Check out all of our after school enrichment opportunities below!

When registering your child(ren), please remember that a  fter school programs are made possible at Rockwell due to PTA sponsorship. Our PTA insurance policy states that in order to run our programs at least one PTA member (in addition to the instructor(s)), approved by the school district to volunteer, must be present in each class to witness any potential accidents that may occur. Each parent will be required to volunteer for AT LEAST one class (per child) per session for each class enrolled in.

Each volunteer must be cleared by the Lake Washington school district in order to volunteer in any after-school program. You can fill out an online volunteer application here  . It generally takes two weeks for approval. Please make sure you give yourself time to be cleared before you are scheduled to volunteer!

It is the PTA's responsibility to ensure that each of our members adhere to these policies in order to protect our students, our PTA and our After School Programs.

Before you pay for classes be sure to sign up to volunteer using the provided Sign-Up Genius link for each class. Thank you!


Trendy Crafts: Room to Bloom 

Grades: K to 5  
Mondays, 4/15/19 - 6/3/19 - No class 5/27 
3:25pm - 4:30pm  
Price per student: $125.00  

Let your creativity bloom this spring and create new projects each week! This session Trendy Crafts is going all out with glass trinket trays, pom-pom canvas and, a very sweet Mother's Day surprise!! 

Click  here to register.


Jedi Engineering with LEGO® Materials 

Grades: K to 1  
Mondays 4/15/19 - 6/3/19  
No Class: May 27th  
3:35pm - 5:05pm  
Price: $126.00  

The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects using LEGO® materials such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

Jedi Master Engineering with LEGO® Materials 

Grades: 2 to 5  
Tuesdays 4/16/19 - 6/4/19  
3:35pm - 5:05pm  
Price: $144.00  

The Force Awakens in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi! Discover key engineering concepts such as gear trains, worm drives, pneumatics, and eccentric motion. Build projects from LEGO® Materials such as X-Wings, AT-AT walkers, Pod Racers, Star Destroyers, Cloud Cities, Settlements, Fortresses, and other complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away. 

Click  here to register for either of the above classes.


Coding with Kids: Little Coders 

Grades: K to 2  
Thursdays, 4/18/19 - 6/6/19  
3:25pm - 4:30pm  
Price per student: $176.00  

Get them started early! The Little Coders class provides young students with the basics of computational thinking skills, such as loops and conditionals, through a fun blend of hands-on activities. The curriculum is built specifically for this age group, with a mix of activities from coding puzzles and board games to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools. Projects are updated each session, so returning students will have new challenges to work through and advance their knowledge. 

Click  here to register.


Chess for Life 

Grades: K to 5  
Fridays, 4/19/19 - 6/7/19  
3:30pm - 4:30pm  
Price per student: $129  

Learn the foundations of Chess, the classic game of strategy, in a fun, positive, and hands-on class. The class is tailored for a range of abilities, both those new to the game as well as the more experienced student looking to expand their skills and learn new strategies. 

Click  here to register.

Is your student missing any jackets, hats, lunchboxes, water bottles, etc.?
Our lost and found is overflowing with numerous items. 

Lost and found is located just inside the front entrance of the school. 

Please check in the office for watches, earrings, and house keys, as we have several unclaimed items.
2019-2020 Nominations due by April 2

Will you have a student coming to RMS in the fall? Do you have an hour a week to support, engage and advocate for our students, staff and community? 

RMS PTSA nominating committee is currently seeking volunteers interested in joining the PTSA leadership team for the 2019-2020 school year. 

RMS PTSA members are eligible to become board members and will be elected at the PTSA General Meeting on April 16th 2019.

Please consider one of the following positions:
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • 1st VP
  • 2nd VP
  • Secretary. 
If you want to see details of any of these positions, click here.

Not a member but interested in making good things happen at RMS? Join the PTSA and become eligible.
Begins Tuesday, April 16
Volunteers Needed

It's here, really. After a long, cold, wet, and very snowy winter, spring is finally here!!! 

And, Running Club is just around the corner, starting Tuesday, April 16th after Spring Break. 

Running Club will resume to all grade levels during lunch recess every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks, weather permitting. 

Parents, we really need your help to make this program a continued success. Please volunteer! Sign Up Genius is now online for sign ups. Please click here.

Any questions? Please contact Christine Cottom.


Deadline to order is April 19



Please support the Norman Rockwell Ecology Run

Every spring, the fifth grade classes get to attend "Outdoor Education", a three-day camp, where the students receive lessons in exploring ecosystems, understanding natural resources, and improving outdoor skills. The cost of this camp to our families can be a burden, so we hold this annual fundraiser to offset some of the expense. It is a one-day fun run to raise money for every fifth grader, and whatever is raised is divided evenly by the number of students to reduce the cost for every family.
  • The funds raised by ALL students will help 5th graders go to camp this year, where they learn about our northwest ecology!
  • The primary (K-2) class that raises the most money will win an extra 20 minute recess
  • The intermediate (3-5) class that raises the most money will win an extra 20 minute recess
  • The kindergarten through fourth grade class that raises the most money overall will earn a PIZZA PARTY!
  • Students will collect flat pledges prior to running laps at the Ecology Run. 
    • Students who raise $25 or more will receive an Ecology Run Spirit wristband
    • Students who raise $50 or more will receive the wristband and a 2016 Ecology Run T-shirt
    • Students who raise $100 or more will receive the wristband, the T-shirt, extra recess and a treat
  • All donations are eligible for corporate matching - if your company participates in a matching program, please consider matching your gift.
    • Simply note: "ASB-Outdoor Education" to designate the payment to the correct account.
The donations are all flat donations - they are not based on the number of laps that are run. We encourage every child at Rockwell to participate if possible - because eventually every child will become a fifth grader and receive these benefits for their own Outdoor Ed camp experience. In the past we have raised over $10,000 - which is an amazing help to offset the cost of the trip!
The fifth grade teachers will be outside during the afternoon on  Friday, April 19th   to facilitate the run. All pledges need to be received by Friday, April 19th.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Weinmeister at   or Mrs. Conklin .
Thank you so much for supporting our students and participating in the Ecology Run!
The Fifth Grade Team

Saturday, April 20
2:00pm and 6:00pm - Redmond Performing Arts Center
(at Redmond High School)

Come and support 35 of your 4th and 5th grade Rockwell friends as student cast members in a tale as old as time!  Tickets on sale now.  Hurry before the last petal falls!

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased  online , through kid mail, or at the door on performance day.  All tickets purchased in advance will be picked up at Will Call on performance day.  

Questions about tickets?  Contact .  Enjoy the show!!
How to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Health
Tuesday, April 23
LWSD Resource Center

Lake Washington School District is excited to partner with the King County Public Health Department in hosting an informational parent event: How to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Health. 

Our presenter is Becky Reitzes, Health Educator and Family Planning for King County Public Health. This event will be held at the Resource Center Board Room on Tuesday, April 23 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. This informative evening will provide strategies and tips for parents to help them engage in age-appropriate conversations with their children about a topic that can be considered difficult to discuss.

The Rockwell PTA is pleased to offer the Seymore Hear More scholarship to any students who need financial assistance to acquire glasses or hearing aids. If you would like more information, please  contact Mrs Bauer at  or   425-936-2670 .

Wondering what your child is currently learning and what they need to know as they transition into the next grade?  PTA will feature one grade level every couple of weeks to ensure parents know and also offer a couple of ideas to support learning at home.


A Sample of What Your Child Will Be Working on in 1st Grade:

  • Describing characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details
  • Getting facts and information from different writings
  • Writing about a topic, supplying some facts, and providing some sense of opening and closing
  • Participating in shared research and writing projects (e.g., exploring a number of "how-to" books and using them to write a sequence of instructions)
  • Adding with a sum of 20 or less, subtracting from a number 20 or less. For example by using strategies based around the number 10 (to solve 13 - 4, one can start with 13, subtract 3 to reach 10, and then subtract 1 more to reach 9)
  • Quickly and accurately adding with a sum of 10 or less, and quickly and accurately subtracting from a number 10 or less (e.g., 2 + 5, 7 - 5)
  • Understanding what the digits mean in two-digit numbers (place value)
  • Using understanding of place value to add and subtract (e.g., 38 + 5, 29 + 20, 64 + 27, 80 - 50)
  • Measuring lengths of objects by using a shorter object as a unit of length
At home support:  
  • Pick a "word of the day" each day starting with a different letter. Have your child write the word and look for other things beginning with the same letter.
  • Visit the library with your child every week. Have your child sign up for a library card.

    Look for "word problems" in real life. If you open a carton of a dozen eggs, and you use four eggs to cook dinner, close the carton and ask your child how many eggs are left?


Click on this link to review the full guide created by National PTA. 

Rockwell is a flourishing community of diversity. In order to maintain our inclusive community and assist families with emerging proficiency in English, PTA and Rockwell have established two programs to  facilitate two-way communication.

PTA provides translators through our FACE (Family and Community Engagement) committee at school events, meetings and by translating forms into several languages. You can also select your preferred language on our PTA website by using the "select language" button.

Rockwell utilizes a phone service to eliminate communication barriers- the service offers more than 240 spoken languages and American Sign LanguageStop by the office to find out more or use the service for meetings, registration or any other need.

Hello Beagles,

We have lots of exciting things happening in the Rockwell Library. On Monday, March 4th, we hosted our first annual Dr. Seuss's Birthday Multilingual Read Aloud in celebration of Read Across America Week. Staff and parent volunteers read Dr. Seuss titles in many languages including: Japanese,  Spanish and Chinese. 

Also, we are collecting books for our annual Used Book Sale coming up in May. If you would like to donate gently loved books for our sale, feel free to drop them off at the office. 

In addition, we will be welcoming a visiting Author-David Lasky, on March 25th. Look for more information coming soon on times for that. Thanks for your support of our Rockwell Library.

Shelly Gordon
Library Specialist

Hi PTA members,

If you have just recently joined the Norman Rockwell PTA and have not yet receive your copy of the student directory, you may pick up your copy in the school office. For every single or double membership, you will receive one directory. You can also purchase additional copies for $5 each.

Thank you so much for your support of the Norman Rockwell PTA. Together, we can support our kids to the next level.

Membership Chair

Tell your neighbors & friends

If you live in Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and your child will be five years old on or before August 31, 2019, now is the time to register them for Kindergarten! 

Registration takes place at your neighborhood school during regular school hours through the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

While registration will continue throughout the school year and summer, parents are highly encouraged to register students as soon as possible. Doing so helps ensure class sizes are balanced and adequate staff are hired in time for the new school year. 

Visit the  Kindergarten Information webpage  for more information.

See dates below

This year's SBA (State Assessments in English Language Arts, Math, and Science) will take place on the following days:
Grade 3 - May 14-16 (ELA) and May 29-30 (Math)
Grade 4 - May 7-9 (ELA) and May 21-22 (Math)
Grade 5 - May 7-9 (ELA), May 21-22 (Math), May 23 (Science)
Please note these dates on your calendars and avoid making appointments or planning family trips on those days. 

Also, there is nothing additional you need to do to prepare for these assessments at home, as teachers will guide students in preparations and practice sessions prior to the assessments. The assessments are one way to measure the growth students have made in their studies this academic year.
New levy on the April 23, 2019 ballot 

Our school district is growing. To meet the needs of the student population, Lake Washington School District will be placing a capital projects levy on the April 23 ballot. This levy will fund additional classrooms and gym space at specific schools, add security cameras to schools, and secured entrances to district high schools.

Volunteer at Rockwell!

Share your talents, gain experience and inspire a child. 

If you're planning to volunteer in the classroom, library or during an after school program, you must be approved by the district.

LWSD recently updated the volunteer application; you can find it here. Your volunteer status will expire after 2 years, at which time you will receive a notice to renew.

Thank you for volunteering!

Places to earn: 
Click here for all the easy ways that your shopping can benefit Rockwell!

View the flyers approved by LWSD and targeted to Rockwell from local organizations...sports tryouts, after school classes, and community events. 
The best way to stay informed!

Join PTA to access all the directory information.

Volunteer Application:  
It's easy to complete and is good for 2 years. Fill yours out or check your renewal status today! Do it now and be ready to volunteer when school begins!
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The Beagle Bugle welcomes article submissions from students and parents .  Student journalists may submit articles about current events, students opinion-editorials and poems or short stories.  Parents may submit articles about PTA events and school related topics. 

Any article that is unrelated to PTA or Rockwell must be approved by the Lake Washington School District, and may be submitted to the Peach Jar E-flyer system.  The Lake Washington School District website has more information on the submission and approval process.

Short pieces will be edited for inclusion in the Bugle, longer pieces will be posted on the website with a link in the Bugle.  The Deadline for submissions for the next weekly Bugle is the preceding Thursday.  The Bugle Staff reserves the right to be selective regarding the materials that are publicized.
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