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VP Communications

A friendly reminder to please be aware of pedestrians when dropping off and pick up your students from school. It is illegal to drive through a crosswalk when pedestrians are around and about to cross, as it posed a serious safety concern. Also, please be courteous to our neighbors when parking in the surrounding neighborhoods during school drop off and pick up times. Please do NOT block residential driveways or mailboxes. Also, parking too close to the corner of an intersection makes it hard to see children and hard for the busses and other cars to turn. Better yet...carpool, walk, or take a bus if it's available and leave yourself plenty of time. We appreciate your support!

Rockwell PTA

In January 2017, a boundary committee began the work to make recommendations for school attendance boundaries in the Redmond area. The district is building two new elementary schools and one new middle school in the Redmond area due to enrollment growth. These new schools will draw students from existing schools. Neighborhood boundaries for all elementary and middle schools in Redmond could change.

The boundary committee is preparing multiple new attendance boundary options. The boundary committee will hold two meetings to get feedback on those options. Attendees will view the options in an open house format. Committee members will be present to discuss these scenarios and answer questions.  Both meetings will present the same information.

Boundary Feedback Meetings
May 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Redmond Middle School Cafeteria
May 9, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Evergreen Middle School Cafeteria

Attendees will be able to provide written feedback at the meeting. Those who cannot attend will be able to review the proposed scenarios on the district website and submit feedback online.
Principal, Norman Rockwell Elementary School
MAY 1-5
Teacher Appreciation Week is a national event where students and parents take some extra time to celebrate the time, energy and heart teachers put into educating our kids. Here at Rockwell we have fun activities planned for every day of the week including a breakfast, a luncheon, a coffee cart in the staff lounge, a raffle, snack time with cookies and milk and of course lots of opportunities for students to show big appreciation with small gestures. Please see below for ways to participate.
Monday, 5/1
- Each student brings a card for his/her teacher. Often times the best cards are homemade so pull out the construction paper and markers. Cards will be collected at the beginning of the school day.
Tuesday, 5/2
- Room parents will present something from the class. Talk to your room parent for details.
Wednesday, 5/3
- Each student brings **ONE** flower to his/her teacher. Flowers will be collected at the beginning of the school day and compiled into beautiful bouquets for teachers to enjoy. (In order to not overwhelm the classroom with flowers, please just send one flower, not a bouquet or plant.)
Thursday, 5/4
- The PTA is hosting a picnic-themed luncheon for the school staff. Please sign up to bring food.
Friday, 5/5
- Students dress up in spirit wear/school colors.
- Each student takes one piece of fruit to his/her teacher. Fruit will be collected at the beginning of the school day and arranged in baskets to give to teachers.
- Cookies and milk will be provided for school staff in the lounge. Please sign up to bring cookies.
If you have any questions please contact your room parent.
Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator

Rockwell begins our SBA assessments this week in grades 3, 4, and 5. No extra preparation is required for the SBA, but you can help your child be their best by making sure they are at school ON TIME and with a healthy breakfast in their tummies, well-rested from a good night's sleep. We try to keep stress to a minimum as we know some kids worry about these tests; please help them realize that while we do want them to try hard, SBA is also just one indicator of student success. We, like you, want to help grow healthy, well-rounded, kind, academically prepared people for the years ahead.
Testing dates are as follows:
May 2: Grades 4 and 5 ELA Computer Adaptive Task
May 3 Grades 4 and 5 ELA Performance Task 1
May 4: Grades 4 and 5 ELA Performance Task 2
May 9: Grade 5 Science
May 15: Grade 3 ELA Computer Adaptive Task
May 16: Grades 4 and 5 Math Computer Adaptive Task
May 17: Grades 4 and 5 Math Performance Task
May 18: Grade 3 ELA Performance Task 1
May 19: Grade 3 ELA Performance Task 2
May 22: Grade 3 Math  Computer Adaptive Task
May 23: Grade 3 Math Performance Task


We're down to the last few weeks before our 13 th Annual Used Book Sale on Thursday, May 25 , but there's still time to do your spring cleaning and donate your gently used books!   We're accepting donations in the Rockwell library until Friday, May 19 .  We already have an awesome assortment of books ready to sell.  You'll find quite a variety - books for kids and adults alike. Be sure to tell your family, neighbors and friends to empty out those piggy banks and bring all that loose change to the sale.  Prices start at 10ยข and few items are more than $1!  All proceeds go toward the purchase of new books for our Rockwell Library.  The evening will be fun with great deals on books, a gallery of children's art projects, and, of course, yummy ice-cream!

Teacher Librarian

Join your fellow Beagles and their families at Key Arena for a fantastic night of women's pro basketball, as the Storm take on the Indiana Fever! A portion of each ticket sold goes back to our PTA general fund. We also get free Storm ThunderStix (bambams) and a group shout-out on the Jumbotron! All tickets purchased from the link below will be seated together-super fun!

Sunday, May 28
4pm at Key Arena
All tickets $19

Please purchase tickets here, u se Promo Code: ROCKWELL17

See you there!

Fundraising VP

On Tuesday, April 25, under clear skies, the 4th grade students released the salmon from the tank into Bear Creek near the Tolt Pipeline Trail. It was a very successful year as we hatched and ultimately released 186 fish as part of a salmon life cycle unit. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who showed up every day to feed fish with students and who chaperoned the field trip. 

Salmon in the Classroom Chair

We'd like to express our gratitude to cast members and their families for the dedication and teamwork to deliver such an impressive production of Shrek the Musical Jr. Special appreciation to parent committee chairs Annie Wen, Susie Anania, Jami Worsley, Beatriz Gomez-Albadawi, Jennifer Myrick, the Hildebrands, Scott Hendricks, Kiran Shah and Marni Moran, and assistant producer Leslie Edmunds, for the creativity to let your freak flag fly, and the organization to bring this long-time Rockwell tradition to life. We'd also like to thank our Rockwell community for attending the performances and making this a memorable experience for the cast.
Co-Producers Musical

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