• August 18 - LWSD Family Information Session #1 (see details below)
  • August 19 - LWSD Family Information Session #2 (see details below)
  • September 1 - First Day of School
  • September 7 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
(LWSD e-mail dated 8/14/20)

Please check your e-mail for the latest updates from LWSD Superintendent Holmen (dated August 14). If you have not yet subscribed to receive e-mails from LWSD, you can do so here. Here are a few pertinent highlights:

On Monday, August 17, we will post registration information for emergency childcare options on our website. As a reminder, we have been working with our community partners, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and our district extended day program to offer childcare at a number of our elementary schools. Space may be limited initially but may be expanded if there is additional demand.
It is important to note that childcare is not the same as school. Children will not be with a certificated teacher all day, rather a childcare staff member. They will be able to assist the students with their remote learning as needed. These childcare services are to provide emergency or critical support for families that cannot otherwise be with their children during the day due to work responsibilities outside of the home.

LWSD educators have been working through the summer to develop elementary and secondary schedules for remote learning. These schedules are being designed to ensure a higher quality learning experience for students than last spring. They will include: 
  • Live instruction and increased student-teacher connection 
  • Reasonable screen time based on student age
  • Whole and small group learning and individual student support 
Example elementary school schedules (broken down into K-2 and 3-5) can be found by clicking here below. These schedules were created to provide for greater consistency across the district.
At the elementary level, consistent content schedules will be helpful for families with children in childcare or who are considering pods or other collaborative supports, as children in each grade will have the same lessons and instruction whether or not they have the same teacher. 
The next step is for our schools and teachers to work with these sample schedules to identify specific and consistent daily and weekly times for:
  1. Synchronous or "live" learning where teachers deliver real-time instruction via teams to the whole class or small groups of individual students 
  2. Asynchronous learning where teachers provide pre-developed lessons that students complete when convenient for the student and family
Schools and teachers will then communicate final daily and weekly schedules to families. 

Start and End Times 
Elementary school student start and end times will follow our traditional schedules (8:50 - 3:20 and 9:20 - 3:50). For Norman Rockwell, this means 8:50am to 3:20pm. 

Laptops for Students
LWSD is committed to providing a district laptop to all students for remote instruction. A parent or guardian does have the choice of opting out from checking out the district laptop if they have a preferred device already available for their child's schoolwork that better meets their personal circumstances. Please note that experiences on LWSD student laptops may at times offer additional resources or closer alignment of software experiences between teacher and student.

Schools will notify families of laptop check out dates starting mid-August to distribute all technology before school starts.

Technical support is being enhanced with expanded hours and more technical staff to answer phone calls and respond to emails to assist families.
Short parent/student training tutorials for Microsoft Classroom Teams will be posted before school starts. 
Family Information Sessions: 
Microsoft Teams Live Events 

August 18 & August 19

LWSD will host two Family Information Sessions this week. These sessions are designed to help answer the questions that families have asked on the topics of equity, special education, elementary programming, secondary (middle school and high school) programming, Classroom Teams and health & safety. Please join us for these events. They will also be recorded and available after the event on the LWSD website.

August 18, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Topics: Equity, Special Education, Elementary Education
Meeting Link: 
Click here.
Live captions available in: Chinese (simplified), Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese
  • Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent;
  • Mike Van Orden, Associate Superintendent of Student Academic Success Services
  • Gloria Henderson, Director of Opportunity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Dr. Shannon Hitch, Executive Director of Special Services
  • Kelly M Pease, Director of Intervention Programs and Literacy
August 19, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Topics: Secondary (Middle School & High School) Education, Family Technology and Support, and Health & Safety
Meeting Link: Click here.
Live captions available in: Chinese (simplified), Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese
  • Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent
  • Mike Van Orden, Associate Superintendent of Student Academic Success Services
  • Dr. Jen Rose, Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Sally Askman, Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Information Services
  • Forrest Baker, Director of Technology Operations
  • Mindy Mallon, Director of Technology Integration
  • Scott Emry, Director of Risk and Safety Services
  • Brian Buck, Executive Director of Support Services

Please see the note below from Lifetouch, our yearbook vendor:

Dear Families,

Yearbooks are a tradition for schools throughout the US and Canada. At Lifetouch, we are humbled to be a part of providing that tradition. We know how important yearbooks are - especially in times like these.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge this year's delayed yearbook delivery is not what you, as our customers expect, nor deserve, from Lifetouch.

We want you to be aware that our primary yearbook production facilities are located in some of the states that are being hardest hit by the pandemic. We have prioritized the safety of our employees; and we are following all state and local health guidelines to create a safe working environment. Social distancing requirements mean that there are fewer people available to work at any given time. These changes have impacted our production schedule in meaningful ways.

We realize this has created a lot of frustration since we are currently unable to provide an estimated delivery time frame for your school's yearbook. Please know our teams are doing everything possible to get your yearbook to you. Shipping is monitored daily. As soon as your yearbook ships, your school will receive tracking information so they can arrange to distribute the yearbooks to the students and families in a manner that is best suited for everyone's safety.

As we navigate COVID-19, our intent is to provide you with a yearbook that your student will treasure for a lifetime. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time together.



Starting August 1, 2020, all immunization records turned in to schools or child care centers are required by state law to be medically verified

Immunization records must be turned into the school on or before the first day of attendance. Your child cannot attend school until you provide these records. For more information, please visit the LWSD Immunizations website here.
Now online!

New student and Kindergarten registration now available online. Families may now register one or more of their new students online using Skyward, the district's student information system. Please see the LWSD Registration website for forms and information for registration.

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