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Heather Thornton, Beacon Office Manager
~ Monthly Worship Theme ~ 

Summer Imaginarium
~ This Sunday's Service ~

Join with us for a morning of Music and Worship - this service will be led by our own Music Director Adrianne Anning - a service of music, fun, and community. Come let your spirit be renewed and refreshed this sunny summer morning. 
~ Ministers Musings ~  

Several of you asked me after service last Sunday about the mention of the attack on the two UUA National Staff.  I refer you to this UU World electronic article for additional information.

Additionally, many of you offered appreciation for the mediation I spoke - I share here again the words spoken Sunday.  It is an important message with regard to the situation and our national staff, and it is an important meditation for us to carry in our hearts for so many current concerns in our daily lives, our community, our nation and our world!  

Our meditation this morning comes from Rev. Erika Hewitt, written in supportive alliance with the recent pastoral message from our New UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick Gray.

Gray's message was written in response to the violent and brutal attack upon two of our UUA staff during General Assembly, the subsequent arrests of the four young adult males of color who perpetrated the crime and the journey ahead for all. Our national staff members are healing and recovering, the four young men are in custody.  

"We read the headlines. We know that hurt moves through the world, perpetrated by action, inaction, and indifference. Our values call us to live in the reality of the heartbreak of our world, remembering that:
"No one is outside the circle of love."
We who are Unitarian Universalist not only affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person; we also affirm the inherent wholeness of every being - despite apparent brokenness.
"No one is outside the circle of love."
We know that things break, or break down: promises, friendship, sobriety, hope, communication. This breaking happens because our human hearts and our very institutions are frail and imperfect. We make mistakes. Life is messy.
"No one is outside the circle of love."
With compassion as our guide, we seek the well-being of all people. We seek to dismantle systems of oppression that undermine our collective humanity. We believe that we're here to guide one another toward Love.
"No one is outside the circle of love."
No matter how fractured we are or once were, we can make whole people of ourselves. We are whole at our core, because of the great, unnameable, sometimes inconceivable Love in which we live.
"No one is outside the circle of love." (Rev. E. Hewitt)
Blessed Be,
Rev. Kevin
(*Please note, I am out of the office Wed. July 12 th through Wed July 19 th Gary and I are traveling up to Oregon to see his mother in Pendleton, and we will attend the Ordination of one of my seminary classmates in Corvallis, Sunday July 16 th .  I'll be back in the Pulpit July 23 rd . See you then. Peace. Rev. Kev)
~ Music Box ~

Come Sing A Song with Me!

This week we will sing together a collection of hymns and hear how the message and music inspires our presenters.  I am fascinated by the soothing effects of music.  Through my research I've learned that music is found in every culture in the world from ancient cultures to the present.  A 40,000 year old bone flute was discovered in a cave in Europe and it has the same pentatonic scale carved in it that we use today.  Why does the human race need to make and hear music?  I suggest it is for our very survival.  Music has a way of soothing us so we can sit in the discord of difficult life experiences.  Music heightens our highs, attracts attention and makes our bodies move.  I believe it helps us evolve and grow as individuals and as a species.  I look forward to hearing the stories and personal reflections of how a few hymns have influenced our presenters personal journeys through evolution.
~ Our Whole Lives ~
This fall - 5 th and 6 th grades and 7 th and 8 th grades!
The Beacon Religious Exploration program is pleased to announce two OUR WHOLE LIVES (OWL) classes for youth this fall. OWL provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information for all ages about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences of sexuality. Classes are facilitated by Beacon members who have received training and certification through the UUA. More information about OWL content is available at www.uua/org/re/owl .
It is our philosophy that parents are the primary sexuality educators for their children, and this is a way that our faith community supports parents in that effort.
Families from outside the Beacon congregation are very welcome to participate.  
If you have a child in one of the grade levels, know families who might be interested, or have any questions, please contact Kay Doggett about the 5 th -6 th grade class (928-890-7773 ) or Dee Wegwert about the 7 th -8 th grade class (1-928-660-8815 ).
Download the attached flyer to see the full class schedule and requested participant donations to cover food and curriculum expenses.  And watch for more information in a direct email to Beacon members and friends.
~ Literature of the US Borderlands ~

Literature of the Borderlands:
A Beacon Summer Conversation Series
Saturday mornings, 9:00 - 11:00
July 22 and 29, August 5 and 12
The U.S. borderlands (the geographic area that touches on the U.S.-Mexican border) have for more than one-hundred and fifty years been the focus of the literary production of numerous writers who have explored its diverse cultural, linguistic, demographic, and geopolitical dimensions. Beacon UU Social Justice and Adult RE are sponsoring a series of two-hour sessions that will broadly track the arc of this literature through the works of distinguished contemporary writers including Alberto "Tito" Ríos (Arizona's Poet Laureate), Luis Alberto Urrea, Sandra Cisneros, Helena María Viramontes, Benjamin Alire Saenz, and Richard Yáñez.
Dr. Charles Tatum, Emeritus Professor of Spanish at the University of Arizona, has written, taught, and lectured extensively on the topic. He will serve to facilitate our conversations. Each session will be free-standing; we understand that some may be unable to attend all four sessions. (It is summer, after all!)
A light sweet snack will be provided.
Chuck and his wife Anne are members of Mountain Vista UU Congregation in north Tucson and spend summers in Flagstaff, attending Beacon Sunday services while they're here. We enjoy their participation in Social Justice Allies!
Questions? Contact Roz Clark, 380-6502 or (new address!)
~ Classifieds ~

New  Sunday Morning Volunteer opportunity!  You've been looking for how you can help out at Beacon, here's your chance!  We're seeking to build a pool of cash count volunteers to work in teams of two, for one half hour after service to count the offering and prepare cash count sheet.  Please contact the office with your interest.

Requesting photos with permission to use them on the Beacon website! Photos can be of congregational events (please make sure everyone in the photo is named so that I can obtain a release to use them!), the church itself, the grounds, or even just of around town! Help us show the public the beautiful community that is Beacon UU!
~ Art Exhibitions at Beacon for July and August  ~

And Now For Something Different - New Art At Beacon

For July And August we are displaying the exciting work of textile artist and man about town Jamie Hasapis. The pieces in this exhibit were created using a technique called "snow-dyeing". Fabric is covered with 8" - 10" of snow and then dyes are applied. As the snow melts the dye is absorbed randomly creating color, design and texture. "I never know what the end result will be....when I open the bundles I have these incredible gifts that I get to share."
In addition to his art, Jamey is a musician, singer and actor. He is also the host of Radio Sunnyside's Community Conversation  on Monday mornings at  10 a.m.
~ Website Members and Friends Access ~

Interested in accessing the directory and board documents on the Members and Friends page on ? You can get the password over the phone (928-779-4492) during regular office hours, or by requesting it from a board member after Sunday Services.We will not be providing it by email. 
Call or email Heather ( with any questions!

If you are not on Beacon's exclusive google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Heather, our Office Manager, at
~ This Month's Share the Plate Partner ~
Northern Arizona Interfaith Council is a regional, interdenominational, non-partisan organization that addresses social justice issues. Currently, NAIC is focused on immigration, public safety, and education.  

Undesignated contributions to this month's first four Sunday service offerings above  $300 (which goes to Beacon's operational budget) will be presented to the  Northern Arizona Interfaith Council.
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Friday, July 14
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Wednesday, July 19
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Flagstaff Folk Festival
Friday, July 21
7:15 pm

Social Justice Allies
Sunday, July 16
10:00 am
Literature of the Borderlands
Saturday, July 22
9:00 am
RE Committee
Tuesday, July 18
6:15 pm
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, July 23
10:00 am

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