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Are you a stay at home parent? Looking for a volunteer opportunity?

We are currently asking for more parent volunteers to help with the Rockwell Running Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch recess, from  11:40 a.m. - 1:10 p.m. Please sign up through Sign Up Genius.

Thank your for your time!!!

Rockwell Elementary PE Specialist
Tuesday, April 25

Come talk to vendors offering after school, summer, and other recreational activities or services to children with special needs and their families. Children welcome.

TIME: 7:00 - 8:30 pm   [Parent networking opportunity from 6:30 - 7:00]
LOCATION:   Lake Washington School District Resource Center
                         16250 NE 74th Street, Redmond  (at Redmond Town Center) Parking in back or on street

Disability Awareness Liaison
Wednesday, April 26

Print this flyer and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner and contribute to Rockwell PTA!

Dine Out Chair

Congratulations to the following Math Challenge #12 winners:  Pavel D, Sai Sahasra N, Marcus C, Pragyan S, Aditya B, Liam S, Timason W, Sota E, Layla A, Yastika C, Vivian S

Math Challenge #13 is now available  here . For this challenge, 12 qualified submissions will randomly selected for the prize.  Grab some friends and family and work on challenge together.

The challenge due date is Thursday, April 27 (before  3pm ).  Let the challenge begin!

Math Challenge Chairs  

This week, Rockwell will participate in a Lockdown Drill using ALICE principles. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. The Lake Washington School District began incorporating ALICE principles into our Lockdown preparations last year in response to guidance from local and national law enforcement. Last year, we performed a "soft" version of the drill after extensive education for the students, and this year we move to full implementation.

The ALICE principles are strategies that might be useful in an emergency; they are not steps to be completed in any specific order of priority, nor are all steps required.  We are including ALICE principles in our District emergency response procedures at the request of local law enforcement. The ALICE tools add options to the District's existing lockdown responses. ALICE principles are not limited to schools and can be used by individuals in emergency situations in any location, such as movie theaters, malls, places of worship, stores, etc.

Our school staff has received training in the ALICE principles, and students have received classroom training and performed a "listening drill" last month in preparation for this month's drill. On Friday, April 28, we will incorporate the ALICE principles into our required annual lockdown drill during the school day. That drill is part of the monthly drills we do throughout the school year to ensure that we are prepared for a variety of possible emergencies.

The drill will provide a scenario to students and teachers (Alert portion of ALICE) over the intercom, followed by additional information (Inform portion of ALICE) to which classes will be expected to react.  Teachers were provided with four possible scenarios to discuss with their class, in order to prepare for the drill in an age-appropriate manner.  One of these four scenarios will be chosen on Friday.  The scenarios are designed to be realistic and descriptive of a potential incident.   Every announcement will clearly state, "This is a drill."  In preparation for the lockdown drill our teachers will be discussing the ALICE strategies with their students, using age-appropriate vocabulary and information. At the same time, we are trying to be sensitive to the age of our students and do not intend to frighten or add unneeded stress to them.  We are providing the four scenarios below should you wish to discuss them with your child at home.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Additional resources about the ALICE program are here .  

Kirsten Gometz Principal

Scenarios for ALICE Drill: April 28, 2017
  • ALERT: Attention! An intruder has entered the main entrance near the office and is walking towards the salmon tank. He is a white male, about 40 years old, wearing a blue jacket and a baseball hat. He is carrying an unknown weapon and is yelling.
  • ALERT: Attention! A female with dark hair and an unknown weapon is quickly walking from the sand area toward the playground, in front of the portables. She's wearing blue jeans, and a green hoodie.
  • ALERT: Attention! An intruder has entered through the open gym door and is arguing with the gym teacher. He is holding an unknown weapon and is moving towards the office. He is wearing a black shirt and has a beard.
  • ALERT: Attention! A woman with an unknown weapon has just entered the back door of the school near the 3rd grade rooms. She is wearing a purple shirt and is crying loudly.
Due: Friday, April 28

It is often the passion and commitment of a dedicated few who make the difference!  Please help us recognize our exceptional PTA Volunteers, Rockwell Teachers, and Staff. 
Award Nomination Forms are here! The Awards Committee is asking ALL Rockwell parents and staff to help by sending in their award nominations forms. The nomination DEADLINE is Friday, April 28, 2017.

Submissions can be made to the Rockwell Office by sending nomination form (in a sealed envelope addressed to "Rockwell PTA Nomination Committee") via Kid MAIL or by emailing your nominations directly to the PTA Nominations Committee at

Thank you for your time and help!

VP Volunteering
MAY 1-5
Teacher Appreciation Week is a national event where students and parents take some extra time to celebrate the time, energy and heart teachers put into educating our kids. Here at Rockwell we have fun activities planned for every day of the week including a breakfast, a luncheon, a coffee cart in the staff lounge, a raffle, snack time with cookies and milk and of course lots of opportunities for students to show big appreciation with small gestures. Please see below for ways to participate.
Monday, 5/1
- Each student brings a card for his/her teacher. Often times the best cards are homemade so pull out the construction paper and markers. Cards will be collected at the beginning of the school day.
Tuesday, 5/2
- Room parents will present something from the class. Talk to your room parent for details.
Wednesday, 5/3
- Each student brings **ONE** flower to his/her teacher. Flowers will be collected at the beginning of the school day and compiled into beautiful bouquets for teachers to enjoy. (In order to not overwhelm the classroom with flowers, please just send one flower, not a bouquet or plant.)
Thursday, 5/4
- The PTA is hosting a picnic-themed luncheon for the school staff. Please sign up to bring food.
Friday, 5/5
- Students dress up in spirit wear/school colors.
- Each student takes one piece of fruit to his/her teacher. Fruit will be collected at the beginning of the school day and arranged in baskets to give to teachers.
- Cookies and milk will be provided for school staff in the lounge. Please sign up to bring cookies.
If you have any questions please contact your room parent.
Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator

In January 2017, a boundary committee began the work to make recommendations for school attendance boundaries in the Redmond area. The district is building two new elementary schools and one new middle school in the Redmond area due to enrollment growth. These new schools will draw students from existing schools. Neighborhood boundaries for all elementary and middle schools in Redmond could change.

The boundary committee is preparing multiple new attendance boundary options. The boundary committee will hold two meetings to get feedback on those options. Attendees will view the options in an open house format. Committee members will be present to discuss these scenarios and answer questions.  Both meetings will present the same information.

Boundary Feedback Meetings
May 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Redmond Middle School Cafeteria
May 9, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Evergreen Middle School Cafeteria

Attendees will be able to provide written feedback at the meeting. Those who cannot attend will be able to review the proposed scenarios on the district website and submit feedback online.
Principal, Norman Rockwell Elementary School

Happy Earth Day 2017! This year, several student in 4th and 5th grade spent their recess time mixing soil and compost, and planting many young starter plants that we will cultivate through the next few months. All food and herbs grown will be harvested and donated to feed our local community in need at Redmond's Open Kitchen program, run by a former Rockwell parent, Kristin Muscott. 

We will also be collecting donations to support Redmond's summer lunch program at the Art Showcase/Ice Cream Social in May - stay tuned for more information on how you can help!

Thank y ou so much for your generous donations to the Norman Rockwell Ecology Run. The students all had fun running together last Wednesday, and the fifth-grade students, parents, and teachers are all so grateful for your support!
The Run raised a total of $9,399.70 to help offset the cost of fifth-grade Outdoor Education at Camp Seymour! Once again, the Rockwell community has gone above and beyond in its support of our programs.
The class that won a pizza party for having the highest donation amount was Ms. Breier's third grade class, who raised $862.08! The primary class that won an extra recess was Mrs. Fisher's second grade class who raised $665.78, and the intermediate class that won an extra recess was Mrs. Raffel's third grade class who raised $ 554.10! Every student will one day benefit from the Ecology Run, when they become a fifth-grader and attend camp.
Every student who donated at least $25 will be receiving an Ecology Run bracelet next week. Every student who donated at least $50 will be receiving a 2017 Ecology Run T-Shirt. The T-Shirts are still in production, and we will distribute those as soon as we get them. For those students who donated at least $100, their names will be engraved on a plaque that will hang in the office hallway, to be coming soon. 
Thanks again for all your generous support!
Mrs. Conklin, Mr. Cort├ęs, Mrs. Honkawa, Mrs. Weinmeister, and all the fifth-grade students
Read-a-thon Prizes!

The read-a-th on prizes have arrived, woohoo! I'll be placing them in the teachers' mailboxes, and they'll be distributing them to their students next week.

Enjoy your new swag, and give yourself one final pat on the back for your thousands of minutes of reading. You are all excellent Beagles.

Fundraising VP

Spring Cleaning?  Save all your gently used books for our Used Book Sale on Thursday, May 25 th !  Please drop off your donations in the Rockwell Library. Thank you!

Teacher Librarian

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