Is your student missing any jackets, hats, lunchboxes, water bottles, etc.?

Please come in and check our lost and found. Our lost and found is overflowing with over 100 jackets and 42 hats and numerous other things.  All belongings must be claimed by the last day of school, Friday, June 23.  Anything left in lost and found after June 23rd will be donated.
Thank you!

Student Records Secretary

On behalf of the Field Day team we would like to thank all our parent volunteers. Without you, we couldn't have had such a great day, nor have it run so smoothly. You manage to keep everybody under control all while having water splashed on you, getting sticky from bubbles & having sand in your shoes. Special thanks also goes out to our awesome 5 th graders who provided such an excellent example to the younger students this year by being on time & super helpful to all our parent volunteers. You should be very proud of yourselves!
An extra special shout out of course goes to the fabulous Christine Cottom ! No one can call a tug-of-war like you.

Field Day team

Do you have specials skills, or are you interested in being a project leader?  A NEW community event to support Norman Rockwell Elementary.  Join us in helping teachers and staff prepare for the new school year!  Invite friends and neighbors!   REGISTER TODAY !

Questions?  Send an email!

Elaine Betzinger
Incoming VP Events


Our PTA is asking for your help to feed the volunteers  Sunday, August 20 .

Sign up to  bring food to the school by  noon . The 65-100 volunteers can be
fed after working so hard to beautify our school grounds.

Be part of the solution to keep Rockwell clean and safe for our kids.

PTA President

August 31st is a busy day.  We need your help to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Please  SIGN UP to help for an AM or PM shift (or both and get served lunch).

Check in families, answer questions and ensure kids look their best for pictures.

PTA President

The following programs need new chairpersons (these are NOT board positions) for the 2017-2018 school year:
  • Chess Club
  • Field Day
  • Bingo Night
  • Heritage Night
  • Ice Cream Social
  • 5th Grade Promotion (need an incoming 4th grade parent)
  • Room Parent Chair
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Yearbook Chair
If you would like to volunteer or if you need more information about a specific role feel free to contact Angie Ballas, incoming VP of Communications.

Additionally, communications team seeking assistance for the 2017-2018 school year.
Contact Angie Ballas with any questions.
  • Reader Board Chair (Time commitment: approximately once or twice a month for about 45 minutes, during school hours or immediately before or after school is preferable)
  • Newsletter  (Bugle) Editor or co-editor: Share the role or go it on your own! Great for someone who likes to be 'in the know" and has an eye for details. Weekly compiling of articles submitted by others, editing, and follow-up as necessary. Can be done from home, approximately 1-2 hours per week. Training provided)
Denise Waters
VP Communications

It takes a village . . . . . to create a fabulous yearbook!

Thank you to all those who contributed photos to create this year's book. Your kids are going to love it!

We are recruiting for next year - we have broken the yearbook job down into several parts and want to try something new with our photo collection efforts. Except photography, all the jobs can be done at home, at any time of day. And the LifeTouch software is easy to use.

Yearbook layout lead - 1 person - are you a big picture person? All of the pages you see in our yearbook are filled with templates we've created over the past six years. You can use these or create new to set the stage for the general book layout.

Photography lead for events - 1 person - coordinating photographs for all the special Rockwell events next year.

Photography leads for each grade - 6 people - coordinating photographs for your student's full grade and all the special Rockwell events will help us get an equal representation of all 650-plus students at Rockwell.

Yearbook creation - do you love to scrapbook? Well our yearbook is just an 88-page scrapbook.  If you like to create the special pages and select the photos use, then this is the job for you.

Contact me to learn more -
Yearbook Coordinator

Places to earn: 
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