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- This Sunday at Beacon -
October 4th, 2020

Virtual Service

"When We Need Our Principles the Most"

In the midst of a pandemic, a bruising election cycle and social unrest, what can you  do personally  to stay balanced during these extreme times? How can you express the higher aspects of your own character? This is where the Seven Principles of Unitarian-Universalism come into play. They are clear and powerful affirmations of our aspirations and values. Those Seven Principles bring out the best in us (even when they are challenging to follow). Andy Hogg and Rev. Robin will walk the path of our Principles with you through readings, meditation, a Touchstone Tale and inspiring sermon.

Andy Hogg preaching. Hosted by Rev. Robin with music from Roomie Wood and Rebecca Prizznick. 
Tune into the Service via the  "Beacon UUC" Youtube Channel.

~ Please join us after the service ~

Social Hour on Zoom at 11 AM.
Passcode: 968647
Or call +1 669 900 6833 and enter Meeting ID: 733 037 2039

Next Sunday
October 11th - "We've Known Rivers: On the Constancy of Change"
Rev. Robin Preaching, with worship associate Pia DK 
music by Roomie Wood and Rebecca Prizznick.
Please note: We recommend that you donate to Vanco directly from a bank account to save us the fees associated with credit and debit card donations.
More for us to sustain our congregation.

Chime In!!

Starting in the August 23 service, Rev. Robin will include short Zoom- recorded snippets with congregants, "chiming in" on a centering question, such as "What sustains you?" "Where do you find hope?" "What brightens your day during this murky time?" Joys and Sorrows welcome, too! Let Rev. Robin know you'd like to "chime in" and she'll schedule a short zoom session with you.
Porch Visits with Rev. Robin
Who is that masked minister in her "Soul" mobile? It's Rev. Robin! - ready to come by for a socially-distanced visit on your porch, patio, or deck. Trailhead meet-ups and easy hikes, we could even meet at a park, or walk in your neighborhood. You decideJust give a shout-minister@beaconuu.com or 978-505-7245
Caring and Connected Team Calling!

We have created a "Caring and Connected" Team to keep us in touch during this time of virtual church and physical distancing. Members and friends of Beacon will be receiving a phone call and/or an email from one of our team leaders to chat about how you've been these past months and share some news about upcoming plans and activities in the "Zoom Room" at Beacon. As always, Rev. Robin is here to talk with you, come by for a masked porch visit, and help you with pastoral or practical needs. minister@beaconuu.com or call 978-505-7245.

Beacon Buzz

Beacon Buzz's next date is October 4th 12 noon 

Join Rev. Robin and Board President Wendy Bruun on the first Sunday of the month at 12 noon to ask questions, voice concerns, offer ideas, and learn more about Beacon in the "Zoom where it happens".

Step Up to Leadership at Beacon!

The Leadership Succession Planning Team (LSPT) 
met in August to discuss expansion of the team's functions. The report of the meeting can be seen by clicking here.
The LSPT is primarily tasked with the annual slate of elected members of the Beacon Board of Trustees. 
The LSPT is in the process of updating its charter and brainstorming ways to recruit and develop leaders for other important functions specified in the bylaws. Functions currently being considered by the LSPT are congregational vitality and membership.
Please contact the LSPT Chair, Dennis Spurlin, with comments or questions.

Religious Exploration

We encourage Beacon families to continue Religious Exploration at home!  

Imaginative and Inspiring Religious Exploration Programs starting soon!

We're excited to announce that we have formed a Religious Exploration collaboration with the Granite Peak UU Church in Prescott, AZ. This is an experiment we hope will succeed as we seek ways to move through our virtual church reality and support one another with strong programming.  You can learn about both of the programs we're offering here

Religious Exploration for Children
~Beacon at Home~


For our younger kids (K-5, and younger as appropriate), we have chosen CARTUUNS, which explores UU values and principles through Disney and Pixar short films, such as the award-winning "La Luna." We'll be screen sharing through ZOOM with families from both churches. 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM twice a month on Zoom.
Oct 11- Jack Jack Attack
Oct 25- Mater and the Ghost Light

The lessons are stand-alone and can be joined from week to week. Please take a look at the link and let us know if you'll give it a try. There are supplies we'll need to buy for some projects and would need to know who is participating so we can deliver them.  Contact Stephanie Van Belle at fabarette@gmail.com

Religious Exploration for Middle/High School Youth

The Fifth Dimension 

For Middle School/Junior High(and older or slightly younger, as appropriate), we'll be collaborating on another Imagine-RE program called The Fifth Dimension. Through classic Twilight Zone episodes (created by Unitarian Rod Serling), we'll explore social and political issues relevant to youth. Students become deeply engaged in the topics and engrossed in the storytelling and "sci-fi" twists in episodes like "Eye of the Beholder" and "Enough Time At Last." 

We'll be screen sharing through ZOOM with families from both churches. The lessons are stand-alone and can be joined from week to week. Please take a look at the link and let us know if you'll give it a try. Contact Dru Munroe at edrumunroe@gmail.com
5th Dimension 11:30 am-12:45pm
Oct 11- "Two" (Season 3, Episode 1)
Oct 25- "A Most Unusual Camera" (Season 2, Episode 10).
"No preparation for the class is required!  Youth can just join the meeting at the scheduled time and you are ready to go!" 

In light of the cancellation of our spring in person OWL classes, Beacon's OWL facilitators are offering "Parents as Sexuality Educators" classes to interested parents. This
program is up and running, so let us know you're interested in joining us at 

Religious Exploration for Adults

Have you checked out the website: communitynowuu.org ?
It is overflowing with opportunities to connect with UUs all over the country in virtual gatherings- worship, discussion groups, social events, adult and children's religious exploration.

Gathering of the week: UU Women's Online Minerva Potlucks
Tuesday Oct 6th 4-5pm AZ time
UU Women's Minerva Potlucks are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment. A safe and sacred space for women to connect with one another in spiritual exploration. A treasured tradition in some women's circles that typically takes place at the beginning of each new month, we now are hosting online.

Chalice Circle Meeting for October will be announced at a later date. 
Zoom links below.
~ Monthly Touchstone Theme: Emotional Intelligence ~
Touchstone Chalice Circles 
Zoom links to be announced 

Touchstones Chalice Circles are designed to meet our needs for belonging (intimacy) and meaning (ultimacy) by building friendships and providing opportunities to ponder life's questions, small and large, with others who share the common values of our UU Principles.  All are welcome.

Discussion examines subjects as provided in the monthly journal of Unitarian Universalism, Touchstones.  To meet the needs of the congregation, we have made attendance open.

~ Beacon Connections ~

B&G Workday on Saturday October 10, 9 - Noon

Save the date! This will be an all outdoor event. We'll be cleaning up the front and side yards, and cleaning gutters and windows, and reorganizing tools and garden materials. Please bring your mask, gloves, water, and snacks.

Open Air Yoga!!

Beacon member (and Yoga instructor) Cassie Dakan invites you to join her open air yoga class in Cullen Park, Fridays at 10 AM.  

The class is free!!! 

End of Life Choices Series

Beacon member Char Tarashanti is part of a team offering a compelling series 
called End of Life Choices: A Proactive Approach to Death and Dying. 
The classes take place on Zoom video conference on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays 
in Sept & Oct and the 2nd and 3rd Thursdays in November due to Thanksgiving
from 1-3 PM The program is $50.  Recordings will be available for
 those who cannot attend in person. 
We are invited to an interfaith book discussion on Albert Camus' THE PLAGUE!

Currently, the following communities/congregations are participating: Congregation Lev Shalom, Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley, Flagstaff Kehilah Jewish network, Episcopal Church of Epiphany (Flagstaff), Christ Lutheran Church in Sedona, and Flagstaff's Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The Zoom conversation will take place on Wednesday October 28, at 7pm and will last about 90 minutes. There is no cost involved. Preparation and process for being part of this rich conversation here:
Go Ahead - Fence Me In!
Thanks to all who have done so much to bring the backyard to life. It is truly a wonderful functional space, and the congregation should take pride in what it has enabled the team of volunteers to create.
Social Justice Allies

Call to Join Beacon's Activate Teams

Beacon's mission and our UU faith call us to work together towards the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.  In order to keep our Beacon community on that track, we are seeking motivated volunteers to join two Beacon teams with a social justice orientation:
  • Activate Team for Electoral Issues (3 or more people)
  • Activate for BIPOC Allyship Team: (3 or more people)
Teams work together to decide their agenda's.  If you are interested in joining either of these teams, please contact Rev. Robin.

Anti-Harassment Training

Hollaback is a nonprofit on a mission to end harassment - in all its forms.  They provide free trainings throughout the year to give people the resources to respond to, prevent and intervene in instances of harassement.  If you are interested in participating in a training or learning more, please visit the following link:

Report: Solid turnout for NAIC Accountability Session September 24!

First, thank you to those of you who joined the audience of 170 people 
to see-and-hear about NAIC (No. AZ Interfaith Council) positions on immigration, education funding, affordable housing and Covid-19. I trust you found the information-and each candidate's response--helpful as you consider your election decisions. For the record, ALL of the candidates who met with us that evening agreed to support NAIC's positions. 

Next steps: This is an especially important election, so now it's time to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)! 
And here's The Plan: Tapping into voter turnout records for recent elections, NAIC's GOTV teams will target precincts in which voter turnout has been disappointing. "Block Captains" (BCs) will contact (by phone) 10 households in those neighborhoods, asking voting-age residents about their highest priorities, providing information about the voting process, and encouraging them to vote. 
Of course, we need a goodly number of Block Captains, so (wait for it) here's The Pitch: Rich and I are signed up to be Block Captains and we invite you to consider doing the same. Depending on the response to this recruiting effort, another option might be to Co-Block-Captain with someone you know.
NAIC will provide a straight-forward one-hour (Zoom) training, a (print) training packet, and a list (with demographic information) of households we'll contact. Precinct Captains, will provide BCs with support throughout the process and we'll on our way to beefing up voter turnout!
We invite you to become a Block Captain, too!
Roz and Rich Clark, rozrich41@gmail.com or 928-380-6502


In the face of voter suppression efforts, especially recent attacks on the US Postal
System, it is important for all of us to educate ourselves on our options for
voting.  The following is information that will be useful:

       Monday       Wednesday        Friday            Friday             Tuesday
           5                      7                      23                  30                     3
    Last day to           Early            Last day to        Last day to     Election Day   
      register             voting           request early      vote early           VOTE
       to vote             begins          ballot by mail      in person         6am-7pm
Because of mailing delays, if you have not yet registered to vote, please contact
the Coconino County Elections Office immediately to get a form or you can find all
the information you need and register on-line at
(https://www.coconino.az.gov/195/Elections). Phone: 928-679-7860.
UU The Vote Arizona seeks Beacon UU Liaison

Casey Clowes from UU The Vote Arizona has reached out to connect Beacon UU to the statewide effort. Interested in being our liaison for this important push for electing candidates aligned with our principles? 
If so, please contact uuthevoteaz@gmail.com
UUJAZ Beloved Conversations 

Starts October 15th, Registration extended to Sep 25th, 2020 Meadville Lombard Theological School have responded to the needs to learn how race and ethnicity shape our personal and collective lives and practices, in a virtual format. UUJAZ has partnered with Meadville to offer a 20% discount for AZ UU participants, and scholarships for anyone who needs one.
                                                    Learn more and sign up through UUJAZ here.

The first phase Within, focuses on the internal work that each of us needs to do as we engage racial justice. This work is different for White folks and for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and will be done entirely in race-based caucuses.  

Within work will include individual Lessons, using videos, music, and readings, accompanied by reflection prompts and suggested conversations with Critical Friends chosen by the participants; bi-weekly small group conversations in a Learning Pod; and larger, monthly, facilitated Meaning-Making Sessions on Zoom.   

We hope you join us to embody racial justice as a spiritual practice, to heal the impact of racism on our lives, in order to get free together.

Rev. Robin has registered for this program.
        Upcoming UU the Vote Events:
  • Last Call to UU The Vote
    This November, we have an opportunity to reflect our UU values in local policy more than ever. Can we ensure free and safe elections? End cash bail and contracts with private prisons? Hold police accountable? Empower those most vulnerable to pandemic and racism? Fund education? 
    None of this will happen without you. We have just over a week before ballots drop, so NOW is the time to have conversations with people you know, or join a phone or text bank. Don't wake up in November wishing you did more. Fill out this form, and all UUJAZ/UU the Vote opportunities will be emailed to you, with links to sign up.
  • Save the date to UU The Vote with Invest in Ed Want to connect with people over causes you're passionate about? Imagine a swell of 200 UUs coming together across the US, to raise their voices in Arizona to UU the Vote. We have an opportunity to make that happen. What will it take? A commitment from 20 UUs in your congregation to host a national phone bank. Valley UU already has over 20 people committed! You gather your people, we will do the rest! Email Casey Clowes, UUJAZ's UU the Vote coordinator, at uuthevoteaz@gmail.com. Join UUJAZ and partners on October 22nd to make it happen!
  • All In: The Fight For Democracy "The fundamental power of democracy lies in the right to vote, and if you protect that right, you create possibilities for everything else." Stacey Abrams 
    In anticipation of the 2020 presidential election, ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy examines the often overlooked, yet insidious issue of voter suppression in the United States. The film interweaves personal experiences with current activism and historical insight to expose a problem that has corrupted our democracy from the very beginning. With the perspective and expertise of Stacey Abrams, the documentary offers an insider's look into laws and barriers to voting that most people don't even know are a threat to their basic rights as citizens of the United States. Join UUJAZ on Tuesday the 29th from 6-8 for a film screening and discussion! Trailer Register for the event here.
  • Love & Justice: Abolition and Alternatives to Policing UUs proclaim that no one is outside the circle of love, therefore, our goals are also abolitionist goals. Join UUJAZ every first Wednesday of the month in actively resisting the systems of policing and incarceration while building relationships and community with other passionate UUs in Arizona. Register for our first meeting on October 7th  here. 
  •  Taking a Collective Breath Love Resists and Side With Love are still running their "Taking a Collective Breath" series through October 13th. They've hosted incredible guest speakers from across the country speaking on taking anti-racist action, grounded in UU values. Folks who sign up can still watch all the previous courses in the series. More info here.
  • The Candidates on Education Our incredible partners at Save our Schools Arizona and Civic Engagement Beyond voting have been busy this month putting together candidate forums in several legislative districts. Hear candidates explain their positions and plans for education in the following legislative districts: 
    District 6 (Flagstaff)
    District 17 (Maricopa County)
    Districts 20 + 21 (West Valley and Surprise)
    District 23 (Scottsdale)
     District 28
  • Miss one of our candidate forums in September? Don't worry, you can watch them on the UUJAZ Facebook page here and here. There's still time to get to know your candidates and where they stand on the causes you care about. Share the links with your friends and watch them together!
A Special Message from Rev. Robin about BIPOC Allyship
Dear Beloved Community,

America is on fire with rage, weary from a pandemic, and aching with despair. Along with the rest of our country, we've read and heard so many devastating accounts over the past week, the most heart-rending from people of color coping with another case of murderous systemic racism in our country. I do not need to (nor, am I entitled to) add anything to their experiences or parse what they have to say about racism. They live it. 

...To read the full message on our website, please click here
Lifespan Religious Exploration Resources for Learning About and Responding to Racism

This painful moment in time calls us to focus our learning and reflection on allyship to people of color, understanding white privilege, and reflecting on how we can part of a systemic sea change and solution in our society. 

Beacon has provided resources for all ages addressing how we as individuals and as communities can learn about and respond to racism.  For the full list of resources, activities and community meetings, visit Beacon's Religious Exploration pages.

 ~ Wider Community ~

Camp De Benneville Pines Fundraiser

De Benneville Pines has captured the hearts of thousands of campers for nearly 60 years. it is a place of kindness, friendship, and beauty. Now they need your help to keep their doors open because of Covid-19 pandemic.To donate click Here 
~ This Week at Beacon ~

Sunday, September 27th, 2020
10 am - 11 am
"When We Need Our Principles the Most"

Virtual Social Hour
Sunday, September 27th, 2020
11:00 am
Recurrent link here

If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to office@beaconuu.com. With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
Everyday Ways to Support Beacon UU 

1. When you go to Fry's grocery store, use the Beacon phone number (928 779 4492) as the Alternate ID when it asks for it at the beginning of checkout, and you will get shopping discounts for Fry's members, as well as donating a percentage of your expenditure to Beacon. You can also sign up for an individual account if you prefer that, or want to take advantage of the gasoline discounts. You have to pick Beacon as your beneficiary when you set up your own account.

2. If you shop on Amazon, please use "Amazon Smile" and choose Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation (do not abbreviate UU) as your recipient. We will receive a 0.5%  for every purchase and that can add up!  Remember that you have to start each shopping session at smile.amazon.com for us to receive the donation. 

3. Another online fundraiser is  igive.comOnce again, create your own account with a user name and password, then select settings, my cause, and type in Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation (do not abbreviate UU). Then you can order from any of the hundreds of organizations listed under igive.  There are also coupons listed online you can use when ordering from some organizations.

4. Basha's has a special debit card that you can charge up before shopping, and a portion of  what goes through the debit card gets donated to Beacon because that card is tied to Beacon.  Ask Anne Wittke for further information.

Have other ideas for our income incubator? leave them on a card in the bin in the lobby, or send them to Rev. Robin. 
Beacon Office Hours & Contacts ~
Office Phone (928) 779-4492

Rev. Robin Zucker

Mon: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Thurs: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Or by appointment:
978-505-7245 - talk and text (confidential line) 
Get to know Rev. Robin at www.uurobinzucker.com
Director of RE 

Our engaging programs for all ages continue while we search for a new Religious Exploration Director.

Rev. Robin can answer your RE questions.
  Office Manager,
Yeximar L Cramer
Mon: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Wed: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Thurs: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm


~ Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles ~

Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote seven Principles, which we hold as strong values and moral guides. We live out these Principles within a "living tradition" of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from sources as diverse as science, poetry, scripture, and personal experience. Learn more at beaconuu.com!

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~ Beacon Google Group ~

If  you are not on Beacon's dedicated Google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email our Office Manager, at office@beaconuu.com or Visit: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/uuflag
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