continues... the annual municipal alliance costume Halloween dance was held October 9th at the Community Center on Beachwood Boulevard... the mayor also stated that the borough would purchase a tall ladder to allow public works to replace lightbulbs in the new Mayo Park Center when the need arose due to the multipurpose room's high ceilings... Councilman Gerald W. "Jerry" LaCrosse stated his hope that with the county purchasing the 775-acre Fisher's Pit area to the southeast of the borough that they would address the rampant and illegal all-terrain vehicle use on it... Borough Engineer Jim Oris stated that with that land purchase, the county would still be able to go forward on extending Western Boulevard from Northern Boulevard to Route 9 as a way to alleviate traffic on that highway, while also connecting the county rail trail to Beachwood from the existing completed Berkeley section... Mayor Roma stated he saw signs of an improving economy through the increased amount of building permits applied for at borough hall, highlighting the need for a second part-time code enforcement employee... Mr. Cairns stated he spoke with Police Chief Robert L. Tapp and in the interim while that new employee is sought there will be patrol officers assisting in working to get residents to clean up the sight triangles on property corners to allow for safer road traffic... In open public session, Windward Avenue resident John Hornung requested the governing body look into whether a town ordinance exists that prohibits the large sort of pop-up storage car ports his back neighbor currently uses to house what he called a "monster truck" in his backyard, while Berkeley Avenue resident Justin Pierre continued to push the borough for better enforcement against all-terrain vehicle riders in his section, where several offenders had even stated to him of moving into the neighborhood for the specific purpose of riding on Fisher's Pit, now being purchased by the county for passive open land preservation... 
Vintage Vignette: Beacon Avenue Homes, 1915-16
Two matching homes that still stand today on Beacon Avenue, across from the Mayo Park ballfields, photographed by Charles Berrien in 1915-16 for town co-founder Addison D. Nickerson, whose company, the Nickerson-Glenn Building Co., constructed them.
Notes & Dispatches

Mayor & Council
Trick or Treating is Oct. 30th

Late last month, a mini-ruckus flared up among parents here when borough officials initially decided to keep the official date of trick-or-treating as Halloween, October 31 st, in the face of Toms River Vol. Fire Company No. 1 choosing to permanently return the annual Halloween parade to that date. To read the full story, CLICK HERE. Below is the official message sent by the borough officially changing trick-or-treating back to Friday, October 30th:
To all Beachwood Residents:
As many of you are aware Halloween trick or treating has become a very popular subject this year in Beachwood and we have received numerous requests to move trick or treat to October 30th to coincide with our surrounding communities and school district.
Although we did not intend to have our decision to keep trick or treating on the 31st offend anyone, we apparently did. So, in response to numerous requests to have trick or treat on October 30th we have decided to grant that request for this year as well as to formally announce that we will be having trick or treat on October 30th in the future as well to coincide with the Toms River Halloween Parade.
We hope that all of our children and families have a happy and Safe Halloween.
Beachwood Mayor & Council

The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Beachwood imposed a
9:00 pm Halloween Curfew
from October 29, 2015 to November 1, 2015
for everyone under the age of 18 unless
accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Recreation Commission
Nor'easter Doesn't Stop Annual Riverfront 5K 
& One Mile Fun Run
"The event also featured our Beachwood Recreation Running Club kids, pictured here, who braved the cold, wind and rain to test their skills in the Fun Run." - Beachwood Rec
Several dozen dedicated runners came out for the 4 th Annual Beachwood 5K and One Mile Fun Run on Saturday, Oct. 3 rd at Beachwood Beach despite the drenching nor'easter.
Afterward, recreation officials issued this release:
Thank You to all of the runners, volunteers, sponsors, commissioners and friends of Beachwood Recreation for making the 2015 Beachwood 5k River Run & One Mile Fun Run a success! The weather was about the same as last year, with rain and wind persisting throughout the morning, but everyone had a great time.
A special thank you goes to Chief Tapp and the Beachwood Police Department, CERT, OEM, First Aid, Public Works and Police Explorers for coordinating a first class operation to ensure our safety and enjoyment. We truly appreciate your support and commitment to making this a fun family event for all. We were also joined by members of TEAM, who provided traffic support along the race route, and the Ocean Running Club, who helped tremendously with registration throughout the morning.
Congratulations to our top male and female finishers - Scott Sarno and Colleen Francis - and to the top male and female Beachwood residents - Jared Holmes and Jen Musumeci.
Of course, our sponsors provide the resources that make this event possible. Thank you to The Lamp Post Inn for your support and our amazing post-race luncheon, and to Pine Beach Auto Body, T&M Associates, Rudy Rinderer, Versatile Event Designs, der Wunder Weiner, Road ID, Beachwood Nursery School, Accent Apparel, Thompson Healthcare, Shop Rite, the Beachwood Mayors Wellness Campaign and the Ocean County Tourism Council for your support and encouragement throughout the year.
And in other Recreation Commission news:
  • The annual autumn town-wide yard sale was held the weekend of September 26th and included over 125 participants attracting many bargain hunters from the area.

  • The annual Beachwood Beach Bonfire will be Saturday, Nov. 7th from 6 to 9 pm and feature costume contests, food vendors and more, besides the bonfire itself.
  • Volunteers are sought to join Recreation Commission efforts throughout the year in forming and helping at events. Please write them at and like them on Facebook here for the latest information on events throughout the year. Ideas and help welcome!
November 2015 Election Information
The 2015 General Election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 3 rd with polls open from 6 am to 8 pm. Registered voters can find their polling station on their ballot sent via mail. Polling stations include:
District 1 & 2 - Community Center, Compass Avenue at Brigantine Street
District 3, 4 & 5 - Beachwood Vol. Fire Company, Beachwood Boulevard at Maple Street
District 6 & 7 - Borough Hall, Pinewald Road
Election information questions can be directed to the Ocean County Election Board at (732) 929-2167. The Election Board is always looking for registered voters to serve at polling places. If interested, please call.
Municipal Alliance
Underage Drinking & Driving Consequences
If you are under 21 and drive with any detectable amount of alcohol in your system (.01 BAC or above), you will be subjected to the following penalties:
1. Loss or postponement of driving privileges for 30 to 90 days.
2. 15 to 30 days of community service
3. Successful completion of the program requirements of an intoxicated Driver Resource Center or an alcohol education and highway safety program.
Mayor's Wellness Campaign

Walk & Talk With the Mayor Returns
On Saturday, September 19 th, residents were invited to attend the new season of weekly Walk and Talk with the Mayor exercise walks, and on this day received a surprise preview tour of the new Mayo Park Center going up in Mayo Park. The following week's walk took place in Jakes Branch Park and last week's walk, initially rescheduled to Sunday, was canceled due to inclement weather.

The next walk, on Saturday, Oct. 10th, will begin at Beachwood Elementary School, and the following, on Oct. 17th, will begin at the new Mayo Park Center shortly before its grand opening, both dates start at 8:45 am. All invited.
IN PHOTOS: 4th Annual Beachwood 5K
& One Mile Fun Run 

School News

Beachwood Elementary School
The following are excerpts from recent updates provided by Beachwood Elementary Principal Kelly Josberger:
The 2015-2016 school year is off to a wonderful start! It is so nice to see our students back from summer vacation and eager to learn. The teachers spent many hours preparing their classrooms to provide a warm, welcoming environment and it is obvious the children are already adjusting to new surroundings. Parents are also to be commended for following our arrival and dismissal procedures, using the ferry lanes in a safe and orderly manner. As previously mentioned, the teachers' parking lot is not a safe drop off and pick up place.
For the safety and security of our children, it is important that all parents follow our drop off and pick up procedure properly.  I have received several phone calls regarding some concerns in the teachers' parking lot. The Beachwood Police have been notified of the loitering taking place in this area and will be monitoring the parking lot frequently. This is NOT a place to pick up your children. All drop offs and pick ups must take place in the ferry lanes. Please keep in mind that the last cars in are the last cars to leave. Once all students and parents are safely to their cars, our teacher on duty will signal to the FIRST lane of cars (closest to the school) to exit and lines of cars follow accordingly. If you are unsure of this procedure, please ask one of the teachers on duty.
We are also off to a great start with attendance and promptness. Our goal is to instill responsibility to the children which starts with arriving to school on time. Thank you for your efforts in getting students to school each day before the 8:50 am bell.
Kudos to over 150 Beachwood Bears who made reading a priority this summer! Mrs. Muir recognized each student who completed the summer book project, which are now on display in the classrooms for all to admire.
Speaking of reading, Mayor Roma would like to share information regarding a "Congressional Reading Challenge" for all students.  For more information, follow this link:
The Toms River Regional Schools Office of Communications has worked with the schools to assemble an online 'At a Glance' info packet that highlights our programs, shares our summer work, outlines our goals for the coming year, and puts the calendar, time schedules, and contact information in one place. You can access this document from our web page or through the following link:
Did you hear about our Pep Rally? You may have even heard the roar of the crowd at your home, as students and staff cheered "Bears Care" as part of our kick off of the caring, acceptance, respect, and excellence campaign. The energy and enthusiasm was outstanding, as we taught our student body the importance of taking care of themselves, the school, and each other with pride. Students were educated on the importance of coming to school each day on time and trying their hardest. The chorus performed "My Personal Code", inspiring all of us to be our best and the Safety Patrol students shared rules and procedures to keep everyone safe after an introductory "Safety Dance".   A great time was had by all!
As we wrap up the third week of school, I am pleased to report that the Beachwood Bears are falling into the routines of the new school year and maximizing their education with excellent attitudes toward learning. It was nice to see so many parents attend our Visit the School Night this past Wednesday. Not only was there a great turn-out, but business was booming at our Book Fair. Many thanks to Mrs. Lee, some former Beachwood Bears, and other talented musicians for providing classical music in our entry way.
As September comes to a close, I am happy to report a very successful first month of school. The students are arriving on time and attendance has been strong, even with an end of summer cold going around! Students have been eager to come to school and are progressing nicely, both academically and socially.
This week began a very important week in our school year. While we always stress respect and responsibility each and every day, the Week of Respect is a statewide initiative to recognize the importance of character education. Our activities listed below are planned with thought by Mrs. Sorrentino, our Anti-Bullying Specialist and the School Safety Team, to prevent harassment, intimidation, & bullying and focus on respect of others and our school. The children and staff will be participating in the following activities this week:
Monday - Wear yellow to symbolize school-wide respect. All students will take the TR3R Pledge: "As a student of the Toms River Regional School District, I pledge to respect myself by making good choices, respect my classmates by treating them kindly, and take responsibility by my actions."
Tuesday- Superhero Day- Dress like a superhero! Be a friend and be someone's hero! Help Everyone Respect Others! Students will also be attend a three screen character education production.
Wednesday- "Switch it up day"- Students are encouraged to sit next to a new friend at lunch and play with a new friend during recess.
Thursday- Keep Calm and Stand up to Bullying! Each class will make a banner or poster with the theme respect, bully free, and kindness. Artwork will be displayed around the school and carried during our Anti-Bullying Walk (Friday).
Friday- Anti-Bullying Walk - Students are encouraged to wear their "Bear Wear" to show support for their school.
Thanks to all for coming out to our Ice Cream Social last week. I think it's safe to say it was beyond successful, since we had to send out for more ice cream two times! It was so nice to see so many families enjoy a night of fun! Many thanks to our teacher "scoopers" and TEAM students for their help, and of course our PTO moms and dads who continue to work hard to make our school an even better place!
Pine Beach Elementary
The following are excerpts from recent updates provided by Pine Beach Elementary Principal Tricia Tutzauer:
I would like to welcome everyone back! Our school year has gotten off to a great start.  Thank you to our parents and staff for a wonderful opening!
Our Office of Communications has worked with the schools to assemble an online 'At a Glance' info packet that highlights our programs, shares our summer work, outlines our goals for the coming year, and puts the calendar, time schedules, and contact information in one place. You can access this document from our web page or through the following link:
A few safety reminders are: when dropping off in the Ferry Lanes, have your children exit out the door closest to the building and do not use the front parking lot for drop-off or dismissal. Both requests are for the safety of our children.
On September 9th, we [had] our first lockdown drill practice. During our drills, our teachers will turn off the lights and have the students sit on the floor together. The teacher will continue to communicate with the children and comfort them. Our drills can be a little frightening to the students at first, but they are quick. The teacher will explain to the class that we are having them to keep safe from something dangerous outside of our school. This danger could be a smell, an animal or a stranger. We will practice a lockdown or emergency evacuation each month. On September 11th, we [had] our first Fire Drill practice. The students have already practiced with their teachers. We will have one fire drill practice a month.
Like most schools in the United States, we have a number of students in ours that have potentially life threatening food allergies. Students are aware of their classmates who have allergies and our teachers will be sending a note home and/or announcing it at Back to School Night. When sending in food for the classroom, (snack time/parties) please be sensitive if there are students with allergies. Please visit the following website for a list of peanut-free snacks.
In an effort to promote the integration of the arts and other academic areas, the Toms River Schools STEAM team will be working collaboratively with elementary students and intermediate students to create a mosaic from recycled plastic bottle caps and tops. The caps and tops will also be used to drive several academic lessons.
The team is asking for your help as we collect plastic bottle caps and tops of all sizes, shapes and colors. Suggestions include water bottle caps, iced tea caps, sour cream or cottage cheese tops, pretzel container tops and laundry detergent tops. Please send caps in to school with your child as you collect them.
Kindly rinse caps and tops before sending them to school with your child.

Thank you for coming to Visit the School night. I enjoyed seeing and talking to so many of you.  It is nice to hear that our new families are settling in well.  Mrs. Jovanis and I met with all of the new students this week to make sure that they are acclimating well to their new school. So far, so good, so they say!
Thank you to all of the parents who attended our first PTO meeting last night.  Jen Maguire, our PTO president and her executive board talked about all of the wonderful things our PTO has planned for our students. Our PTO is always looking for volunteers; if interested please e-mail Jen at
Our next meeting is October 26th; each person in attendance will receive a raffle ticket towards 5 Breakwater Beach all-day park passes.  The winner will be announced at May's meeting.
Thank you for signing our school "Attendance Pledge". Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves. Elementary school is a great time to start building the habit, so your children will learn that going to school is important. Students are more likely to succeed in school if their attendance is good. Good attendance in elementary school will help children be successful in high school, college and eventually at work. Being on time to school is also important. Tardiness not only affects your child, but it affects the whole class, because the teacher must stop what he/she is doing to catch the late student up.
Set a regular bed time and morning routine.
Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.
Don't let your child stay home unless they are truly sick.
Develop back up plans for getting children to school if something comes up. Call on a family member or friend.
Avoid medical appointments and long trips when school is in session.
If your child is absent, call the Main Office to request work to be picked up after-school or sent home with a sibling or friend.
Good Attendance= 9 or fewer absences
Warning Signs= 10 to 15
Chronic Absences= 15 or more
Mrs. Sorrentino, Guidance Counselor
 I would like to welcome everyone back and extend a warm greeting to our new families.  Guidance services offer a variety of individual and group sessions for students, along with providing resources for parents.  Guidance groups offer students a time to learn strategies and skills that promote social and emotional growth.  This means, among other things, learning how to get along with other children, making good decisions, controlling anger, accepting responsibility, and being aware of strengths and weaknesses.  Participation in these groups is voluntary and most groups meet together one time a week for a four week period
One of my most popular groups is the Lunch Bunch Group. Lunch Bunch groups are offered to all the children in grades K-5.  The groups focus on developing a more positive sense of self through talking, learning, games, and activities.  Children are given opportunities to discuss building friendships and maintaining good self-esteem.  Students are also taught that proper nutrition and healthy habits affect their behavior.  Please remember to send your child to school with a healthy lunch and water or milk each day.
With all new beginnings, your child may be experiencing a sense of uneasiness or anxiety.  They may have trouble sleeping, eating, or excessively cry or become agitated.  During school, frequent visits to the nurse's office due to complaints of stomachaches or headaches may be the result of anxiety.  These are just some of the red flags for anxiety that your child may be experiencing. I am available to work with you and your child to learn the coping skills necessary to have a successful and productive school day.  Above all, discuss your concerns with your child's pediatrician.  Together we can help your child cope with any obstacles they face. First and foremost, anxious parents usually have anxious children.  Modeling optimism with healthy cautiousness will create a well balance in your child's emotional growth.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  I am excited and look forward to working with all of you!   - Ms. Sorrentino
I look forward to continuing to update you weekly about all of the wonderful things that are going on at Pine Beach School. Please visit our school website and refer to our monthly calendar to stay informed. This is a no-reply e-mail address. I can be reached at
Remember to bring in your plastic bottle caps and lids for our STEAM project!
The first Jersey Shore Makerfest is being held at the Pine Belt Arena on Saturday, October 17th from 10a.m. to 5p.m. The Makerfest will be a celebration of community, creativity and imagination that is a workshop, science lab, county fair, and art exhibition rolled into one. Makers include contractors, designers, engineers, tinkerers, hackers, cooks, gardeners, architects, performers, scientists, writer and tech folks. They are professionals, amateurs, crafters and hobbyists. They are students, teachers, grandparents, business owners, and neighbors. They are men and women, boys and girls.
This homegrown event will fill the Pine Belt Arena with 65 booths, all providing participatory activities (rather than sales pitches), from spinning alpaca wool to controlling a robot to writing an iOS app; a 2800-square foot makerspace where your imagination can go wild; inspirational EdTalks on the main stage; and a Learning Space with mini-workshops throughout the day.   It has been advertised across NJ by the Department of Ed and our many other partners, so we expect a great turnout. More info:
Clubs & Orgs
Beachwood Street Devils Season Starts October
The Beachwood Street Devils, a street hockey program sponsored by the National Hockey League (NHL) and the New Jersey Devils, will start its next season this October and is open to boys and girls ages 6 to 16. Anyone interested in playing only needs a pair of sneakers - helmets, gloves and other optional protective equipment is recommended but not required to play.
The Street Devils meet on Saturday mornings at Beachwood Elementary School on Berkeley Avenue, and players are not required to attend every session. Each meet includes approximately one half hour of instructions on the basics followed by a game. There are no penalties allowed and no contact. Cost is a small registration fee to cover the cost of the year-end event.
For more information, head to
Beachwood Republican Club Meetings
The Beachwood Republican Club meets the first Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Beachwood Community Center, Compass Avenue.