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Caleb Alexander, Beacon Office Manager
~ Sunday Service, March 4 ~ 
"To Walk Humbly"
Rev. Kevin Lawson

"Humility - true humility - is one of the most expansive and life-enhancing of all virtues. It does not mean undervaluing yourself. It means valuing other people." 
- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks 

Rev. Kevin explores Humility, our theme for the month of March.

~ Touchstone Theme: Humility ~ 
~ Join Us for Our Rescheduled Beacon Retreat Day! ~

Rejuvenation - Body, Mind and Spirit 
Free Youth and Adult Retreat Day
Rescheduled from last Saturday due to snow.
Saturday, March 3, 9:30 - 3:30 at Beacon
Brown Bag Luncheon
Email  Char Tarashanti  or Rev. Kevin  for additional information
9:30 am Gathering
10:00 am Large Group Activity: Movement & Music 
With Music Director Adrianne Anning
10:30 am Small Group Breakouts:
A) Body: Yoga with Cassie in the Sanctuary
B) Mind: Enneagram with Taylors in the Purple Room
C) Spirit: Soul Collage with Char in the Kitchen
12:00 pm Brown Bag Lunch & Open Time
1:00 pm Large Group Activity: Myth & Story 
With Director of Religious Exploration Amy Huntereece
1:30 pm Break
1:45 Small Group Breakouts:
A) Body: Practice with Char in the Sanctuary
B) Mind: Anatomy of Trust in the Purple Room
C) Spirit: Everyday Spiritual Practice with Rev. Kevin
3:15 Large Group Activity: Gathered in the Sanctuary for Closing
~ Website Update ~

New  Menu Items
To improve the security of personally identifiable information on the Beacon website, menu items have been added for registering on the site. No additional content will be accessible for registered users at this time. However, once a significant number of members have registered, content containing personally identifiable information and other member specific content will be available only to logged in members and friends. 

Care of,
Dennis Spurlin
 Repair, Expand and Improvement Campaign

A Leadership Donor Event is in the planning stages, to kick off our Repair, Expand & Improve capital campaign. This type of early kick-off event is a good practice in capital campaigns. It helps to establish the foundation of giving and gets the campaign rolling by having the Leadership Donors pledge early. 

So to inaugurate the Repair, Expand & Improve capital campaign, Beacon is hosting a party for prospective Leadership Donors on March 7! Be among the first to make your pledge and with your support we'll have a rousing start to this campaign!

If this describes you and you haven't received a personal invitation, please contact Rich Clark at
~ Music Box ~

Pop-Up Choir on March 4th 

Everyone who has been dreaming about singing with the choir but has been unable to rehearse with us on Thursdays is invited to participate on Sunday, March 4th. All you need to commit to is meeting together at Beacon, March 4, at 9:00 am for one rehearsal, then sing with us during the service. 

We are singing two pieces. I Allow, I Surrender is a meditative chant comprised of three easy parts, with very comfortable easy ranges, layered together.  The anthem is a coupling of two familiar folk hymns, Tis a Gift to Be Simple and Going Home . The choral arrangement, The Journey, was inspired by Dvorak's Symphony in e minor "The New World Symphony."

Adrianne Anning
Music Director
 Master Chorale of Flagstaff 

Remember when it snowed last Friday? Master Chorale was supposed to have our concert "Happily Ever After"  on Friday  at Flagstaff High School. When it snowed, the schools were closed and our concert cancelled!

Well, we have a new date for the concert!  It's this coming  Tuesday, March 6 at 7:30 pm  at Flagstaff High School! Hear us sing songs from famous Broadway musicals and see the men in the choir dressed as pirates! Aaarr!

The auditorium and parking are at the southeast corner of the school. Join us!

Care of,
Anne Wittke
~ Social Justice Allies (SJA) ~

Calendar Alert: SJA will meet this Sunday, March 4, following service.
Agenda will include last-minute plans for film the next evening (see below), follow-up to UU Day at the Legislature expedition February 19, and update of SJA charter. Beacon members, friends and visitors are welcome. Snacks provided. 

Monday, March 5: Film Series to launch with Democracy & Public Engagement
Co-sponsored by Beacon Social Justice Allies and the Flagstaff Reading Group
At 7:00 pm on Mon., March 5 at Beacon, we will present our first film,  Bringing Down a Dictator . This is the inspiring story of a group of young students who spearheaded the non-violent overthrow of brutal Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. Using humor, music, public art and more, they became a force for democratic reform and a model of non-violent political change. A facilitated discussion will follow the presentation. Following the viewing, there will be a facilitated discussion about how we can strengthen democracy in our times and talk with others about how ordinary people can make and have made a difference in public life!
Additional films will be presented on the Mondays of April 9, May 7 and June 4 at Beacon.  For further information, contact me by email or phone, (928) 380-6502.
In community and service, 
Roz Clark, SJA Journalist

Late-breaking news: Special program on immigration at NAU Tuesday, March 6
To those of you concerned about DACA and the future of undocumented immigrants in general, I just received this notice from our friend Bob Neustadt, sponsor of No More Death. It looks like a rich program.  ~ Roz  

On Tuesday March 6 at 4 pm in NAU's LA 120, immigration attorney, Daniel Rodríguez will present, "The DREAM Act, DACA and the Future of the Immigrant Rights Movement." 

Daniel, who was brought to the U.S. by his mother as a small child, attended ASU and struggled to remain enrolled after the passage of Proposition 300, which forced undocumented students in Arizona to pay out of state tuition. He persevered and subsequently graduated from law school, becoming, at the time, the first undocumented person to pass the Bar in the state of Arizona. Daniel also worked with and founded a number of advocacy organizations including Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) and Somos América. On a personal note, I'll add that Daniel spoke on campus approximately four years ago and is an incredible speaker. The entire audience had tears in their eyes and felt inspired. As you know, this is a critical time in history for young DREAMers and a crucial issue for our students to understand.

Bob Neustadt
~ Religious Exploration ~

Looking forward to seeing you for RE on Sunday March 4! 

PreK-Grade 4 children will hear the story of "The Dog at the Well." The theme of this session is learning to be generous, humble and kind. We will also begin our work with Creating a network of giving


Grades 5-8's visit to Congregation Lev Shalom is scheduled for this coming Friday evening, We will attend Kabbalat Shabbat service at 7:00, which will be followed by an Oneg (yummies). Please plan on providing your own transportation and meeting there. If this is difficult for you, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Our fabulous middle school teacher Sami, one parent, and I are planning to go so your presence is not needed but you are certainly welcomed to join. Sami, talked to the kids about Judaism last Sunday. If you would like to look at those lessons, you can here and here!


Our visit to the Temple of the Divine Mother is scheduled for this coming Sunday morning. We will attend Puja at 10:00. if you would like to walk with Sami downtown to the Temple, she will leave Beacon at 9:30 AM. Otherwise, please plan on meeting there. We plan to reflect on the experience and learn a bit about Buddhism and Hinduism in our RE lesson on March 11 at Beacon. If you want a sneak peak, look here and here


Grades 9-12 youth group will meet on Sunday at noon in the kitchen. It was great to reconvene last Sunday with seven youth. Hope to see you there this week!


Amy Huntereece
Director of Religious Exploration
~ Community Action Committee ~

Beacon's community partner for March is The People's Pantry, a Full Circle Charities project.
The People's Pantry is a mini-grocery store that stocks meat, dairy, eggs, produce and dry pantry goods-all free! Located at 2527 E. 7th Ave. and open convenient hours, people may shop once a week and choose what they like and need for themselves and their families.
To nominate an organization to be a Beacon community partner, pick up an application in the CAC folder at the bottom of the office stairs. Information and instructions for Share the Plate partners are described on that form. The CAC has recently selected additional community partners for April, May and June.

The CAC is comprised of Joanne Parkes, Sue Strobel, Lynda Dorweiler, Rev. Kevin Lawson and Rich Clark. 

With continuing thanks for Beacon's generosity and especially for CAC members' thoughtful, persistent efforts to bring our UU Principles to life,
Rich Clark
CAC Chair
~ Ed Dunn, Local Photographer ~

The work of Local Photographer Ed Dunn will adorn our sanctuary for the months of February and March. 

Ed Dunn - Sunset Crater with Coreopsis
"My work is to communicate the value of this mountain, this town, this region, or any of the other incredible places I have traveled. Photography is the medium I have found that works for me to inform you of this idea of beauty, of the soul of nature, the city and its people. As a musician, I want to illustrate rhythm, pattern and balance. As a photographer, I continue to learn to find ways to sharpen or soften an image to show the texture and color of a place.  My work is rooted in my environmentalism." 

Ed Dunn
Flagstaff Photographer
~ In Community ~

Paul Beier shared the sorrow of his friend John Pierce's passing away after a long battle with prostate canacer. He was a very aware and enlightened soul.

Dee Wegwert shared the joy that she was just appointed to the Flagstaff Commission on Diversity Awareness.

We learned Wednesday that member Jeremy Young had a skiing accident ten days ago. He has a broken neck and concussion, but is at home and is on the mend. Sara and the kids are doing well. Please no calls or visitors just now as he is still tiring easily and needs to conserve strength. Cards of support are welcome. Please see directory for the home address or contact the office. I know we all send our thoughts and best wishes for recovery to Jeremy and the family - Rev. Kevin
~ Beacon Calendar ~

Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, March 1
7:00 pm
Tuesday, March 6
11:00 am & 5:00 pm
Rejuvenation: Body, Mind, Spirit
Saturday, February March 3
9:30 am
Cheap Lunch Bunch
Tuesday, March 6
11:30 am at Whole Foods
RE Committee Meeting
Sunday, March 4
8:30 am
Beacon Staff Meeting
Wednesday, March 7
2:30 pm
Worship & Religious Exploration
Sunday, March 4
10:00 am
Kadampa Buddhist Teachings
Wednesday, March 7
6:30 pm
Social Justice Allies Meeting
Sunday, March 4
11:15 am
Worship Associates Meeting 
Thursday, March 8
5:30 pm
Newcomer Orientation
Sunday, March 4
11:30 am
Steward Training
Thursday, March 8
6:00 pm
Helping Families Heal
Sunday, March 4
3:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, March 8
SJA Film: Bringing Down a Dictator
Monday, March 5
5:30 pm
Worship & Religious Exploration
Sunday, March 11
10:00 am

If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to . With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
~ Beacon Office Hours ~
Rev. Kevin  Lawson 

Tues: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wed: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Or by appointment
Director of RE, 
Amy Huntereece

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  Office Manager, 
Caleb Alexander

Wed: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Or by appointment
Office Phone (928) 779-4492
~ Website Members and Friends Access ~

Interested in accessing the directory and board documents on the Members and Friends page on ? You can get the password over the phone (928-779-4492) during regular office hours, or by requesting it from a board member after Sunday Services. We will not be providing it by email. 

Call or email Caleb ( with any questions!
 ~ Beacon Google Group ~

If you are not on Beacon's exclusive Google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Caleb, our Office Manager, at