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VP Communications

The district runs a Capital Projects Levy on a four-year replacement cycle. The Capital Projects Levy funds critical technology and facility needs for schools and students. Voters passed the last Capital Projects Levy in 2014. The district is now planning for the upcoming 2018 Capital Projects Levy, as well as the upcoming 2018 Bond and Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy.

Parents are invited to provide input on the next Levy plan.  This is the platform we need to express our concerns regarding the facility and needed improvements.

PTA President

We're excited to get students at Rockwell walking, biking, and carpooling to school this month with the Redmond SchoolPool!  

Each week that a student walks, bikes, carpools, or rides the bus to school, please sign their calendar.  At the end of the month, each returned calendar with at least 1 signature earns the PTA/School $10 and a reward for students, up to $2,500 can be raised for Rockwell!

Why Participate with the Redmond SchoolPool?
  • To help students get more daily exercise by walking or biking to school
  • To earn rewards for taking the bus
  • To share carpooling duties with other families
  • To help raise money for our school
  • To reduce traffic congestion and local air pollution in our neighborhoods
  • It's fun!
How to Participate:
  1. Get Your SchoolPool Calendar: Students are bringing home a calendar TODAY, they can keep in their notebook or attach to their backpack.  
  2. Don't Drive Alone to School: Each week that students take at least one walking, biking, carpool or bus trip to school they mark the calendar.
  3. Earn Rewards! At the end of the month, turn in your completed calendar to raise $10 for our PTA/School and earn a reward for your Student!
Click here for Rockwell's bike policy.

For more information about Redmond SchoolPool.

VP Volunteer Services

Rockwell begins our SBA assessments this week in grades 3, 4, and 5. No extra preparation is required for the SBA, but you can help your child be their best by making sure they are at school ON TIME and with a healthy breakfast in their tummies, well-rested from a good night's sleep. We try to keep stress to a minimum as we know some kids worry about these tests; please help them realize that while we do want them to try hard, SBA is also just one indicator of student success. We, like you, want to help grow healthy, well-rounded, kind, academically prepared people for the years ahead.
Testing dates are as follows:
May 9: Grade 5 Science
May 15: Grade 3 ELA Computer Adaptive Task
May 16: Grades 4 and 5 Math Computer Adaptive Task
May 17: Grades 4 and 5 Math Performance Task
May 18: Grade 3 ELA Performance Task 1
May 19: Grade 3 ELA Performance Task 2
May 22: Grade 3 Math  Computer Adaptive Task
May 23: Grade 3 Math Performance Task


In January 2017, a boundary committee began the work to make recommendations for school attendance boundaries in the Redmond area. The district is building two new elementary schools and one new middle school in the Redmond area due to enrollment growth. These new schools will draw students from existing schools. Neighborhood boundaries for all elementary and middle schools in Redmond could change.

The boundary committee is preparing multiple new attendance boundary options. The boundary committee will hold two meetings to get feedback on those options. Attendees will view the options in an open house format. Committee members will be present to discuss these scenarios and answer questions.  Both meetings will present the same information.

Boundary Feedback Meetings
May 9, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Evergreen Middle School Cafeteria

Attendees will be able to provide written feedback at the meeting. Those who cannot attend will be able to review the proposed scenarios on the district website and submit feedback online.
Principal, Norman Rockwell Elementary School
Due Thursday, May 11 before 3pm

Congratulations to the following Math Challenge #13 winners:  Neel T, Kelsey H, Prisha K, Medha K, Numa M, Saanvi T, Nivedha N, Sarah W, Todd B, Nivedha N, Adhrith V
Math Challenge #14 is now available here. For this challenge, 12 qualified submissions will randomly selected for the prize.  This is our second last Math Challenge, so grab some friends and family and work on challenge together!
The challenge due date is Thursday, May 11 (before 3pm). 
Let the challenge begin!

We're down to the last few weeks before our 13 th Annual Used Book Sale on Thursday, May 25 , but there's still time to do your spring cleaning and donate your gently used books!   We're accepting donations in the Rockwell library until Friday, May 19 .  We already have an awesome assortment of books ready to sell.  You'll find quite a variety - books for kids and adults alike. Be sure to tell your family, neighbors and friends to empty out those piggy banks and bring all that loose change to the sale.  Prices start at 10ยข and few items are more than $1!  All proceeds go toward the purchase of new books for our Rockwell Library.  The evening will be fun with great deals on books, a gallery of children's art projects, and, of course, yummy ice-cream!

Teacher Librarian

Join your fellow Beagles and their families at Key Arena for a fantastic night of women's pro basketball, as the Storm take on the Indiana Fever! A portion of each ticket sold goes back to our PTA general fund. We also get free Storm ThunderStix (bambams) and a group shout-out on the Jumbotron! All tickets purchased from the link below will be seated together-super fun!

Sunday, May 28
4pm at Key Arena
All tickets $19

Please purchase tickets here, u se Promo Code: ROCKWELL17

See you there!

Fundraising VP

Last week our school community did an AMAZING job of honoring our teachers and other Rockwell staff members during Teacher Appreciation Week. The feedback we received was that all the fun activities were a great reprieve from the stress of the standardized testing that also took place in many grades last week. I would like to say a big thank you to all the room parents for planning and implementing teacher gifts, vases for flowers, baskets for fruit and for making sure everyone knew what to expect. Thank you too to everyone who contributed to or helped out at the coffee cart  on Wednesday, luncheon  on Thursday and the milk and cookie event  on Friday. And of course, thanks to all the parents who helped kids bring in something special for their teachers. Everyones' efforts added up to create a really special week at Rockwell.

In addition to the Rockwell PTA, Teacher Appreciation Week sponsors included: Tipsy Cow, Menchies, Super Jock & Jill, Matador, Prime, Molly Moon, Midori, Peet's Coffee, Lakeshore Learning and Meadows Family Health and Wellness.

Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator

A Big Rockwell PTA THANK YOU to Barbara Chinn for planning, organizing, and implementing Teacher Appreciation Week! The Teachers felt loved, appreciated, and full.

Job well done!

VP Volunteer Services


Hope our Rockwell students are the lovely weather! Following students got prizes for IXL math practice. Keep up the great work!  

Mitali A (B,C), Ahana B (C,D), Peehu G (A), Sharayu K (D), Victor L (D), Viraj P (F), Samyukhta S (B), Anika B (F), Niya F (B,C), Yuchen L (D), Eissa Y (B), Vihaan Kudikala (E), Riya T (E),   

Niko (B), Kaira (F), Erica (A), Carina (B), Eden (C), Arjun (B), Sydney (B), Michael (B), Riya (E), Anya (F), Haru (E), Priyanka (D), Reva (D), Raghav (C), Numa (B), Saanvi (D), Rachel (A), Abigail (A), Dominic (A), Kirill (C), Chiho (A), Slija (A), Amy (D), Geeth (C), Boris (B), Muhammad (A)

Colin S. (E), Saanvi K. (C), Maximilian C. (F), Atul V. (D), Kayinoluwa O. (B), Aaruni R. (A, B), Riya K. (B, C), Clara G. (E), Siddhanth D. (E), Arush C. (C) Siddhanth D. (B, C, D), Clara G. (D), Nathan H. (C), Alanna P. (B), Karthik R. (A), Adhrith V. (C), Ivan D. (B), Jillian J. (B), Pragyan S. (D), Leo C. (A), Sri Sahasra K. (E), Kayinoluwa O. (A), Rahul V. (A), Anisha B. (E), Cleofus B. (E, F)

Youngjin K (F), Barrett R (A), Matthew S (B), Aditya V (F), Naga J (F), Brandon S (F), Krishna S (C, D), Alvin C (E), Sriram M (D), Mara P (A), Murali C (D, E), Lachlan C (B), Ameera G (B), Prisha K (B), Aleksandr L (C, D), Sawyer L (E), Taashi W (C)

Ryu H (D), Tishya J (A), Petar d (B ), Colin F(B ), Kerem I (E), Disha P (C), Abigail M (A), Sota E (E), Sarah E (A), Udhay G (b), Jeslyn H (d), Leeanne H (f), Enni H (b), Joseph J (b), Jacob K (a), Mikhail K (A), Avaneesh K (e), Joshua L (B ) , Charles M (a), Denys L (D), Mahitraju P (B), ziang T (E), Petar D (C), Yuwan L (F), Arjun R (D), Rushaan M (F), Srikar N (E), Artem S (D)

Aseela G (F), Miu I (F), Anurag K (D,E), Anika K (C,D), Mahoko T (D,E), Timason W (F), Aditya B (D,E,F), Stella C (D,E), Vihan D (F), Caitlin B, (C), Avigail E (B), Peter B (A), Srikrishna G (E,F), Lasya A (D,E), Aashish K (E,F), Maya M (E,F), Ori A (D), Lily A (B), Nishita B (B,C), Emily W (B,C), Marc E (B), Trent K (B), Brooke S (A), Hiyori H (C,D,E), Jordan K (F), Adyant M (D,E,F), Sai H (C,D), Yumino T (B,C), Tooba M (A), Nirupama N (E,F), Anish P (F), Saanvi T (C,D,E,F)

IXL Coordinators

New this Year:
  • Student pictures will be taken
  • Teacher Meet & Greet
  • Medication Drop off
We heard parent feedback! All Back to School Business can be done in ONE day. Please attend Dog Day in the Rockwell gym to complete required LWSD paperwork, pay for school supplies, contribute to the PTA Pass the Hat, drop off medication and have your student(s) photo taken.

8:00am-2:00pm Back to School Business
2:00-3:00pm Teacher Meet & Greet

To make the Dog Day run smoothly, we ask you to arrive on time and prepared. Please make arrangements for your child to attend . Due to the large student population, your Back to School Business time will be assigned by grade. For example:
  • Kindergarten 8:00-9:30am
We encourage you to arrive at your scheduled time to avoid long lines and short tempers prior to Teacher Meet and Greet at 2pm.

Teacher assignments will be distributed at Dog Dog after required paperwork is complete. The school will NOT post class lists and families may meet teachers beginning at 2:00pm.

If you are out of town for Dog Day, please email Rockwell secretary, Inez Mobley at  for instructions. Picture Make Up Day will be scheduled with Class Picture Day for a later date.

Visit for further updates.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, August 31!

PTA President

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