~ Monthly Worship Theme ~ 
Mi Casa Es...How open is our house?
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Heather Thornton, Beacon Office Manager
Notice of Annual Beacon Congregational Meeting
Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 11:30 am     
Childcare will be provided.
The Congregation (members in good standing) will vote on:
-  Approval of the minutes from the June 2016 meeting
-  Approval of the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018
-  New Board of Trustees members
-  Leadership Succession Team members
-  Proposed By-Laws change to section 3 of Article VIII (in italics):

ARTICLE VIII. Duties of Officers
In addition to the following duties, all officers are encouraged to further and promote positive communication between the Board and the members of Beacon congregation.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of minutes at the Beacon office of all meetings of the Board and all called meetings of Beacon. The time and place of each meeting, whether regular or special, the notice thereof given, the names of those present and the proceedings thereof shall be included in the minutes. In addition, the Secretary shall arrange for publication of the minutes of all the meetings of the Board either by posting at a conspicuous place at Beacon or made available to members through other means.  The secretary is also responsible for maintaining the Bylaws and Policies, making changes to the Bylaws that are approved by the Congregation, making changes to the Policies that are approved by the Board, and ensure that the latest versions are posted on the Beacon website.

If you will be using a proxy, please notify Theresa deBoer, Secretary of the Board, with your name and the proxy's name by June 9.
 ~Proxies for the Congregational Meeting ~

Very Important! If you will not be able to attend the meeting on  June 11, please designate someone as your proxy.  In order to ensure we have a quorum of members to approve the budget and other important items at our annual meeting, we need your proxies.  A proxy has the authority to be your voice and vote.  Please send an email or letter to Theresa deBoer, Board Secretary, by  June 9, with the name of your proxy.
~ Ministers Musings ~    
Well, it's June already, I can hardly believe it, and I would imagine many of you cannot either. One year ago, you welcomed Gary and I on Sunday June 12 to begin my candidating week together with you all and the Beacon Community. The following Sunday on June 19 you would vote to call me as your new Minister.  It has been a whirlwind year, filled with many significant changes for me personally and for us together in community here with Beacon.  As we welcome the new month, and our Worships Associates chosen theme of Mi Casa es...How open is our House?  I find it fitting to explore the theme of adaptability this Sunday and then the following to review a bit of our Beacon year, as we also prepare Sunday June 11 for our Annual Congregational Meeting.
We will finish the month of June with two guest speakers*, on June 18, we will welcome Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings back to our pulpit. Rev. Lisa is the statewide coordinator for UUJAZ, a cause near and dear too many of us, and it will be good to hear directly of the work this active organization has been accomplishing.  The final Sunday of the month June 25, the day after Pride in the Pines, we welcome to the pulpit one of our newer members, lore m. dickey.  lore shares the following as prelude to the service: " As a teaser, did you know he has "come out" three times? Did you know that trans and gender diverse people have existed throughout history? Did you know there are rules for behavior in gendered restrooms? lore will talk about all of this and more."
It looks to be a very rich and full month of Sunday services, hope you can make plans to be with us often, even as the call of the mountains, rivers and streams increases in the beauty of the summer Sundays.
(*Note: I will be attending General Assembly of the UUA in New Orleans, LA and will be out of the pulpit the last two weeks in June)
~ ~ ~
I hope many of you can make plans to attend the THIRD ANNUAL NATIONAL GUN VIOLENCE AWARENESS DAY this coming Friday evening.   A community gathering to honor victims and survivors of gun violence and to work to end gun violence, When: June 2, 2017,  5:30 PM  Where:  Flagstaff City Hall, 211 W. Aspen Ave.  I have been invited by our own Sue Strobel, one of the key organizers to offer the invocation and opening words (please see flyer below for additional information).
While not gun violence, I know many of you have heard of the tragic violence, anti-muslim hatred that took two lives in Portland, OR last Friday evening (my former hometown).  The scene of the hate filled terrorist attack is one of the busiest transit stops in Portland. I know it well; it was the stop for my gym and Trader Joe's just across the street. Knowing the location so well, made the news doubly tough to hear. Seeing pictures of the vigil the next night, strengthened my personal resolve that we each must do what we can, when we can to stem the actions of hate. This is my call for your participation, we must each do what we can, when we can to stand up to hate and violence; to speak for the world we wish to live in, to speak up, to show up and to stand up for Peace.  I'll be at City Hall Friday evening, wearing orange, speaking up, standing up for anti-violence, please come be a part of Peace, Salaam, Shalom!
Blessed Be,
Rev. Kevin   
Full Spectrum Justice: What Beacon Does!
A reprise of a Weekly News article of a year ago

What IS full spectrum justice?

Rev. Lisa McDaniel Hutchings, Executive Director of UUJAZ (UU Justice Arizona) network says, "We believe that working for justice grows out of our values as Unitarian Universalists." Full spectrum justice is all the ways we do that, through service, education, organizing, advocacy, witness and philanthropy. Below are just a few examples of the ways Beacon folks have worked-and continue to work-for social justice.

Service: Ex: Serving dinners at the Flagstaff Food Center once a month.

Education: Ex: In collaboration with No. Arizona Interfaith Council (NAIC), participating in public assemblies on such issues as accessibility to post-secondary education for undocumented immigrants.

Organizing: Ex: Conducting one-on-one-conversations within our congregation for three purposes: (1) building relationships, (2) identifying potential leaders and (3) determining-together-Beacon's social justice priorities.

Ex: Showing up at City Council meetings-maybe even speaking to the Council-in support of a resolution that includes LGBTQI folks in employment and housing rights guarantees in Flagstaff.

Witness: Ex: Personning a Beacon table at Pride in the Pines to demonstrate our welcoming of and support for the LGBTQI community; gathering on the City Hall lawn to show our support for non-violence.

Philanthropy: Ex: Sharing our Sunday offering-every Sunday-with a non-profit whose programs align with UU values and principles. Examples: Flagstaff Shelter Services, Sharon Manor, Flagstaff Food Center, No. AZ Dream Fund, UUJAZ (UU Justice Arizona) network.

In gratitude for all the ways Beacon members and friends bring our principles to life!
Roz Clark, SJA Journalist
~ Music Box ~

#346 Come Sing a Song with Me by Carolyn McDade  
The physiological benefits of singing, and music more generally, have long been explored. Music making exercises the brain as well as the body, but singing is particularly beneficial for improving breathing, posture, and muscle tension. Listening to and participating in music has been shown to be effective in pain relief, too, probably due to the release of neurochemicals such as endorphin (a natural painkiller responsible for the "high" experienced after intense exercise).  There's also some evidence to suggest that music can play a role in sustaining a healthy immune system, by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the Immunoglobulin A antibody.
Music has been used in different cultures throughout history in many healing rituals, and is already used as a therapy in our own culture (for the relief of mental illness, breathing conditions, and language impairment, for example). Everyone can sing-however much we might protest-meaning it is one of the most accessible forms of music making, too. Song is a powerful therapy indeed.
A lot of work is left to be done in the study of how the body and brain respond to music and singing in groups. In the meantime, as science works to explain what every singer already knows, no matter where you fall on the voice suckage scale-sing. I know of no other activity that gives so much and is this eminently affordable and accessible.  Singing might be our most perfect drug; the ultimate mood regulator, lowering rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness, while at the same time amplifying happiness and joy, with no discernible, unpleasant side effects.

#307 The Human Touch Can Light the Flame by Lee Hastings Bristol, poem by John Andrew Storey
Extensive research by the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute has revealed that human touch has wide-ranging physical and emotional benefits for people of all age groups. In the Institute's experiments, touch lessened pain, improved pulmonary function, increased growth in infants, lowered blood glucose and improved immune function. Human touch is important for all ages, but by the time children reach their teen years, they receive only half as much touching as they did in the early part of their lives. Adults touch each other even less.
#311 Let It Be A Dance by Ric Masten wrote this song for Barbara Brussell, a friend of one of his daughters. Barbara was a high school dance student who was seriously injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver that killed her teacher and two of her classmates. Her knee was so badly damaged that it was doubtful that she would ever walk again, let alone dance. He visited her in the hospital and bet her that within a year she would come dancing up the road to his home in Big Sur to a song that he would write. The song he wrote within a few days was Let It Be A Dance. A year later, she came dancing, limping, but dancing up the road as he played his guitar and sang, "Let it be a dance we do./ May I have this dance with you?/ Through the good times/ And the bad times, too,/ Let it be a dance." 
It was included in our hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, which was published in 1993. Masten was pleased to have this song included, but he did not appreciate the poetic license that someone took in changing one of the words in the song. In the third verse he wrote, "share the laughter, bare the pain," as in reveal the pain. This was changed to "bear the pain," as in carry the pain. When Ric Masten performed in a Pittsburgh church, he asked everyone to pencil in the correct word in the brand new hymnals, writing "b-a-r-e" in place of "b-e-a-r."

Beacon's Annual Yard Sale
is upon us!
  • Set-up: Friday, June 2, 3:30 'til dark. Bring $5 each for pizza (gluten-free available), salad and a soft drink.
  • The Sale: Saturday morning, June 3, 7 - noon.
  • Volunteers still needed: Especially Fri. pm and early shift Sat. (7 - 10:00).
  • If you have more items, bring them with you Fri. pm-the cottage is FULL!
  • Questions? Contact Rich Clark, 255-2515, 380-6502 or clarkrr@q.com .

A community gathering to honor victims and survivors of gun violence,
 and  to work to end gun violence.
June 2, 2017
5:30 PM
Flagstaff City Hall
211 W. Aspen Ave.


Wear Orange was inspired by friends of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old Chicago high school student killed by gunfire, who decided to honor her life by wearing orange - the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others. On June 2, 2015, what would have been Hadiya's 18th birthday, more than 200 organizations and influencers asked people nationwide to join them by wearing orange to honor her life, the lives of the more than 90 Americans killed by gun violence and the hundreds more who are injured every day.
Flagstaff Moms Demand Action is partnering with community groups such as Flagstaff Pride and Native Americans for Community Action to remember and honor those who have been killed or injured by gun violence. Mayor Coral Evans will read a proclamation declaring June 2nd to be Gun Violence Awareness Day in Flagstaff. She and other speakers will discuss how we as a community can work together to prevent gun violence. Please join us for stories of loss and survival, and words of hope and courage. There will also be music and a public collaborative art installation.

~ Website Members and Friends Access ~

Interested in accessing the directory and board documents on the Members and Friends page on  BeaconUU.com ? You can get the password over the phone (928-779-4492) during regular office hours, or by requesting it from a board member after Sunday Services.We will not be providing it by email. 
Call or email Heather (office@beaconuu.com) with any questions!

If you are not on Beacon's exclusive google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Heather, our Office Manager, at  office@beaconuu.com.
Save the Date!

National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Friday, June 2th, 5:30 pm
WEAR ORANGE! Please join us as we gather on the City Hall lawn from 5:30 - 7:00. Moms Demand Action is sponsoring the gathering and will host speakers.
Please come and show your support for reducing gun violence!

Beacon Annual Yard Sale
Saturday, June 3rd
With the Yard Sale coming up in June, it's not too early to begin to ponder which items around your house you are ready to have live somewhere else. You can either save those things at your house or bring them to the "cottage" in the Beacon back yard. Contact Heather at the office (779-4492) Tues., Wed. or Thurs. afternoons to be sure you'll have access to cottage storage.  Please note: we don't sell clothing or electronics.

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, June 11th, immediately following the service. 

Pride in the Pines
Saturday June 24th, 2017
Watch future Weekly News editions for details!  
~ This Month's Share the Plate Partner ~
Northern Arizona Pride Association's mission is to educate, celebrate and increase acceptance and awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) community of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.

Through the production of our annual Pride in the Pines festival, we aspire to make a positive difference in the LGBTQ reality while creating a sense of Community. It is our Mission to embrace, promote, and support our cultural diversity, civil, and human rights by fighting discrimination of any kind .

Undesignated contributions to this month's Sunday service offerings above 
$300 (which goes to Beacon's operational budget) will be presented to the 
Northern Arizona Pride Association.
~ Classifieds ~

Pride in the Pines - Saturday June 24, 2017
We have some volunteers for scheduling recruitment during the event we are seeking set up and tear down help.  Can you sign up to pick up and take the Beacon Sun Shade and leg weights to set up in our space, and then pick up end of day? Or perhaps you can do one and find a friend to do the other?  We have reserved space and they will provide table and two chairs. We are providing our own sun shade, but need support team for set up and tear down. Please email Rev. Kevin, minister@beaconuu.com if you can support Beacon Pride.

Requesting photos with permission to use them on the Beacon website! Photos can be of congregational events (please make sure everyone in the photo is named so that I can obtain a release to use them!), the church itself, the grounds, or even just of around town! Help us show the public the beautiful community that is Beacon UU!
Beacon Calendar
Yard Sale Set Up Party
Friday, June 2
1:00 pm
Full Moon Heart Circle
Thursday, June 8
6:30 pm
Beacon Yard Sale
Saturday, June 3
7:00 am
LBGTQI Youth Group
Friday, June 9
5:00 pm
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 4
10:00 am
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 11
10:00 am
Tuesday, June 6
11:00 am, 5:00 pm
Tuesday, June 13
11:00 am, 5:00 pm
Tuesday, June 6
6:15 pm
Tuesday, June 13
6:15 pm
Beacon Youth Group
Wednesday, June 7
5:30 pm
Beacon Youth Group
Wednesday, June 14
5:30 pm
Worship Associates
Wednesday, June 7
5:30 pm
Finance Team
Wednesday, June 14
6:30 pm

If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to 
office@beaconuu.com . With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
Beacon Office Hours

    Rev. Kevin Lawson: 
Monday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
*Other times available by appointment

Director of Religious Exploration

Please call the office during regular office hours for DRE needs at this time. 

  Office Manager, 
Heather Thornton
Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Wednesday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm