This statewide essay contest explores the important and varied influencers in the lives and education of children - from the children's perspective. Every day children are exposed to a variety of people and each one has an opportunity to influence the path a child decides to take. Whether it is someone that sparks an interest in a new topic, helps them work through a problem, shapes the kind of person they want to become by modeling behavior, simply listens to them, or any number of other actions, this is the platform for students to share their appreciation. 

The application deadline is March 1.

You can learn more about the contest here.



Due by Thursday, February 27

Math Challenge #10 is now available here . For this challenge, 12 qualified submissions will be randomly selected for a prize. Please feel free to try more questions than the minimum required for your grade level in order to qualify. 

Grab some friends and family and work on the challenge together!

The due date for Math Challenge #10 is Thursday, Feb. 27th (by 3:20 pm).

Let the challenge begin!



Hello from the Library!
We are beginning our Battle of the Books competitions! Students in grades 4 and 5 have been reading books from a list of 12 titles predetermined at the end of last school year. Now we will see who knows the most about these amazing books!

Round 1:  Competitions will be held the week of February 3rd. Teams will compete together against their classmates teams during their regular library time this week. The winning team from each classroom will advance to Round 2.

Round 2:  Winners from Round 1 will compete against the other winning teams in their grade the week of February 18th. Winners from this round will advance to Round 3. Day/time to be determined depending on classrooms participating.
Round 3 : The winning 4th grade level team will battle the winning 5th grade level team for title of school champion, the week of March 9th- day/time to be determined depending on classroom participating. Winning team will advance to Round 4-district level competition.
Round 4 : The Rockwell School Champion team will join the other winning teams from our participating district elementary schools on March 24th at Clara Barton (evening event-time to be determined). Families are welcome and encouraged to attend. Participating team families will be notified with more information. Winner of this round will be crowned district champion.
Thanks for your help in promoting this awesome reading incentive program!
Library Media Specialist
Avoid Microplastics

Microplastics are small pieces of plastic, less than 5 mm (0.2 inch) in length, that occur in the environment as a consequence of plastic pollution. Check out the following video  to find out how and why we should care. 

What can YOU do?
  • Avoid single-use plastic items such as water bottles, plastic shopping bags, straws and utensils
  • Work towards the 5 Rs: Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle Rot

The Rockwell Green Team
Dipti Muley (
Sangeetha (


The Yearbook Team is looking for photos from the recent orchestra recitals. If you have any that you'd like to share, please email them to
Thank you!

Our school counselor, Mrs. Bauer, is starting a Changing Families small group for students whose parents are separated or divorced. This group will focus on the strengths of the student's family. Students will discuss different family structures and their feelings about their family circumstances. Students will work on identifying their feelings surrounding divorce and healthy ways of expressing those feelings. They will have the opportunity to find comfort in others with similar experience. We will use stories, role play, activities and games to work on these skills.

Groups will take place during the school day at a time mutually agreed upon by Mrs. Bauer and the students' teachers. Students will be grouped with other children of similar age. Groups will begin after mid-Winter break and  continue for 4-8 weeks depending on the grade levels of the group. 

If you are interested in having your child be part of a Changing Families small group, please contact Mrs. Bauer at or 425-936-2670.

Rockwell Families,

3rd Grade:
  • 5/7/2020 - SBA ELA CAT
  • 5/8/2020 - SBA ELA PT 1 + SBA ELA PT 2
  • 5/18/2020 - SBA Math CAT
  • 5/19/2020 - SBA Math PT
4th Grade:
  • 5/12/2020 - SBA ELA CAT
  • 5/14/2020 - SBA ELA PT 1
  • 5/15/2020 - SBA ELA PT 2
  • 5/28/2020 - SBA Math CAT
  • 5/29/2020 - SBA Math PT
5th Grade:
  • 5/20/2020 - SBA ELA PT 1 + SBA ELA PT 2
  • 5/21/2020 - SBA ELA CAT
  • 6/2/2020 - SBA Math CAT
  • 6/3/2020 - SBA Math PT
  • 6/4/2020 - WCAS (Science)
Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Associate Principal

Hello Rockwell Parents! We're still looking to fill a few leadership roles.
  • Chess Club Chairperson (after school enrichment)
  • Cartooniversity (after school enrichment)
  • Volunteer Awards Chair
Some of these programs may be cancelled if we don't fill these positions!

If you are interested in any of the roles above, please click here for contact information. This page will also show ongoing volunteer opportunities.

*If you plan on handling money and/or volunteering during after school enrichment programs, you must also be a PTA member (click here to join if you haven't already).*

The Norman Rockwell PTA thanks you for your time and dedication!

Vice President of Communications


Hello Beagle Families,

Got some old, gently used books that you don't need? Rockwell Library is actively accepting donations for our annual Used Book Sale to be held in May, in conjunction with the Ice Cream Social. This event is always a big hit and proceeds go to buy new books for the library. 

If you would like to donate, please bring your books (in boxes or bags) to the office. 

Thanks for your support of our school library!

Library Media Specialist


If you have any photos from classroom or school events that you'd like to share with the yearbook team, please feel free to e-mail them to

Thank you!

The salmon eggs have arrived in the tank at Rockwell. If you are at school stop by and take a look. They are currently in the eyed egg stage and in a few weeks they will hatch and become alevins.  Then in February they will "swim up" or emerge from the gravel and become fry. 

In early March the 4th grade students will begin to feed the fry. At that time we will need lots of parent volunteers to help supervise the feeding. Also if any 3rd grade parents would like to begin "training" to be the program chair(s) for next year it would be great.  If you are interested in helping with either of these things contact   for information.

Nate Chinn
2019-2020 Chair of Salmon in the Classroom


If you didn't order your yearbook when you completed your First Day Packet online, you can do so by going to LifeTouch and using Yearbook ID # 4886520.

Also, we're still looking for a few more parents to help create the yearbook. Work from home on your schedule to organize all the wonderful photos we're getting! Please email Abigail Welborn ( to volunteer.

Share your talents, gain experience and inspire a child. 

If you're planning to volunteer in the classroom, library or during an after school program, you must be approved by the district.

LWSD recently updated the volunteer application; you can find it here. Your volunteer status will expire after 2 years, at which time you will receive a notice to renew.

Thank you for volunteering!

Places to earn: 
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Bugle Article Submissions Welcome
The Beagle Bugle welcomes article submissions from students and parents .  Student journalists may submit articles about current events, students opinion-editorials and poems or short stories.  Parents may submit articles about PTA events and school related topics. 

Any article that is unrelated to PTA or Rockwell must be approved by the Lake Washington School District, and may be submitted to the Peach Jar E-flyer system.  The Lake Washington School District website has more information on the submission and approval process.

Short pieces will be edited for inclusion in the Bugle, longer pieces will be posted on the website with a link in the Bugle.  The Deadline for submissions for the next weekly Bugle is the preceding Thursday.  The Bugle Staff reserves the right to be selective regarding the materials that are publicized.
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