Hello parents! We are in  CRITICAL need of at least two co-chairs for this year's Spring Musical.  Due to the generous contributions from parents, we have raised the money to fund the musical this year (thank you parents)!!!  However, we do not have any chairpersons for the event.  

This is an event that the 4th and 5th graders really look forward to, but if we do not get at least two co-chairs by January 15th we will have to cancel the musical and reallocate the funds.  

The musical is a big job, but there is a mountain of information which has been collected and documented to assist new chairpersons.  This role does require many daytime hours (e.g, rehearsals).  We also would like to have at least one 4th grade parent who would be willing to co-chair next year as well (for continuity), but that is not a hard requirement for filling this year's roles.  

If you are interested or have more questions, please reach out to our  VP of Events, Elaine Bentzinger.


As many of you know, Norman Rockwell PTA has one primary fundraiser a year through our Annual Beagle Contribution (ABC).  This year we have been quite up front that the amount of your support will determine what additional Academic Enrichment programs can be funded at Rockwell.  This includes our STEM programs like "Toymaker" (a hands on STEM classroom program), "Science Van" and "STEM Night".  In addition, all of the "Class Field Trips", "Library Author Visits" and "School Musical" are funded by the Rockwell PTA.  These programs simply could not happen without your support.
As school started, we had many Rockwell families step up and generously support our school.  Because of that, we have met our annual funding goals for our ABC donations so THANK YOU!  With that said, if you are new to the school or just haven't checked "Donating to the ABC" off your "To Do" list then it is not too late to donate and the time to act is NOW
ABC CORPORATE MATCHING:  While we have met our ABC fundraising goal, we have still not met our MATCHING goal which means that we are NOT yet "Fully Funded" to support all of our Academic Enrichment programs.  Please put this on your family's "To Do" List to get done before the Winter Break begins.  Personally, I understand how this can be a challenge.  My spouse is the one who works for a company that sponsors corporate matching and not me.  I had to remind him to sit down on his laptop for 10 minutes to complete the online form at his company.  It took a few reminders because we are all busy and have too much on our plates but eventually we got it done.  And you can too!  This is FREE money for our kids so take 10 minutes out of your day and get it done
For any questions in regards to Corporate Matching, please direct to our Rockwell PTA Treasurer, Sheila Gruber. Sheila can help recreate a donation receipt annotating your donation to the "Annual Beagle Contribution" if you have lost the original.  She is also the primary contact for your company if they have questions about the nonprofit status of the Rockwell PTA. 
Again many THANKS for your generous support of the "Annual Beagle Contribution".  This money directly supports the Academic Enrichment of our kids.  Now, I CHALLENGE you to take the next step and apply for corporate Matching as offered at yours or your spouse's company.
Thank you!
Rockwell Parent and VP of Fundraising

Volunteers Needed!

Calling all PTA members to work within a team and conduct the mid-year Financial Review.

The week of January 13-19 is planned for the review. It will be a 3 hour block of time.

The files and audit checklist are provided; just bring your attention to detail and your patience.

E-mail me by Monday, December 31 to volunteer. Please include the dates and times that work for your schedule. 

Thank you!  
Norman Rockwell PTA Treasurer and Parent Volunteer


Is your student missing any jackets, hats, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.?
Our lost and found is overflowing with numerous items. Anything left in lost and found after Friday, December 21st will be donated to charity.
Our lost and found is located just inside the front entrance of the school. Please check in the office for watches, earrings, and house keys, as we have several unclaimed items.
Thank you!

Student Records Secretary

Hi! Over the holidays there will be kids in our area that won't have enough food. 

Please donate right here.

Thanks, Barrett


Your child will receive a fun Box Top collection sheet this week.

Keep collecting Box Tops until the next contest in February.

We need 6000 more to make our goal!


We have distributed the paper directories to all who ordered them via kids mail last week. However, for  those whose teacher's info has not yet been updated on the PTA website, please pick up your  copy at the school office.

Thank you so much for your cooperation for the distribution process. 

Enjoy your winter break; stay warm and dry!

Membership Chair

Really, what could be an easier way to raise money for your PTA than doing your regular shopping? 

Especially as we are right in the middle of the Holiday season, this is a great time to sign up for AmazonSmile and other similar programs.  Here is a link listing just a few programs that donate a percentage of YOUR regular shopping back to the school and our PTA programs.  This is free money to help the PTA fund all of the wonderful Academic Enrichment programs here at Rockwell. 

VP of Fundraising

Bellevue Downtown Ice Rink offering a FUNdraising Opportunity:
From now until December 21st  and again January 1-13, 2019, the Bellevue Downtown Ice Rink is offering a $3 donation to our PTA for each paid rink admission!

Just mention that you are with "Norman Rockwell PTA" at the admission counter.  Visit  for skating hours, promotions and special events.
Rockwell Parent and VP PTA Fundraising


*all entries due by 1/10/2019

Calling all 5th Graders!!

Are you an Artist? Can you draw, sketch or doodle the Norman Rockwell Spirit?

It's a Rockwell tradition for the graduating class to submit designs for an Awesome yearbook cover.

Enter the Yearbook cover contest now and your design could be selected.

Deadline to submit to the office: Thursday, January 10th  (Great use of the time during Holidays)

Please use Black Markers for your design

*All 5th Graders should have received a pamphlet about the Cover Contest.*

Yearbook Team

The best way to learn about the event and sign up is to visit our sign up genius site here:

All volunteers must go through the LWSD application process:

Activity volunteers can sign up for one and a half hour shifts and participate in organizing the following activities:

Math Tables, organized by Mathnasium

Pacific Science Center Exhibit, sponsored by Rockwell PTA

Activity Tables, organized by Snapology

Robotics Teams from First Lego League Robotic Team and Team Infinity from RMS

To make this event successful we need to fill 60+ volunteer slots. Students from middle and high school are highly encouraged to volunteer and help inspire their younger counterparts. Please spread the word!

We're very excited about this event and are sure that it will be a huge amount of fun for the students of Rockwell Elementary.

Thank you,

Velyn Sepulveda
Juan Sepulveda
STEM Night Chairs
New levy on the April 23, 2019 ballot 

Our school district is growing. To meet the needs of the student population, Lake Washington School District will be placing a capital projects levy on the April 23 ballot. This levy will fund additional classrooms and gym space at specific schools, add security cameras to schools, and secured entrances to district high schools.

Volunteer at Rockwell!

Share your talents, gain experience and inspire a child. 

If you're planning to volunteer in the classroom, library or during an after school program, you must be approved by the district.

LWSD recently updated the volunteer application; you can find it here. Your volunteer status will expire after 2 years, at which time you will receive a notice to renew.

Thank you for volunteering!

Places to earn: 
Click here for all the easy ways that your shopping can benefit Rockwell!

View the flyers approved by LWSD and targeted to Rockwell from local organizations...sports tryouts, after school classes, and community events. 
The best way to stay informed!

Join PTA to access all the directory information.

Volunteer Application:  
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