Submissions must be in by Wednesday at 4:00 pm to be included in the newsletter. 
Heather Thornton, Beacon Office Manager
~ Monthly Worship Theme ~ 

Mi Casa Es...How open is our house?
~ This Sunday's Service ~

Mi Casa es - Justice making...
Mi casa es - Welcoming to all - LGBTQIA
Flagstaff celebrates another Pride in the Pines on Saturday June 24th . This Sunday we will gather to hear some reflections on transgender pride. lore m. dickey will share a bit about his story. As a teaser, did you know he has "come out" three times? Did you know that trans and gender diverse people have existed throughout history? Did you know there are rules for behavior in gendered restrooms? lore will talk about all of this and more.
~ Ministers Musings ~   
What a great first year it has been for me with Beacon UU Congregation! Thank you to this vibrant and welcoming community. Attached you will find my reflections upon the year, my first ministers annual report. This along with our Board of Trustees report and the reports submitted from each of our dedicated committees comprise our year-end review and future snapshot to look back and recall the year that was for Beacon 2016-2017. Please follow this link to read the full report.
Flagstaff celebrates another Pride in the Pines on Saturday June 24th . This Sunday we will gather to hear some reflections on transgender pride. lore m. dickey will share a bit about his story. As a teaser, did you know he has "come out" three times? Did you know that trans and gender diverse people have existed throughout history? Did you know there are rules for behavior in gendered restrooms? lore will talk about all of this and more.
A brief overview of our Summer Services to let you know that your Worship Associates and Minister are indeed working through the Summer and we hope to see many of you each and every Sunday morning!
2 - Theresa, Andy and Sam
9 - Rev. Kevin
16 - Adrienne, a special music Sunday!
23 - Rev. Kevin
30 - Andy H. (rumor is - Rock and Roll)
6 - Rev. Kevin
13 - Rev. Kevin
20 - Poetry Sunday (Nancy Paxton and Jack Doggett)
27 - TBD
3 - TBD
10 - INGATHERING Service and Pot-Luck Picnic (Bushmaster Park)
While I will be in and out of the pulpit during the summer, please know I am maintaining office hours and I will be available for appointments, just call.  I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Summer season!
Blessed Be,
Rev. Kevin
~ Music Box ~

#1019  Everything Possible by Fred Small who began his career as a lawyer and later became a Unitarian Universalist minister. His songs often make a political or ethical statement. Among his best-known songs are "Heart of the Appaloosa," "Everything Possible," "Peace Is", and "Cranes Over Hiroshima". He is hailed by Pete Seeger as "one of America's best songwriters".
After graduating from Harvard Divinity School, he became the minister of First Church Unitarian in Littleton, Massachusetts in 1996. On April 20, 2008, he was called as Senior Minister at First Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Small resigned in September 2015 to devote his energies to climate advocacy. He is currently Minister for Climate Justice at Arlington Street Church, Boston, and Director of Faith Outreach for Climate XChange, which advocates for carbon pricing legislation in Massachusetts.

#1053  How Could Anyone by Libby Roderick  Written in 1988, this simple song spread like wildfire to quickly become an internationally beloved anthem of hope and healing, deeply touching the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  Libby originally recorded this simple anthem on the CD "If You See a Dream" in 1990.  Since then, How Could Anyone has been featured on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, highlighted on a CBS 60 Minutes special on teens at risk, written about in newspapers ranging from the New York Times to the Hindustani Times, translated into many languages, reprinted in numerous books (including Hometown by Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Kidder), used in movies, and sung at the UN Conference in Beijing by thousands, among many other uses.  How Could Anyone has been used for every conceivable purpose to bring inspiration and affirmation to people struggling with every imaginable challenge and to celebrate the beauty of human beings everywhere.
#169  We Shall Overcome is a tune with deep roots and cross-sections of origin. Reverend Charles Albert Tindley's "I'll Overcome Some Day" (1900) was believed to have influenced the structure for "We Shall Overcome", with both text and melody having undergone a process of alteration. The tune has been changed so that it now echoes the opening and closing melody of "No More Auction Block For Me", also known from its refrain as "Many Thousands Gone". This was number 35 in Thomas Wentworth Higginson's collection of African -American Spirituals that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly of June 1867, with a comment by Higginson reflecting on how such songs were composed (i.e., whether the work of a single author or through what used to be called "communal composition"):Coincidentally, Bob Dylan claims that he used the very same melodic motif from "No More Auction Block" for his composition, "Blowin' in the Wind". Thus similarities of melodic and rhythmic patterns imparted cultural and emotional resonance ("the same feeling") to three different, and historically very significant songs.  Music scholars have also pointed out that the first half of "We Shall Overcome" bears a notable resemblance to the famous lay Catholic hymn "O Sanctissima", also known as "The Sicilian Mariners Hymn", first published by a London magazine in 1792 and then by an American magazine in 1794 and widely circulated in American hymnals. The second half of "We Shall Overcome" is essentially the same music as the 19th-century hymn "I'll Be All Right" and bears a close resemblance to the aria Caro Mio Ben, attributed to Neapolitan composer Tommaso Giordani or Giuseppe Giordani; this is another late 18th-century Italian song that became a staple of 19th-century singers. As Victor Bobetsky summarized in his 2015 book on the subject: "'We Shall Overcome' owes its existence to many ancestors and to the constant change and adaptation that is typical of the folk music process."
The modern version of the song was first said to have been sung by tobacco workers led by Lucille Simmons during a 1945 strike in Charleston, South Carolina. The song became associated with the Civil Rights Movement from 1959, when Guy Carawan stepped in with his and Seeger's version as song leader at Highlander, which was then focused on nonviolent civil rights activism. It quickly became the movement's unofficial anthem. Seeger and other famous folksingers in the early 1960s, such as Joan Baez, sang the song at rallies, folk festivals, and concerts in the North and helped make it widely known. Since its rise to prominence, the song, and songs based on it, have been used in a variety of protests worldwide.  (adapted from Wikipedia)

Alert: City of Flagstaff Affordable Housing Initiative
The City Council of Flagstaff has asked their Housing Department to prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) to develop three parcels in the City for affordable rental housing (please see link to City Fact Sheet for locations and more specific information). There is a sense that this housing needs to be scattered around our city and not all concentrated in Sunnyside.
The Council was OK with the plans until they received complaints from some neighbors near one of the parcels (along with residents from other parts of town), -the site (#2 on theCity Fact Sheet) located at Ft. Valley Road and Schultz Pass Rd, across from the FALA (Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy) campus. Even though this parcel has long been planned to include affordable housing, some local residents do not want the affordable housing there; instead they want the City to declare it open space. Economic justice is challenging in our home town. We supported the idea that wages in Flagstaff needed to be increased, and that happened last year. There is, however, another aspect to making a difference, and that is providing some solutions to the unaffordable (for many) housing in Flagstaff.
  Here's what you can do to make a difference:
  1. Inform yourself by reading the City Fact Sheet. The deadline has passed for responding on the Flagstaff Community Forum (fcf), but see Council email addresses (item 3 below).
  2. Plan to show up at a public hearing on Tuesday, June 27 at 5:00pm at the      Cogdill Recreation Center (Boys and Girls Club) Gym in the Brannen Homes neighborhood. ( Be aware this is a change from the initial location.) The address of the Rec. Center is 301 So. Paseo del Flag, 86001. Council will NOT vote up-or-down on this affordable housing configuration at this meeting. They will likely give City staff further direction. Perhaps the most valuable purpose for attending this meeting is to LEARN MORE about...
  • Council members' thinking about challenges specific to the Ft. Valley site, e.g. increased traffic on an already burdened Hwy. 180 and the current skimpy bus schedule (hourly);
  • Options the Council has, e.g. directing staff to examine other potential sites that are closer to services, like the former City yard;
  • Whether more frequent bus service is possible;
  • Status of Art Babbott's group's thinking about easing 180 traffic congestion;
  • What next steps the Council will recommend.
  1. Opponents who wish this to be open space will be there, so any of us who support these affordable housing efforts need to be present, speaking up (if you're inclined).
  2. Email all City Council members to express your opinion, specifically with regard to the Ft. Valley/Schultz Pass property, and to pose questions you may have.
Thanks for your exercise of conscience and action on behalf of folks in our city who struggle to get by with limited resources.
In gratitude to to Jack Doggett for alerting us to this project (and writing the first draft of this article), and to SJA's ad hoc Affordable Housing Group (Faith Moore, Rich Clark, Susan Immel and Mike Caulkins), who mobilized on mighty short notice,
Roz Clark, SJA Journalist
~ Literature of the U. S. Borderlands:
A Summer Conversation Series ~
What:A series of Sat. morning gatherings focusing on select Latino writers who have addressed the diverse cultural, linguistic, demographic and geopolitical dimensions of life on the U.S.-Mexico border.

When: July 22 and 29, August 5 and 12 (All Saturdays, 9:00a - 11:00a)

Where: Beacon UU Congregation, 510 Leroux

Who: Facilitator: Dr. Charles Tatum, Emeritus Professor of Spanish at the University of Arizona, who has written, taught and lectured extensively on this topic.
Intended participants: Anyone interested in learning more about life in the borderlands, as seen by contemporary writers including Alberto "Tito" Rios (Arizona's Poet Laureate and host of "Books and Co." on Arizona PBS), Luis Alberto Urrea, Sandra Cisneros, Helena Maria Viramontes, Benjamin Alire Saenz and Richard Yanez.
We plan to promote this series here at Beacon, with NAIC (No. AZ Interfaith Council and Soul Friends (an association of Flagstaff clergy).
Co-sponsors:Beacon Social Justice Allies (SJA) and Adult Education.

Why: For more than one hundred fifty years Mexican writers have explored the nature of life in the borderlands. Especially now, in these times of uncertainty for people living in this region-as well as those who have migrated to locations across the U.S.-learning more about border life can help us understand and appreciate our common humanity.

Questions? Contact Roz Clark, 928-380-6502 or
~ Art Exhibitions at Beacon for May & June  ~

We have enjoyed the the combined images of photographer Richard Johnson (husband of member Nancy Johnson) and artist Kayley who teaches at Flag High. They have collaborated on concepts for these pieces with their individual interpretations. They worked very hard to put this show together for us. Thank you artists!
  Next up is the fabric art of Jamey Hasapis. 
~ Volunteers Needed for Pride in the Pines! ~

Come show your Beacon Pride at 
Pride in the Pines!

We still have a need for volunteers for the Beacon booth at Pride in the Pines! Come support both Beacon UU and our Flagstaff LBGTQI community! Contact Gus Millor at 
(954)709-2770 with questions or to sign up!
~ Fundraising the Easy Way! ~

We have added new, easy ways to give back to Beacon! 

Do you shop at Fry's? Use the Beacon phone number, (928) 779-4492, at checkout, and Beacon receives donations from Fry's through their Community Rewards program!

Do you shop online? Use and Beacon receives donations from the companies you shop with! 
Or, use! Just set Beacon as your charity of choice, and when you use the portal to shop, Beacon receives donations from!

Do you know of other passive fundraising methods? Let us know at!
~ Website Members and Friends Access ~

Interested in accessing the directory and board documents on the Members and Friends page on ? You can get the password over the phone (928-779-4492) during regular office hours, or by requesting it from a board member after Sunday Services.We will not be providing it by email. 
Call or email Heather ( with any questions!

If you are not on Beacon's exclusive google group, you are missing out on an important communications link within our congregation. It is useful for spreading information about something going on in Flagstaff, informing others of social action activities, offering an item for sale or to give away, sharing enthusiasm about a book or movie, requesting information or recommendations -- and more! It's simple to sign up! Email Heather, our Office Manager, at
~ Save the Date ~

Pride in the Pines
Saturday, June 24th
Watch future Weekly News editions for details!  

Literature of the U.S. Borderlands
Saturday, July 22; Saturday, July 29; Saturday, August 5; Saturday, August 12 
9:00am - 11:00am

Ingathering / Homecoming 
Sunday, September 10th
We will again gather for service and potluck at Bushmaster Park, the same ramada as last year, adjacent to Thomas School, off Lockett Rd.
~ This Month's Share the Plate Partner ~
Northern Arizona Pride Association's mission is to educate, celebrate and increase acceptance and awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) community of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.

Through the production of our annual Pride in the Pines festival, we aspire to make a positive difference in the LGBTQ reality while creating a sense of Community. It is our Mission to embrace, promote, and support our cultural diversity, civil, and human rights by fighting discrimination of any kind .

Undesignated contributions to this month's Sunday service offerings above 
$300 (which goes to Beacon's operational budget) will be presented to the 
Northern Arizona Pride Association.
~ Classifieds ~

Pride in the Pines - Saturday June 24, 2017
We have some volunteers for scheduling recruitment during the event we are seeking set up and tear down help.  Can you sign up to pick up and take the Beacon Sun Shade and leg weights to set up in our space, and then pick up end of day? Or perhaps you can do one and find a friend to do the other?  We have reserved space and they will provide table and two chairs. We are providing our own sun shade, but need support team for set up and tear down. There is a volunteer sign up sheet by the kitchen door. 
Please email Rev. Kevin, if you can support Beacon Pride.

Requesting photos with permission to use them on the Beacon website! Photos can be of congregational events (please make sure everyone in the photo is named so that I can obtain a release to use them!), the church itself, the grounds, or even just of around town! Help us show the public the beautiful community that is Beacon UU!
~ Board Report ~   
The Board's focus this year has been on reviewing and revising the policies and procedures for every function and committee of the business side of keeping Beacon running. Our by-laws clearly state that the upkeep and publicizing of our policies are the responsibility of the Board, but for too long, this has not been possible. One reason has been technical: there has not been the capacity to post and maintain the most recent version of our policies online. Consider that this is a 67-page document. The other reason is human capital: for the past six years, our lay leadership has done a magnificent job of keeping Beacon smoothly and professionally running amid multiple ministerial searches, hellos and good-byes.
So, policies and procedures have languished in various home garages and laptops - often with one section directly conflicting another. Or referencing a Board decision without the corresponding date. Often our leaders have had "private" versions that did not match up with other leaders' equally closely held versions. In short, there were lots of opportunities for improvement!
Carleton Sheppard had started the tedious process of collecting and collating these previously, and this year's Board dug in. A special thanks to her, to Adele Coleman for proofreading, to Theresa deBoer for updating, and Dennis Spurlin for making the website posting possible.

It has been a busy year, and my heartfelt thanks to a Board that was full of wisdom and good cheer (Dennis Spurlin, Anne Witke, Christina Boyd, Theresa deBoer, Amy Huntereece, Adele Coleman, Ruth Roazen) , the many Committee Chairs who contribute so many hours, all who pledge so generously, and the many unsung - but necessary - tasks by our talented membership.
Most of all, a thanks to Rev. Kevin Lawson for his tireless and committed partnership with our lay leadership.  He contributes more to the welfare of Beacon than the average member or friend will ever see, and I am truly grateful for his laughter, light, friendship and fellowship.
Your truly,
Carol Hixson
Beacon Calendar
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, June 25
10:00 am
Flagstaff Family Food Center
Wednesday, June 28
3:30 pm
Tuesday, June 27
11:00 am, 5:00 pm
Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 28
6:00 pm
Tuesday, June 27
6:15 pm
Sunday Service & Religious Exploration
Sunday, July 2
10:00 am
Religious Exploration Committee
Tuesday, June 27
6:30 pm
Worship Associates
Wednesday, July 5
5:30 pm

If you would like to submit a calendar event, send an email to . With all requests, please indicate the following: proposed start and end time of the event, the space/room preferred, and a rough group size. On the occasion of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, please let the office know in a timely fashion to ensure that your event is correctly represented in the newsletter and order of service. Thank you!
Beacon Office Hours

    Rev. Kevin Lawson: 
Monday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
*Other times available by appointment

Director of Religious Exploration

Please call the office during regular office hours for DRE needs at this time. 

  Office Manager, 
Heather Thornton
Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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Thursday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm