Join us for guest speaker, Carrie Griffin Basas, Tuesday, March 21 at  7:00 - 8:30pm [Update from Special Ed/ Speaker will begin right after] 

LOCATION :  Lake Washington School District Resource Center  16250 NE 74th Street, Redmond (at Redmond Town Center).  Parking in back or on street
Guest speaker Carrie Griffin Basas, the Director of the Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO).  Carrie will discuss the function and the role of the OEO in the education of children receiving special education and/ or accommodations.  

Carrie is a former civil rights and labor law attorney, and a former law professor, specializing in disability rights, criminal justice, and ethics. In 2014 she returned to graduate school to attain a MEd in Education Policy, Organizations, and Leadership from the University of Washington. Carrie identifies passionately with the work of the OEO as a woman with a disability, the mother of a child with disabilities and English language-learning needs, and a first-generation college graduate.  

Disability Awareness Liaison
Friday, March 24

Annual All-School Dance Party is scheduled for Friday, March 24 from 6-8pm at the Redmond High School Cafeteria. There will be dancing, games, a photo booth, food for sale and lots of fun!

The cost is $5 per person, with no family paying more than $20 even if you have more than 4 people! Children 4 and under are free. All kids must be accompanied by an adult.

GREAT NEWS! Wow! The PTA met it's fundraising goal for the year!
To celebrate we are offering One FREE CONCESSION ticket with every Individual Paid Admission! (4 concession tickets with a family pass)

Concessions, drinks, toys, glow sticks and photo booth print tickets are only $1 each. Admission and concession tickets can be paid at the door or pre-ordered by March 16.

Volunteers are needed for 45 minute shifts and will receive one individual admission ticket for free! Sign up here!

If attending the dance party is a financial hardship for your family, please e-mail Dance Co-Chair Veronica Nelson  for a free admission to the dance. We want all of our Rockwell Community to feel included and welcome! 

Dance Chairs
We will have a Lego session for K-2 grades for spring. Do sign up your kids for the sessions and don't forget to sign up to be a parent volunteer.
Intro to STEM with LEGO® Materials, Spring (K - 2nd graders) from Apr 17 to Jun 12 on Mondays!

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as Trains, Helicopters, Tree houses, and Beam Bridges. Then use special pieces to create your own unique design! New and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. There is no prerequisite for this course.
No Class Dates: 5/29
Time: 3:15-4:45pm 
This class is being sponsored by Rockwell PTA. All classes need to have a parent volunteer without one the classes will be cancelled. All parents are required to sign up to volunteer. Please sign up to volunteer.
Lego Engineering Club Chair

Rockwell Staff is All-Stars!

On Thursday March 30, we will be celebrating all Teacher and Staff Birthdays that fall between January and June.  If you are able to help out or drop off a food item, please sign up. You may drop off your food before school, in the office. All food needs to be delivered by 11 am.

Please include a recipe of your item, if homemade. Also, make sure all containers that you would like returned are labeled with your name.

Thank you for your help!

VP Volunteer Services

Congratulations to the following Math Challenge #10 winners:
Nivedha N, Numa M, Krishna S, Murari Prayas D, Sasha F, William V, Jessica L, Vihaan K, Jacob M, Rohan K, Inava K, Saanvi T

Math Challenge #11 is now available here. For this challenge, 12 qualified submissions will randomly selected for the prize.  Grab some friends and family and work on challenge together!
The challenge due date is Thursday, March 23 (before 3pm).
Let the challenge begin!
IXL Math Practice

Our beagles are working hard at Math Practice and the following students were given prizes as of March 15 . Keep up the great work!  

Parents - Thank you for helping to develop a culture of math here at Rockwell.   

Thanks to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation for IXL subscriptions for all students and to the Rockwell PTA for purchasing the prizes.  Parents - please visit here to learn more about Math at Rockwell.

Parent IXL Math Coordinators

Kindergarten - Niya F(A), Ahana B (B),Sanvi D (A) Tianru J(C),Nita S(E),Layan M(B)Siddharth R(B), Sanjay S (E)

1 st Grade - Joseph ( F),Aarvin ( E),Alexis ( A),Riddhi ( A),Saanvi (C),Eden ( A,B),Roshni (F),Vivian (B),Rory ( A), Riya (D)

2 nd Grade - Saanvi K. (B), Ayush B. (D), Cleofus B. (D), Adhrith V. (B), Siddhanth D. (A), Pragyan S. (C), Riya K. (A), Trishaa K. (E), Saankhya T. (E), Ashvik H. (F)

3 rd Grade - Avantika A (B), Janhavi D (D), Sravya T (F), Aditya V (E), Murari D (F), Brandon S (D, E), Krishna S (A, B), Alvin C (D), Akshay B (D), Shruti N (A), Shelby R (D), Dhruv I (F), Sawyer L (C, D), Lucy L (C)

5 th Grade - Aseela (D,E),Miu (E),Anurag (C ),Anika (B),Jacob (F),Liam (F),Mahoko (B,C),Timason (D,E),Aditya (C),Stella (C),Vihan (E) Caitlin (B) Aleczander (A),Catalina (A)Koichiro (A),Srikrishna (D),Lasya (C),Aparna (F),Aashish (D),Maya (D),Ori (B,C),Aman (A,B),Rane (A),Heli (A,B,C,D),Micaela (A),Marc (A),Mailiyah (A),Trent (A),Charlotte (A),Todd (F),Hiyori (B),Jordan (D,E),Adyant (C),Sai (B),Brooks (A),Nirupama (C,D)

Registration for the Spring NLMC is now open. The competition is open for all students in grade 2-5. This is a great contest to challenge your problem solving skills. Students will be given 20 problems to solve in 45 minutes. Top scorers and top 10% of all national participants in each grade level will get medals!

When:  Monday, April 17 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Norman Rockwell Elementary Gym
Fee is $12

To register,  visit here .

Any question about the contest? Just email!

Math Chair
MARCH 13-27

Our first ever read-a-thon is here:  March 13-27! Read books, raise money for the PTA, and earn prizes-how fun is that?  The super cool thing is that a portion of the funds raised will be used towards new library books, because books are awesome!

If your class is participating as a whole, you will be getting your reader sheets, green reminder bracelets, and reminder sheets from your teacher.

If your class is not, you can still sign up as an Individual Reader! Just email me and I'll get you in the system, then send you a unique Reader Code so you can create your profile and be part of our school's event. Don't worry, you'll get a bracelet and reader/reminder sheets, too.

Don't forget: You can share your reading efforts via email or social media with family and friends anywhere, with the hopes that they'll sponsor you. You'll be improving your reading skills, helping your school, earning prizes, and having a good time. :)

For more information, see our website! Learn more about how a read-a-thon works HERE !

Thanks to the teachers, parents, and students for your support!


Fundraising VP
Keep our community informed by changing out the reader boards at Rockwell.
  • Large Reader Board:  Approximately 1-3 times per month (takes about ½ hour each time)
  • Small Reader Board: Approximately once every two months
This volunteer position is perfect for someone with flexible daytime hours as the reader boards should be changed during school hours.

Easy to do after drop-off, before pick-up or immediately after school, or anytime that works for you.

Training provided. Can either start now or in the Fall. 
Reader Board Volunteer

VP Communications

Places to earn: 
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Join PTA to access all the directory information.

Volunteer Application:  
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