Norman Rockwell PTA has one primary fundraiser per year through our Annual Beagle ContributionThanks so much to those of you who have already donated! We really appreciate your generosity and support.

The amount of your support will determine which additional education programs and activities will be funded. 

Click here to see how programs are determined based on funding.

As of today we have NOT reached our funding goal, which means the following programs are in jeopardy:
  • Science Van
  • STEM Night
  • School Musical
If you'd like to help us achieve full funding by September 30 (this is always our goal!), the time to act is NOW. We are asking for a suggested donation of $110 per childThis amount ensures that every child will participate in all fun programs and activities, including classroom grants and scholarships.

Working for Microsoft, Google, Boeing, etc? Be sure to ask about getting your donation matched! Last year, corporate matching accounted for roughly 20% of our total fund. Click here to learn more. This is free money for our kids!

Thank you!

Juju Ratanaprateepporn
REGISTER NOW - Classes start in 2 weeks!

*Chairpersons are still needed for Little Coders and Chess. Please send us an email at if you're interested or have any questions.* 

Coding with Kids: Little Coders ( Click here to register)
Grades: K-2
Mondays, 10/7/19 - 12/9/19; No class on 10/14, 11/11
3:25pm - 4:30pm
Price: $176.00 for 8 sessions

Chess4Life (Click here to register) 
Grades: K to 5
Fridays, 10/11/2019 - 12/20/2019; No class on 11/29
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Price: $179.00 for 9 sessions

LEGO: Harry Potter Magical Engineering (Click here to register)
Grades: K-2
Mondays, 10/7/19 - 12/9/19; No class on 10/14, 11/11
3:35pm - 5:05pm
Price: $144.00 for 8 sessions

LEGO: Robotics using LEGO® EV3® System (Click here to register)
Grades: 3 to 5
Tuesdays, 10/8/19 - 12/3/19; No class on 10/15
3:35pm - 5:35pm
Price: $208.00 for 8 sessions

Mitra Bilingual Club (English-Hindi Or English-Marathi) - *new class*
Grades: K-5
Tuesday, 10/8/19 - 12/10/19; No class on 10/15
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Price: FREE for 9 sessions (cost of this class has been covered by a LWSD grant!)
Admission will be given on first come - first serve basis. If you are interested, please click here to register as soon as possible.


Be reminded that when you sign your child up for enrichment classes, you are also required to volunteer during at least one class per session. Please do so as you register. Thank you!


Chess4Life is coming to Rockwell again this Fall and we're still looking for a chairperson to help with coordinating this after school class. If your kids love chess and you plan to sign them up for chess, please consider to chair the club to ensure that the program will not be cancelled due to lack of chairperson. Our former chess chair is available to answer all questions and to provide all needed information. You only need to contact us at We thank you! And your kids will thank you too!

Thank you everyone for coming out to make our Welcome Back Taco Night a success!  A special thank you to the volunteers and staff who helped set up, serve, and clean up.  The left over food was donated to Friends of Youth who were very appreciative.

Welcome Back Party Chair

roomMonday, September 23

Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to be room parents in your children's classrooms! 

Whether you are a first-time room parent or a seasoned pro, we would like to invite you to attend a training meeting to learn all about the ins and outs of room parenting. We will go through an outline of your responsibilities, share some best practices and have a time for questions and answers.  Afterwards would be a great opportunity for those of you who are working in teams to coordinate with each other.
Monday, September 23th 6:30-7:15pm
Rockwell library

Please remember, to volunteer in the classroom you must be LWSD approved.  The link to do so is here. Also, to work with the money from the classroom funds, you must be a paid PTA member, the link for that is here.*
Gretchen Knapp
PTA Room Parent Chair
Monday, September 23

Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to be art docents in your children's classrooms! 

Whether you are a first-time art docent or a seasoned pro, we would like to invite you to attend a training meeting to learn some tips and tricks to a great year of making art. We'll go over where to find lessons and supplies and meet your fellow docents.  

Monday, September 23th 7:30-8:30pm
Rockwell library

The following teachers still don't have a docent:

Kindergarten: Johansen
First: Linnell, Whitestone
Second: Thome
Third: Biglow, Breier

The lessons are already put together in a powerpoint presentation so you don't really need any art experience to do this. It is a once a month commitment Oct. - May

If you are interested in helping, please send me an e-mail

Please remember, to volunteer in the classroom you must be LWSD approved.  The link to do so is here. Also, to work with the money from the classroom funds, you must be a PTA member, the link for that is here.*

Art Docent Chair


Calling on ALL Rockwell families, Kindergarten to Fifth Grade! Starting on September 24th, Tuesday's and Thursday's during lunch recess any and all students (and Rockwell staff), may walk, jog and run to exert that extra energy needed for concentration of school studies. Every participant can earn toe token prizes and milestone awards, while progressing to the completion of the marathon punch card! 

To make Running Club successful, we will be needing volunteers to help set up, monitor students, help with punch cards, and finally take down of the Running Club course. 

If you are District approved to volunteer and are interested in supporting our students, please click here to sign up! 

Any questions, please contact Christine Cottom, Rockwell P.E. Specialist. 
Please send your child to school with their comfort kits by September 30th!

The information (plus a quart sized zip-lock bag) was attached to the first day packet at Dog Day. If you misplaced the packet, you can use your own quart sized bag and find the instructions (along with more information) on our website here.

We are asking for each child to have a comfort kit in their classroom in case there is an extended emergency situation. Teachers will distribute kits to students to keep them calm and reassured until parents are reunited with them.

Thank you for considering your child's emotional wellbeing and se nding in a comfort kit by  the 30th!

The school has an ongoing need for help during lunch time (serving students and clean up). The time commitment is from 11:40 to 1pm.

If you are willing and able to help, please click here to pick a time slot (or several). 

Thank you in advance!


Hello Rockwell families and community members! 

Is your family looking for a fun gardening project? Do you want to help keep Rockwell looking amazing?

Every year for Community Serve Day, our wonderful volunteers spruce up all of our planter boxes including minor repairs plus fresh soil and flowers just before school starts. We need your help in maintaining them and keeping them looking fresh, so we're looking for families to "adopt" a Beagle Box.  Commitment is roughly 3 months.

Responsibilities include:
  • Light trimming weeding, and pruning of existing foliage
  • Watering
  • Replacing soil (minimal) and flowers as needed (small budget is provided)
  • Anything else that strikes your fancy!
This could be a very satisfying way for your whole family to get their hands dirty:)

Sounds fun, right? If interested, please contact Elaine Bentzinger

The Redmond SchoolPool program encourages students and their families to "Walk and Roll" when traveling to their neighborhood school in October!

Redmond SchoolPool is excited to partner with Norman Rockwell, encouraging students to walk, bike, carpool, or ride the school bus to get to school October 1-31st. To learn more about City of Redmond's SchoolPool program, click here .

How does it work?
1. Each student will receive a calendar to bring home today. Your student should keep the calendar until October 31.
2. Every day that your student walks, bikes, carpools (with another student) or rides the bus to school (at least 1 time), mark the calendar.
3. Parents should complete the back of the calendar with contact information so they can receive rewards for their students.

4 . Please turn calendars in to the main office by Friday, November 1st.

5.  Each returned, completed card earns the PTA $5, up to $1,500 for the school!  (This is free money for our school enrichment programs!)

Thank you for contributing to the success of Redmond SchoolPool. Together we will reduce traffic congestion, raise money for your school, and promote healthy habits.

Rockwell PTA/Fundraising VP

Thursday, October 3
Volunteers Needed!

Our Rockwell vision and Hearing Screening for all students (4th graders will not be screened, as is the case with all school statewide) on October 3.  We could use a few more volunteers to help make the day run smoothly.  Expect to work from the start of school through noon or slightly beyond.  Training provided that morning. It's easy, really!  You will definitely see your child while volunteering.

Add yourself to the volunteer list on the PTA webpage or email me directly.

Karen Hernan,  or .

October 7-17

It's that time of year. Fall Book Fair is coming!

We are super excited to be hosting this annual, most loved library fundraiser. The library will be hosting Scholastic Book Fair from October 7 th -October 17 th . The theme this year is Arctic Adventure!

More information will be coming home soon with students, along with the Scholastic New Books Flyer.

In the meantime, you can check out our home page at Scholastic Book Fairs online. The homepage includes information on Book Fair open hours and online sales. 

NEW PAYMENT OPTION THIS YEAR : Scholastic has a new payment feature called Ewallet. Parents can sign up for a student account, deposit funds for students to use during book fair sales, and student accounts are accessed directly from the cash registers at the fair.  No more sending kids to school with cash! Sign up for this on our Scholastic Home Page:

Interested in volunteering? Check out opportunities to volunteer here
Questions? Feel free to contact Shelly Gordon, Librarian.  
October 21-25

Thank you to those who have already downloaded the new app and started scanning their receipts! Please also continue to cut out and save your physical Box Top coupons - just make sure they aren't expired and that the 4 digit code and expiration date is legible. We will have a class contest to see which grade can collect the most Box Tops for a prize! We will be collecting them October 21 st  through October 25 th.


Welcome back Beagle families!
I am excited to be back at Rockwell this year to continue supporting our Rockwell students and families. For those that don't know me, my name is Kristin Bauer and I am the school counselor. When I explain my job to kids, I tell them that it is my job to help kids solve problems. While that is an important part of my job, there are lots of aspects of being a school counselor:
  • Connect families with school and community resources
  • Teach social-emotional learning lessons in all classrooms
  • Check in with individual students to support social, emotional and academic success
  • Lead students in small groups to practice and learn important life skills
  • Collaborate with teachers to support students within the classroom
  • Meet with students together to mediate and solve problems
The most important part of my job is to provide support for all students and families. To further this work, each month in the Beagle Bugle I will be including a link to the Home & School Connection newsletter. This newsletter gives parents practical tips on how they can continue to nurture kindness, respect and responsibility while supporting their child's education. This month's newsletter provides tips for getting out the door on time (as a mom of twins, I know that the struggle is real!) as well as the ABC's of school success (Attend every day, Be organized, Check in daily). Check out those articles and more in the September newsletter  here and enjoy this first month back at school!
Take care,


If you have spare pants (sizes 6, 8 & 8) in your house, will you please donate them to the health room?

Shorts, long pants and leggings - all are welcome! (we have lots of shirts for now)

Thank you very much, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Health Room Secretary


Thank you to so many of you who have already joined our Rockwell PTA!  As you sign up for PTA membership and start the school year, please add the name of your child's teacher to your PTA profile.  The online directory will be arranged by teacher, and we want all PTA members to have access to the directory.

Karen Hernan
Membership chair


If you didn't order your yearbook when you completed your First Day Packet online, you can do so by going to LifeTouch and using Yearbook ID # 4886520.

Also, if you've ever made or wanted to make a photo book online, you can help with yearbook layout! Please email Abigail Welborn for more information. 
Volunteer at Rockwell!

Share your talents, gain experience and inspire a child. 

If you're planning to volunteer in the classroom, library or during an after school program, you must be approved by the district.

LWSD recently updated the volunteer application; you can find it here. Your volunteer status will expire after 2 years, at which time you will receive a notice to renew.

Thank you for volunteering!

Places to earn: 
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View the flyers approved by LWSD and targeted to Rockwell from local organizations...sports tryouts, after school classes, and community events. 
The best way to stay informed!

Join PTA to access all the directory information.

Volunteer Application:  
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