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Heather Thornton, Beacon Office Manager
~ Town Hall Meeting ~ 

We hope everyone will join together after service on  Dec. 3 to discuss the Financial Feasibility Study report that our consultant Kay Crider is providing us as the next step in the Building Expansion plans. The Town Hall will be an opportunity for us all to share and discuss the results and ask questions. You don't want to miss this important opportunity to evaluate what our next steps will be! 

 ~ Notes from The Committee on Shared Ministry ~
As we begin a new week, I know that many of us are waiting, with anticipation, to hear the results of the feasibility study for the capital campaign that will be presented by Beacon Building Expansion Team at the Town Hall on Sunday, Dec. 3, immediately after our regular worship service. At this time, COSM thought it might be helpful to share some insights from Peter Steinke's Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times: Being Calm and Courageous No Matter, which summarizes his observations as a consultant to UU congregations and other churches in transition. Steinke identifies 13 changes that often trigger anxiety in medium- and large-sized congregations. 
These include 1. Concerns about money; 2. Concerns about gender roles or sexual Identity; 3. Concerns about the pastor's leadership style, 4. Changes in lay leadership's style, 5. Concerns about congregational growth; 6. Disagreements about how much of the congregation's resources are given away; 7. Traumas related to major transitions; 8. Staff conflicts or resignations; 9. Harm done to a child; 10. Discussions about changes like the time of Sunday services; 11. Disagreements about contemporary vs. traditional worship styles; 12. Perceived gaps between the Ideal and the Real; and 13. Building construction. 

While all of us on the COSM are relieved that we are not experiencing all of these concerns, we invite you to think about the changes Beacon has faced in the last two or three years. Considering how our anxieties are also fed daily by hyped-up new reports and by the ongoing, acrimonious political debates at the national level, it is hardly surprising that many of us are feeling a bit edgy. One of the best ways to lighten this burden is to share it. We hope you plan to attend this informational Town Hall on Dec 3. Please share any more specific concerns, from Steinke's list or otherwise, with the members of the Committee on Shared Ministry or directly with Rev. Kevin.
Nancy Paxton, Dru Monroe, Mark James, Collin Weller

~ December Touchstones Theme ~

~ Sunday Service ~ 
Growing a Culture of Hope

~ Call for Volunteers ~  

Can You Help? Beacon Hospitality Event!
Saturday December 9 th , Prior to the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade.
We're looking for a few volunteers to work with Rev. Kevin, our Office Manager Heather, and Custodian Caleb to offer some Beacon Hospitality to those in community who'll be gathering and staging their entries for the parade right here in front of Beacon and on our adjacent blocks.  What a GREAT Opportunity to share Beacon UU Congregation with our larger community! Vora Financial Holiday Parade of Lights presented by the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce with support from APS - Date: December 9, 2017   Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM MST
Please contact the Office ( to sign up on the Volunteer Roster, a simple community gathering to share our congregation with the greater Flagstaff Community.  We will gather at 3:30 pm and offer Hospitality from 4 - 6pm. Then close up and everyone can still go meet others who have held a spot for them and enjoy the parade. See you Saturday the 9th.

~ Religious Exploration ~  

~ Social Justice Allies ~  

For me, the SJA meeting following the November 19 Sunday service was rich, for a collection of reasons, but I'd like to share a summary of one conversation that was-and continues to be-power-packed for me.

Three NAU students, Isaac, Esme, and Fernanda, who are part of a "pod" in the CUPI (Community-University Public Inquiry) program, were our guests. Their project is to build a list of churches which might be able and willing to support immigrant families threatened with deportation or perhaps seeking asylum. Assistance could include services such as providing safe lodging, meals, raising money toward bail bonds, and writing letters to detainees. They also shared that there are currently eight DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival) students enrolled at NAU; that while they pay in-state tuition, they are presently ineligible to receive financial assistance.
For our part, we pointed out that while we don't have facilities for housing, perhaps we could  support immigrants in other ways, e.g. with transportation and/or food for individuals housed in another church's building. Further, we shared our previous and current involvement in support of families of undocumented immigrants in collaboration with NAIC (N. AZ Interfaith Council), and more recently with Keeping Flagstaff Together (KFT). (We forgot to mention the $12,400 we raised in 2014 to support immigrants through Full Circle Trade and Thrift!)

In response to our questions we learned that Beacon is the first church these CUPI students have visited ( hmmm...might that be at the suggestion of our friend Leah Mundell?) and that there is currently no one known to be in immediate danger of deportation. In order to be kept apprised of CUPI's progress, Dorothy Rissel agreed to be their Beacon contact person.

My point in describing this exchange is that these young people are fearlessly reaching into their temporary local community, boldly asking local church members and friends to come to the aid of truly vulnerable, presently unknown people. What a ripe opportunity for us to examine how we might be able to continue bring our UU Principles to life; what a remarkable learning experience for Fernanda, Esme, and Isaac.

May the outcomes of this project-intended as well as unexpected-be life-affirming for all of us.

In community,
Roz Clark, SJA Journalist
~ Community Action Committee ~
Beacon's community partner for December is Flagstaff Shelter Services (FSS).
Established in 2006 by concerned citizens, business owners, and faith-based organizations, FSS provides critical shelter, food, and access to resources to those most likely to die on the streets each night. Regardless of faith, mental health or sobriety, the shelter serves any adult experiencing homelessness. In 2014, FSS became a year-round shelter serving those in need every night of the year, providing personal and behavioral crisis response, helping clients move crisis toward self-sufficiency.
Thanks to Beacon's commitment to "share the plate" with approved community partners, December's undesignated Sunday morning offering money-above $300 for the month*-will be presented to FSS.
If you would like to nominate an organization to be a community partner, pick up the one-page application form in the CAC folder at the bottom of the stairs. The nominator's responsibilities are described on that form.
The CAC is comprised of Joanne Parkes, Sue Strobel, Lynda Dorweiler, Rev. Kevin Lawson and Rich Clark.
With thanks for Beacon's generosity and especially for CAC members' thoughtful, persistent efforts toward living our UU Principles,
Rich Clark, CAC chair
*$300 each month becomes part of Beacon's operating income.

~ In Community ~
Wendy Bruun shared joy that she finished her dissertation after 3 1/2 years.

Terry White shared joy for family Thanksgiving visits and travel.

Char Tarashanti shared gratitude for renewed family connections. 
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Sunday Service & Religious  Exploration
Sunday, December 10
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