~ Monthly Worship Theme ~ 
Justice Can't Wait
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Heather Thornton, Beacon Office Manager
Notice of Annual Beacon Congregational Meeting
Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 11:30 am     
Childcare will be provided.
The Congregation (members in good standing) will vote on:
-  Approval of the minutes from the June 2016 meeting
-  Approval of the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018
-  New Board of Trustees members
-  Leadership Succession Team members
-  Proposed By-Laws change to section 3 of Article VIII (in italics):

ARTICLE VIII. Duties of Officers
In addition to the following duties, all officers are encouraged to further and promote positive communication between the Board and the members of Beacon congregation.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of minutes at the Beacon office of all meetings of the Board and all called meetings of Beacon. The time and place of each meeting, whether regular or special, the notice thereof given, the names of those present and the proceedings thereof shall be included in the minutes. In addition, the Secretary shall arrange for publication of the minutes of all the meetings of the Board either by posting at a conspicuous place at Beacon or made available to members through other means.   The secretary is also responsible for maintaining the Bylaws and Policies, making changes to the Bylaws that are approved by the Congregation, making changes to the Policies that are approved by the Board, and ensure that the latest versions are posted on the Beacon website.

If you will be using a proxy, please notify Theresa deBoer, Secretary of the Board, with your name and the proxy's name by June 9.
 ~Proxies for the Congregational Meeting ~

Very Important! If you will not be able to attend the meeting on  June 11, please designate someone as your proxy.  In order to ensure we have a quorum of members to approve the budget and other important items at our annual meeting, we need your proxies.  A proxy has the authority to be your voice and vote.  Please send an email or letter to Theresa deBoer, Board Secretary, by  June 9, with the name of your proxy.
~ Ministers Musings ~    

The old adage, saying or expression goes, "when it rains it pours," well it's true!  Many of you read, or heard last week of the death of our nephew (Sat May May 13 th ) in Pendleton, OR.  Additionally during last week, I was alerted to medical concerns with my Mother while she was away from home and back seeing family in Tennessee.  My aunt was able to travel with her back to Phoenix and she was admitted to Good Sam here in Phoenix, last Wednesday.  She is on the mend and recovery now, and we are grateful for medical technology, skilled and trained individuals who offer their talents in healing arts.  She underwent surgery this past Tuesday for a bowel obstruction and we are in the waiting period for pathology reports.  (a shout out for regular physicals and as needed or recommended colonoscopy and preemptive procedures)
I wish to thank Carol Hixson, Board President and the full board for their support, along with Nancy Paxton and the Committee on Shared Ministry for their support these past couple of weeks.  This week was pre-scheduled out of office, for study and summer scheduling development, however, I have been in Phoenix and continue to be with family.  I am hopeful that I might be able to be up for the Labyrinth service this Sunday. I am looking forward to this annual tradition with Beacon and to be out of doors, celebrating community together at the Flagstaff Labyrinth nearby Sawmill Park.  I hope many of you will still make plans to be together and enjoy this tranquil and meditative location.  Please see additional information elsewhere in this weeks E-news.
Lastly, as we celebrate this holiday weekend, this Memorial Day, I offer the following prayer as a way to take a moment to reflect and to honor those for whom this day we acknowledge.
Blessed Be,
Rev. Kevin

~ Labyrinth Sunday ~

May 28, 2016, 10:00AM
Walking the Flagstaff Community Labyrinth - Lone Tree Road at Brannen Circle 
Service will not be offered at Beacon
Paul Beier, Maryann van Drielen

For centuries, labyrinths have been part of many cultures around the world. Walking a labyrinth in community with music (as we will do  May 28 ) is a special shared meditation. The Flagstaff Community Labyrinth, perched on the edge of a small cliff, is made of 15 tons of lichen-covered lava boulders. It has a path length of a quarter mile; its wide lanes allow you to walk at your own pace. Children are welcome to walk the labyrinth with a spirit of reverence , or to enjoy the nearby play structure under the supervision of Sakenya MacDonald (parents, show up and follow the signs).   Please arrive between 9:50 and 10:15; staggered entry will allow those who arrive early to leave early. Wear good walking shoes (no high heels).
Park near the intersection of Lone Tree Road and Brannen Circle (3 blocks south of REI). The Arizona Trail/Rio de Flag Trail crosses Lone Tree road here. From Lone Tree/Brannen, walk the Arizona Trail east (toward the sun) for 800 feet (4 minutes) from Lone Tree Road, then turn left on the well-marked path to the labyrinth.
There are public restrooms nearby. Sorry, the labyrinth is not wheelchair-accessible.

 Questions? - Call Maryann at 606 5115.
 Good news from FUSD (Flagstaff Unified Schools)!
In their meeting earlier this week, the Governing Board of Flagstaff Unified School District passed the resolution below.  Developed by a committee of faculty, parents and community members, this document reflects a reaffirmation of FUSD's commitment to support ALL students, faculty and staff.

Love, Inclusion, and Protection Resolution
Flagstaff Unified School District

WHEREAS, the Flagstaff Unified School District (hereafter referred to as "the District") is proud to serve diverse students and families who have limitless potential to thrive and contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our community; and

WHEREAS, safety and freedom from harassment are integral in creating and maintaining a culture of intellectual inquiry that is at the heart of teaching and learning; and

WHEREAS, the District's duty is to protect, serve, and educate all students; and

WHEREAS, the District is committed to protecting students' constitutional rights including their Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and their constitutional right to access a free public K-12 education; and

WHEREAS, the District values all lives equally and will love and accept everyone; will create a warm and welcoming learning environment for all students; and will find ways to engage them in meaningful academics, arts, athletics, and activities that develop in them the necessary skills and attributes to play an important role in this democracy.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the District reaffirms our commitment to ensure the inclusion, access, and protection of all students, faculty, and staff. The District commits, specifically, to:

  1. continuing to strengthen and implement processes that authentically raise up diverse student voices; and
  2. working together side-by-side and with all stakeholders to address issues of racism, poverty, discrimination, and hate; and
  3. continuing to work with community, city, state, and national leaders to create opportunities for its DACA and DREAMer students and their families so that they may thrive personally and academically; and
  4. providing the college and career counseling resources needed to assist Deferred Action Immigrant status (DACA) students, other immigrant students, as well as other students who lack knowledge and resources; and
  5. equipping teachers, administration, and staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to support all students; and
  6. offering intervention for students negatively impacted by discriminatory policies and practices; and
  7. ensuring students' safety and emotional well-being at our schools by confirming that any warrant to access or enter any District school or other District property is lawful and signed by a judge; and
  8. maintaining the privacy and security of any documentation or personal information that identifies a student's immigration status; and
  9. promoting safe places and brave spaces throughout the District for the free exchange of ideas among staff, students, and their families; and
  10. continuing to shun hate, judgment, violence, discrimination, and divisiveness, and instead, promoting peace, acceptance, inclusivity, compassion, equity, and love for all students and families.

~ Yard Sale ~
Fri., June 2 , $5 per person
 for  Pizza, salad and soft drink!

Oh, incidentally... We'll be setting up for Beacon's Annual Yard Sale the next day.
Set-up:  Fri., June 2, 3:30 'til dark (Pizza Party about  5:30)

The Sale:  Sat., June 3, 7:00a 'til  noon
Helping with the Yard Sale is 

(1) an easy way to raise money for Beacon's great programs, 
(2) a way to unload recycle unwanted well-loved items, 
(3) an opportunity to buy items you've been looking for and 
(4) FUN!

We need help both days: Let Rich know if you can volunteer and/or if you need help getting your treasures to Beacon (255-2515, 380-6502 or  clarkrr@q.com).
 ~ SIGN UP Time for Circle Suppers at Beacon ~
Break bread with a few other Beaconites

How it works:  Any Member or Friend of Beacon signs up (with your partner and family, if you wish) by May 31 . You are signing up to participate in 3-5 potluck Suppers (or brunches or whatever) during June-August. Each Supper is held in the home of one member of the Circle; nobody hosts more than 1 Supper.


  • Paul Beier assembles participants into "Circles" of ~6-8 adults (plus kids in kid-tolerant groups), notifies you of the Circle to which you have been assigned, and assigns one person to be the Ringleader of each Circle.
  • The Ringleader of each Circle works with Circle to set the date for the first Supper at the Ringleader's home. At each Supper, the Circle selects a date & host for the next Supper. Continue until everyone has had hosted.
  • Is your home too small to host? No problem! We can work it out...
"Why so soon? My current Circle won't finish until July!"  You can be part of two Circles that overlap in time, or you can wait for Fall Circles. The "Summer Circles" are popular with our snowbirds, so they really gotta start in June.  
"A Beacon tradition for 30 years"
What to do:
Before May 31 , email paul.beier@gmail.com , with your
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone (gotta have it! I promise not to share it beyond your Circle)
  • Names of other adults who will attend Suppers with you
  • Names and ages of kids who will attend suppers with you
  • Are you willing to have babies (kids <36 months) old in your Circle? Yes/No
  • Are you willing to have kids > 3 years old in your Circle? Yes/No
  • Any other information, such as: "only Sunday brunches" or "house too small for me to host" or "please put in circle with Barack."
If you can't remember if you already signed up for Circle Suppers, just sign up again - I will find the duplicates.
~ Website Members and Friends Access ~

Interested in accessing the directory and board documents on the Members and Friends page on  BeaconUU.com ? You can get the password over the phone (928-779-4492) during regular office hours, or by requesting it from a board member after Sunday Services.We will not be providing it by email. 
Call or email Heather (office@beaconuu.com) with any questions!

If you are not on Beacon's exclusive google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities,offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Heather, our Office Manager, at  office@beaconuu.com.
Save the Date!

Flagstaff Family Food Center
Wednesday, May 31, 3:30 pm
We serve at the Flagstaff Family Food Center.  Volunteers will be needed. Call Sue Strobel if you'd like to help at 526-5156 or 699-1966.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Friday, June 2, 5:30 pm
WEAR ORANGE! Please join us as we gather on the City Hall lawn from 5:30 - 7:00. Moms Demand Action is sponsoring the gathering and will host speakers.
Please come and show your support for reducing gun violence!

Beacon Annual Yard Sale
Saturday, June 3rd
With the Yard Sale coming up in June, it's not too early to begin to ponder which items around your house you are ready to have live somewhere else. You can either save those things at your house or bring them to the "cottage" in the Beacon back yard. Contact Heather at the office (779-4492) Tues., Wed. or Thurs. afternoons to be sure you'll have access to cottage storage.  Please note: we don't sell clothing or electronics.

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, June 11th, immediately following the service. 

Pride in the Pines
Saturday June 24, 2017
Watch future Weekly News editions for details!  
~ This Month's Share the Plate Partner ~
The Hozhoni Foundation is a leading provider of services and advocacy for people with disabilities. Residential, Vocational and Educational services are provided to assist individuals in achieving their maximum potential.

Undesignated contributions to this month's  Sunday  service offerings  above $300 (which goes to Beacon's operational budget)  will be presented to Hozhoni Foundation. 


Beacon Custodian 
3 hours per week, $14.00 per hour, check list of items, general cleaning and custodial care of our Beacon Building.  Preferably to be Sunday late afternoon, evening, but we can possibly coordinate other times.  If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them email Rev. Kevin, minister@beaconuu.com to schedule an interview.

Pride in the Pines - Saturday June 24, 2017
We have some volunteers for scheduling recruitment during the event we are seeking set up and tear down help.  Can you sign up to pick up and take the Beacon Sun Shade and leg weights to set up in our space, and then pick up end of day? Or perhaps you can do one and find a friend to do the other?  We have reserved space and they will provide table and two chairs. We are providing our own sun shade, but need support team for set up and tear down. Please email Rev. Kevin, minister@beaconuu.com if you can support Beacon Pride.

Used Book Sale? 
Rev. Kevin is seeking one or more volunteers who would like to explore a Beacon Used Book sale Fundraising opportunity. If you have experience and or interest in non-profit used booksale events, please be in touch with Rev. Kevin,
minister@beaconuu.com.  This would be an event for early fall.

Requesting photos with permission to use them on the Beacon website! Photos can be of congregational events (please make sure everyone in the photo is named so that I can obtain a release to use them!), the church itself, the grounds, or even just of around town! Help us show the public the beautiful community that is Beacon UU!
Beacon Calendar
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, May 28
10:00 am
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 4
10:00 am
Tuesday, May 30
11:00 am, 5:00 pm
Tuesday, June 6
11:00 am, 5:00 pm
Tuesday, May 30
6:15 pm
Tuesday, June 6
6:15 pm
Flagstaff Family Food Center
Wednesday, May 31
3:30 pm
Beacon Youth Group
Wednesday, June 7
5:30 pm
Beacon Youth Group
Wednesday, May 31
5:30 pm
Worship Associates
Wednesday, June 7
5:30 pm
Yard Sale Set Up Party
Friday, June 2
1:00 pm
Full Moon Heart Circle
Thursday, June 8
6:30 pm
Beacon Yard Sale
Saturday, June 3
7:00 am
LBGTQI Youth Group
Friday, June 9
5:00 pm

If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to 
office@beaconuu.com . With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
Beacon Office Hours

    Rev. Kevin Lawson: 
Monday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
*Other times available by appointment

 Sakenya McDonald
Sunday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Tuesday - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
*Other times available by appointment

  Office Manager, 
Heather Thornton
Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Wednesday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm