May 22 was previously scheduled to be a non-student LEAP Day for staff. Because of the changes to remote learning, LWSD will now have a regular remote-learning day on May 22. May 25 is still a scheduled holiday: Memorial Day.

The #2020Census is an opportunity to bring vital resources into our community for the next 10 years. Things like funding for schools, Medicaid, support for hospitals, and emergency funding. Your response today will help us be more prepared in the future. 
Please complete your form online, by phone, or by mail using your invitation to respond. Visit to begin. 


Lost And Found Items:
Lost and found items are outside by our main entrance. The next time you're walking through the neighborhood, please swing by and take a peek. We'll plan on donating any leftover items on Friday, June 19. 

Library Book Return:
There is a bin in the front of the school next to the lost and found for students and families to return any library books. Mr. Clark will bring the bin in each morning and put the books in the library for Mrs. Gordon.

Personal Item Pick-Up:
With the suddenness of our departure in March, many students still have personal belongings in their classrooms. We are arranging a time for the families at each grade level to collect their personal items. Mr. Clark will be emailing the families of each grade level directly - please keep an eye out for an email about a week ahead of your grade's pick-up date. For families who were unable to attend the pick-up dates that have already taken place, no worries! You're welcome to swing by any Wednesday between 12:30 - 3:00 and knock on Mr. Clark's office window (adjacent to the main entrance). 

Medication Pick-Up:
Medication pick-up will occur on June 1st and June 2nd from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. All medications must be picked up by a parent or guardian. Please bring a picture ID. In order to minimize contact please pull into the drop off lane and stay in your car. Call the phone number posted in the drop off lane and the medication will be brought to your car.

If you have any questions, please contact Gretchen Paulovich, RN ( or Sayori Hinitz (

Fifth Grade Promotion:
The Fifth grade team is creating a fun and meaningful plan to recognize and celebrate our Fifth graders as they complete their elementary school experience. Please keep an eye out for emails in early June from Mrs. Weinmeister, Mrs. Conklin, and Mrs. Shadle with more information. 


Mrs. Werth and Ms. Stoddard are missing our time in band class together, and missing the joys of teaching and learning how to play a band instrument.

A few weeks ago, we published our Elementary Band PSL page which includes a handful of online learning resources for you. You can choose to explore them at your own leisure. Since the District defines us as an Enrichment course, we will not be giving weekly lessons during this time. So, when we return in September, we will review all material as if we left off in March. Do not feel that you are "too far behind" to rejoin in the fall. If you forget everything by next September, that's okay too, we'll get you caught up. If you continue to take private lessons and practice, that's okay too. We'll work to manage the varying ability levels when the time comes.

If you are not able to see the Elementary Band tab on PSL, you can email me for basic tech questions at or you can check with your school office manager to make sure your child made it into the band class roster on Skyward (since we link PSL from Skyward).

Lastly, there has been some questions regarding instrument rental returns. If you received a scholarship instrument to loan, from either your elementary school or me at Redmond Middle School, we will need those instruments returned in June (how and when TBD). If you rented at our Band Information Night in the fall, then you can visit the store in which you rented from to return it for the summer. But, if you want to keep your rental to keep practicing independently, that is absolutely okay!

CURRENT 4TH GRADERS  (incoming 5th graders), you will be re-registering for band in the fall. We will visit your classrooms and send home a brochure for sign up information. We will have a Band Information Night in the fall as well. Typically, this Information Night is the 2nd week of school, and returning 5th graders will begin classes by the 3rd week of school.
ANY ability level is welcome to join in the fall. We have a place for ALL ability levels. If you are incoming 5th grader with no previous experience, reach out and we'll get you started in the fall of 2020 as well.
If you need financial help with renting an instrument, don't hesitate to ask your band teacher, counselor or principal for help as we have school rentals and scholarships available, if needed.

CURRENT 5TH GRADERS (incoming 6th graders) will hopefully be continuing their musical journey into middle school, and I hope at RMS with me! But, even if your child is attending a different school, most schools within and out of LWSD have band programs to join. Middle school band is a time where your student will see SUBSTANTIAL growth as a musician and as a person. Band is meant to be a safe place to expand your musical skills and function as a "home-base" for many new middle school students. And unlike elementary band, you meet for 52 minutes, 5 days a week, so they get really good at their instrument! We take all ability levels here as well (last year to join as a new musician).
But, band is a CLASS, DURING school, not a before school Enrichment program. That means, you have to REGISTER for band in order to be in band. You can be in Band and PE and still have 2 other Semester - long electives in 6th grade, but you need to be sure that Band was the 1st choice on your electives form in order to ensure you will be placed in band. If you arrive to school in September and you weren't enrolled in band, come talk to me (you know where my classroom is!) and I can enroll you in band. Any student who wants to be in band, can be in band.
Lastly, you cannot skip 6th grade band and join again in 7th grade band, so if you're questioning whether you should do it or not, the answer is YES. We are an ongoing, cumulative elective class as skills will build on each other. If you find that you don't like band after 6th grade, you can make that choice in 7th grade.
Ms. Ashlyn Stoddard
Redmond Region Band Director

At the end of April, OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) provided new rules and guidance about grading in light of the COVID-19 school closures. The rules are intended to address the current and future needs of students given the difficult conditions we all continue to experience during this global health crisis. They also highlight the issues and concerns districts across the state have wrestled with as we have adapted to a new remote learning model. 

Elementary Grading:

At the elementary level, teachers will use a plus (+) on report cards to indicate content that was taught during the closure, and a slash (/) to indicate content that was not taught during the closure. In addition, teachers will be able to provide feedback in the comments section of the report card about work completion. 

You can learn more about this (including guidelines for middle school and high school grading here).
Children ages 1-18 will receive additional free meals for the weekend from Lake Washington School District (LWSD) when they pick up their Friday meals. These meals will be available at 35 sites around the district. For more information, or to complete an order form, please visit .

Hello Rockwell families. I hope everyone stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive. It's the SchoolPool time of the year! Please join us and your kids can earn rewards from the City of Redmond. 

Normally, the Redmond SchoolPool program encourages students and their families to "Walk and Roll" when traveling to school! Whether you walk, roll, or share the ride, you help make a difference.  While we aren't currently traveling into school each day, we still can have fun by staying active and making healthy lifestyle choices . If you played outside, took breaks from technology, or did school work this week, you can earn rewards!

Please fill out this online form and submit it to the City of Redmond website every week during the month of May. It's that simple! It's fun and free!

Thank you, 
Fundraising Chair & Parent Volunteer
Mental Health Events for Families

Evergreen Health has added three additional weekend sessions
Sunday, May 17: 3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. - Coping with the Temporary Normal
Flexibility, forgiveness, community and self-care. Thirty-minute presentation on coping strategies with 15 minutes for Q&A/discussion. Email to reserve a spot for you and your child.

Sunday, May 31: 3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. - Identifying and Managing Big Feelings
Tools on how to identify feelings and manage in the unknown. Ending with 15 minutes facilitator led meditation. Email to reserve a spot for you and your child.

Sunday, June 14: 3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. - Moving Forward with Breath
30-minute training on various breath work/techniques and why breathing works. Ending with 15 minutes facilitator led meditation. Email to reserve a spot for you and your child. 

Answers available May 22 | Due May 29

Math Challenge #15 is now available here .  During the school closure Math Challenges will be self-corrected at home, when the answers become available, by student and caregiver.  

The solutions can be reached with the above link.  

When your student's Math Challenge is complete, please fill out and submit This form to us.  Your student will then get credit for recognition awards.  You may still fill out the form for Math Challenges 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Please feel free to try more questions than the minimum required for your grade level in order to qualify.  Grab some friends and family and work on the challenges together!

Previous Math Challenges are also available with above link for further math enrichment at home.  Please reach out to us with any questions.

Let the challenge begin! 


For students with medication(s) in the Health Room:

Medication pick-up will occur at the beginning of June. You will receive more information about the scheduled days and times in mid-May.

If you have any questions, please contact Sayori Hinitz at

Until then, stay safe and healthy!


Social Emotional Learning Lessons

Supporting our students' social and emotional needs is more important than ever right now. Each week, I post a new social-emotional learning lesson on the Rockwell Counseling PowerSchool page. These lessons are short, simple and fun. This week's lesson is all about perspective taking or understanding what someone else is thinking and how they are feeling, even if is different from what we think and feel.

You can always access my PowerSchool page by logging into PowerSchool and looking for "Rockwell Counseling Program" under the list of "My Classes."  If you have missed any of the lessons from previous weeks, here are a list of topics in case you would like to explore them:

Week 1: Feelings and Emotions
Week 2: More Feelings and Emotions
Week 3: Problem Solving with Kelso's Choice
Week 4: Anxiety and Coping Strategies
Week 5: Size of the Problem and Size of the Reaction
Week 6: Circle of Control
Week 7: Thinking Positively (Optimism)
Week 8: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions

If you would like more information about any of these topics, please let me know:, 425-936-2675.

Counselor Check-Ins

I wanted to let families know of a new service that I am able to provide for Rockwell students. In addition to consulting with students and parents over the phone, I am now able to offer 1:1 video check-in's with students using Microsoft Teams. School Counselor check-in's provide students with brief social, emotional, or academic support, as well as an opportunity for a positive social connection with the school counselor. Check-in's will last roughly 15-20 minutes and parent permission (phone or email) is required. Check-in's are not considered therapy or counseling; if you would like resources for mental health counselors, I am able to provide that upon request.

If you are interested in scheduling a time for a School Counselor check-in for your child, please contact me:, 425-936-2675.  Information about how students login and access the meeting will be provided upon scheduling.  
I am looking forward to re-connecting with some Rockwell students!

Hi kids!!!

Even though our schools are closed and there isn't Running Club for the remainder of the school year, I hope ALL of our Rockwell kids are getting outside and playing, exercising and RUNNING! On Ms. Cottom's PowerSchool Learning page there is a section/tab for Running Club (you must be logged in to view). If you would like to continue Running Club on your own, there is a link to download the Running Club punch cards to track your progress.  There are enough punch cards to copy for your whole family!!! Sorry, I won't be able to give out our popular toe tokens, but I'm with you all in heart! ️If you would like to know your total laps from Fall Running Club, please email Ms. Cottom and she will give you your total scores. 

I would love to share pictures of kids running... with PARENT PERMISSION ONLY! Upload and send pictures to Ms. Cottom and she will post on the Running Club page. We have one student that has already completed her marathon punch card for spring. Congratulations to Nora Markiewicz in Mr. McElrea's Kindergarten class! Check it out on the Running Club page!!!

Hello Parents and teachers

Since schools are closed and all events are cancelled, we hardly have any pictures for the yearbook. Therefore, requesting all parents and teachers to share whatever pictures you have either from classroom or school premises (before the school closed) to send to .

Thank you!
Now online!

New student and Kindergarten registration now available online. Families may now register one or more of their new students online using Skyward, the district's student information system. Please see the  LWSD Registration website  for forms and information for registration.

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