Submissions must be in by Wednesday at 4:00 pm to be included in the newsletter. 
Caleb Alexander, Beacon Office Manager
~ Sunday Service, June 17 ~ 
"The Perfect Parent"
With Char Tarashanti

We honor fathers and father figures on this Father's Day. 
A time to explore some of the qualities and characteristics of the mythical 
"Perfect Parent" and share real life stories of parenting.

~ Touchstone Theme: Wisdom ~ 
~ Repair Expand Improve Project Update ~

As we promised the congregation at the Town Hall and Congregational Meeting, the Building Expansion Team (BET) has been working to come up with some options to reduce the cost for the building project. 
Yesterday we met with our contractor, his estimator, and our architect and made some changes to the design (the one hanging on the kitchen wall approved by the congregation) that will result in some small savings, but will still require a mortgage to complete.
The good news is we also came up with a couple of alternate plans that will probably require no mortgage. These are not as ideal as the original, but would probably be within our budgeted pledge amount. We are awaiting the estimates and will present new drawings and estimates as soon as possible. 
In community,
Theresa deBoer
REI Project Manager
~ From the Minister's Desk ~

Dear Beacon Members and Friends,
It's Summer but Beacon goes on...
    Another church year is drawing to a close. Please recognize that Beacon is a year round effort, we don't take the summers off, and we all look forward to seeing you on Sundays throughout the summer.  The Worship Associates and I have been busy the past few months developing services that will take us through June, July and August. Again, this year, we will gather at Bushmaster Park for our Annual "Beacon in the Park" Sunday. This year, the WAs and the Board have selected to hold the gathering the first Sunday of September.  So mark your calendars for Sunday September 2, 2018 - Beacon in the Park!
Minister's Vacation -
The calendar denotes I am off the next two weeks, due to the very busy year we have had around here, and the spring campaigns and business needs of the community I did not take time off this spring.  The next two weeks are "officially" some of my time off. However, please know that I am primarily in town, with smaller day and overnight trips nearby. Due to the important and timely work being accomplished daily and weekly concerning our collective building campaign, I will be checking in regularly and staying in touch with our community leaders.  Please reach out to the office if you experience a pastoral emergency and Caleb or our others leaders can get in touch with me.  
Building Expansion Team and Congregational Engagement -
    I want to take just a moment to express my sincere appreciation to our volunteers who have served diligently on the BET this past year and some for the past several years.  The BET have been the keepers of a long held vision over ten years plus towards Beacon's expressed desire to improve and expand our home space. While the process has been long and imperfect, now is the time for all of us who call Beacon our spiritual and our faith home to come together with caring and hopeful hearts to see what we might accomplish together.  I remain hopeful that the building and design plans you initiated and voted to move forward several years ago will be realized.
    I know the BET members have been working sincerely since the May Town Hall to address the financial gap, to reduce costs, to build a bridge from what we can afford, to what we might have dreamed we could have.  There are simply no quick and easy answers, so I wish to express my gratitude for the BET members, and to all within our congregation for staying the course and participating in the work of community involvement, community action and decision-making.  As we are a people, who honor the principles of democracy and community engagement, we must recognize this is a process that is not always smooth sailing and pretty roses, all nice and neat in a row on the windowsill. Together, we are charting the course for our futures and the future for a Beacon many of us will not live years long enough to see.  
    Let's talk turkey for a moment. First, I want to lift up and congratulate this amazing community for raising in pledges to the capital campaign over $360,000.00.  This is a HUGE Accomplishment for a community our size.   Well Done You!  Secondly, I want to acknowledge that statistically this capital campaign only spoke to one half of our membership.  This is an opportunity for all of Beacon to rise up and to be participants in the collective, if for whatever reason you did not engage with the capital campaign, but you perhaps now feel called to do so, we welcome you.  Everyone and every amount is a stepping-stone to all of us achieving our collective dreams and our goals. If you felt your gift or pledge would not matter, it does!
    I know I am so encouraged by the heart and soul and the work that the BET and so many before this recent named group have labored over for so many years.  You heard at the Congregational meeting that two members bumped or added to their capital pledge amounts. I wish to share with you all that as your minister I too will also be increasing my pledge $5,000.00 in support of this endeavor.  Beacon's time is now; ours are the only hands (and wallets) to make this dream a reality.
    If you have pledged towards the capital campaign A HUGE Thank You! If you are a part of the 50% who said, "I'll wait and see," or perhaps just didn't believe that we could come this close to our building dreams, I invite your participation now.  Any gift, any size, one year or over three years will make a difference and will most certainly be a stepping-stone on the bridge to close the gap in our funds and the projected building costs. Please know the BET members, heard you, they really heard you at the congregational meeting - "lower the costs!" and "Bring us an option on July 29 closer to a reality of what we can afford." This is being worked on as I type. Let us believe in our fellow congregants, who are giving so much of themselves in volunteer leadership and hope for our collective futures.
    Beacon you are amazing, do you believe that? You are, this is the flagship for liberal religion and outreach in Northern Arizona, you walk your talk and you live your vision and your mission.  Together, let me repeat that Together, all of us, doing our part, large or small, arrive here and now on the cusp of our future tomorrows. Let us be as one strong body, united and hope filled for our future.
Grateful to be on the Journey with you,
Rev. Kevin      
~ Special Recognition ~

Special thanks goes out to the May 30 volunteers: Bill  and Carleton Sheppard, Dora Harrison, Andy Gould, and Mary Linn. 

The next opportunity for Beaconites to volunteer with the Flagstaff Family Food Center is  June 27 !
~ Reminder from the Beacon Treasurer ~

Please complete payment of your FY '18 pledge by July 2, 2018.  Thank you very much!

Holly Taylor
Board Treasurer
~ Attention: Building & Grounds Service Day Cancelled ~

This weekend's Building & Grounds Day has been cancelled. We will reschedule for an upcoming day in August. Thank you!
Theresa deBoer, B&G Chair 
~ Workshop: Overcoming Your Immunity to Change ~

Special Workshop with Dir. of RE Amy Huntereece 
Monday, June 18th & Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
Are you interested in making a change in your life but cannot seem to follow through? Join Amy Huntereece on June 18th and 19th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm to learn powerful, effective techniques to invest in personal lifestyle changes.  We will use the book, Immunity to Change, by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey as a guide. In the words of the authors, "It's a psychological dynamic called a 'competing commitment,' and until [you] understand how it works and the ways to overcome it, [you] can't do a thing about change-resistant [behavior]."
~ Volunteer Opportunity! ~

Pride in the Pines - Beacon Booth 
Saturday, June 23, 2018
Thanks to all who have signed up! Our Booth Volunteers call has been successful; we have our booth staffed for the day. However, we can always use additional support. If you would like to volunteer time at the Beacon Booth, email Rev. Kevin at to be added to the roster. Beacon participates annually in this community event. Join with Rev. Kevin and our amazing volunteers as we share our support for the sexual orientation/gender identity communities of Northern Arizona. This is always a fun and festive way for Beacon to affirm our welcoming and open congregation for all.
~ Religious Exploration ~

PreK-Grade 4  - We will continue to explore the wisdom that dwells within each one of us by learning about yoga. We are using  Wisdom Within  by Allison Morgan
Grades 5-8  - This week we will learn about Paganism.
And we are looking forward to...  Chalice Camp!
Only $25/day! Tell your friends!  All are welcome!
Please email Amy Huntereece to request registration form or with any questions.  

Amy Huntereece
Director of Religious Exploration
~ Community Action Committee ~
Our Share the Plate partner for June is Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona & Sharon Manor. This organization helps homeless victims of violence and their children on their journey out of violence and poverty and into economic independence, safety, health, and self-sufficiency. Click for more info.

Rich Clark, (928) 255-2515
CAC Chair
~ Save the Date: Beacon in the Park 2018 ~
Service and Potluck Luncheon in the Park  
Sunday September 2, 2018 - Labor Day Weekend
All Members and Friends are invited to this annual gathering for Food, Fun and Fellowship. This year the Worship Associates and the Board of Trustees have selected to gather during Labor Day weekend. We have reserved the Community Ramada at Bushmaster Park, where we have gathered the past two years. 
See you in the Park! 
~ Upcoming Events ~
Flagstaff Fourth of July Community Parade & the Beacon Float! 
Wednesday, July 4, 2018  
We Need You! Please see or contact Carleton Sheppard, our communications team lead, to sign up for participation in our parade entry. There will be two options for participation 1) riding on the float and 2) walking alongside and passing out candy.  This is a great opportunity to share Beacon with the Flagstaff community and to welcome newcomers to learn more about Beacon. The parade begins at 9:00 am with staging beginning at 8:00 am. Rev. Kevin will be attending the mandatory pre-parade informational meeting on June 22, and will learn our staging location at that time. Join with us for this fun community celebration and outreach opportunity! 
Beacon Summer Day Retreat
Save the Date: Saturday August 4, 2018
Stayed tuned for upcoming information on Beacon Day Camp for all ages (our summer day retreat is  August 4, 2018). This event is being developed by Rev. Kevin and Char Tarashanti and will be a summer followup to our exciting Winter Retreat Day. 
~ In Community ~

Ruth and Andrew celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! In addition, their daughter Joy is almost ready to graduate! They shared concerns for Ruth's (or Andrew's?) sister who is recovering following cardiac arrest. 

lore... is... back! 

Preston shared the joy for upcoming laser surgery and voice concern for Beacon's parking needs.

Donna shared joy for Astrid and her husband who are on a bike trip, as well as hope that they travel safely. 

Becky shared gratitude that Bruce is recovering and back to work and celebrated that her daughter Lenore got into Northwestern.
~ Beacon Calendar ~
Flagstaff Folk Project
Friday, June 15
7:15 pm
Core Leadership Council
Wednesday, June 20
5:15 pm
Saturday, June 16
9:00 am
Kadampa Buddhist Teachings
Wednesday, June 20
6:30 pm
Worship & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 17
10:00 am
Beacon at PRIDE
Saturday, June 23
10:00 am
Immunity to Change Workshop
Monday, June 18
5:30 pm
Worship & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 24
10:00 am
Yoga Practice
Tuesday, June 19
11:00 am & 5:00 pm
Humanists of Discovery Discussion
Friday, June 15
3:30 pm
Immunity to Change Part II
Tuesday, June 19
5:30 pm
Yoga Practice
Tuesday, June 26
11:00 am & 5:00 pm
Tuesday, June 19
6:30 pm
Tuesday, June 26
6:30 pm
If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to . With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
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you are not on Beacon's exclusive Google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Caleb, our Office Manager, at