Norman Rockwell PTA has one primary fundraiser a year through our Annual Beagle Contribution.  We are fast approaching our funding deadline of September 30th.  The amount of your support will determine what additional education programs and activities like DreamBox/Supplemental Math, the School Musical, STEM programs (such as the Science Van and Math Night) will be fully funded.  

Thanks so much to those of you that have already given!  We really appreciate your generous support.  

For those that still wish to give before the deadline, the time to act is NOW!  

Once you have donated to the ABC, please also remember to submit a request through your employer to have your contribution matched.  This is "free" money to support programs for our kids.

Thank you!

VP of Fundraising


Band is at Redmond Middle School (music room) @ 7:40am:

Mondays (5th grade/2nd year) - full band
Tuesdays (4th grade/1st year) - trombone, baritone, clarinet
Wednesdays (5th grade/2nd year) - full band
Thursdays (4th grade/1st year) - trumpet & flute
Fridays (4th grade/1st year) - full band

Contact Ms. Stoddard for any questions.


Orchestra is at Clara Barton Elementary (gym) @ 7:40am:

Mondays (4th grade/1st year) - violin & viola
Tuesdays (5th grade/2nd year) - full orchestra
Wednesdays (4th grade/1st year) - full orchestra
Thursdays (5th grade/2nd year) - full orchestra
Fridays (4th grade/1st year) - cello

Contact Ms. Chen for any questions.


It would be a huge help to have volunteers in the cafeteria 11:50-1:10pm.
Volunteers would help staff serve pizza and clean up the lunchroom.

Your child(ren) will be proud of you for setting a great example of helping others!

Visit this link to sign up for all of the shifts you can help with.

You must be LWSD approved to volunteer. 


The Box Tops contest is coming in October!! Start asking your relatives and neighbors of  middle and high schoolers for their Box Tops, raid your pantry and sort through your school  supply packages! (Expired Box Tops DO NOT count).

Our goal is to collect 10,000 Box Tops!

Every Box Top collected earns the school 10 cents towards PTA programs like shipping candy to the troops, contest prizes, grants and more! 

*If a Box Top doesn't look like the above picture, please don't turn it in!*

Box Top Chair

Who makes Norman Rockwell's PTA awesome? Our members do! Last year, we had 450 members, and we received the prestigious national PTA School of Excellence Award . As of this week, we currently have 354 members. Thanks to all of you who have joined and support our Rockwell family. However, we still need more members to make a difference!

Without the PTA, we will miss many fun events and activities like the Back to School BBQ, Musical, Toy Maker, Spelling Bee, Math Night, etc. 

Join Norman Rockwell PTA now by clicking here
It's only $18 per person or $30 for two adults.

Click here for more information and to find out how a PTA Membership benefits everyone (includes information on PTA discounts!).

Parent Volunteer/ PTA Membership Chair

Did you sign up to be an Art Docent in your child's classroom this year? 

If so, please join us at the Art Docent Training  Monday September 24th at 6:30pm, in the Rockwell Library.

We are also still in need of Art Docents for the following classroom:

Breier - 3rd grade

Art Docent Program Chair


Announcing the start of the Rockwell Running Club!
Who? All Rockwell students in 1st through 5th grade who would like to come out and walk, jog and/or run during lunch recesses! (Kindergarten students will have the opportunity to join Running Club in the spring.)
When? Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch recesses, starting Tuesday, September 25th!
Where? We will meet at the flag poles on the soccer field! Students will walk, jog and/or run a marked path around the sand soccer field.
Attention Parents!
We need your help to kick off this popular program! Volunteers are needed to help set up, monitor and assist students with punch cards on laps being completed, and to award prizes to students who reach running milestones. 

Additional help needed throughout the year to tally and record student laps completed and post milestones. Please sign up on Sign Up Genius here .  

Are you approved yet as an LWSD volunteer? Click here to fill out a volunteer application; it can take up to 2 weeks to get approved, so act quickly!
Questions? Please email Christine Cottom or call 425-936-2670 ext. 56742
Norman Rockwell Elementary
Physical Education Specialist

Tuesday, 9/25 12:00-1:30

Come to school to help English learners make friends at lunch recess. Bring an indoor game, craft or activity, or just bring yourself and we'll fun!

English Learning Teacher


Math Challenge is back for this school year! For those who are new to the program, Math Challenge is a PTA sponsored program that is offered free to all students at Rockwell. 

There are 15 challenges total for the school year and each challenge contains math problems that are appropriate for each grade level.  This program is optional and our aim is to encourage students to enjoy learning and working on math. It is a great family activity, as we encourage the students to work with each other, or family to discuss and solve the questions.

Once the student completes the challenge, simply hand in the MC to their teacher or the office by the due date, and we will randomly select 12 students to receive a prize for each Math Challenge as an encouragement for their work.  

Our first Math Challenge is now available! You can access the challenge here

The due date for Math Challenge #1 is, Thursday, Sept. 27th by 3:20pm. 

Please contact us if you have any question or if you need additional information about this program.

Let the challenge begin!

Math Challenge Chairs


Please send your child to school with their comfort kits by September 30th!

The information (plus a quart sized zip-lock bag) was attached to the first day packet at Dog Day. If you misplaced the packet, you can use your own quart sized bag and find the instructions (along with more information) on our website here.

We are asking for each child to have a comfort kit in their classroom in case there is an extended  emergency situation. Teachers will distribute kits to students to keep them calm and reassured until  parents are reunited with them.

Thank you for considering your child's emotional wellbeing and sending in a comfort kit by the 30th!

Thursday 10/4 

Our annual vision and hearing screening will be held this year on October 4.  

I f your student wears corrective lenses, glasses, or a hearing aid, please be sure to send them to school that day with these items.  

We could use just a few more volunteers that day to help things run smoothly.  I expect the event to run from the start of school until just before lunch.

If you'd like to lend a hand, please contact me at

Hope to see you there!

Vision & Hearing Chair

Thursday 10/4 at 7pm - Rockwell Library

Join us for an update from Principal Clark and the Rockwell teachers. 
Find out what the funding status is for academic enrichment programs. 
Make your voice heard as we vote on approving the PTA Budget.
Find out what the PTA Standing Rules and Policies are, as they are presented for approval.

Hope to see you there!

PTA President


Intro to STEM with LEGO® Materials Grade K-1 
Cost: $132

Grades: K to 1 
Mondays 10/8/18 - 12/10/18 
NO CLASS: Oct 15th and Nov 12th 
3:35pm - 5:05pm 
Min 11 / Max 16 

Course description - Ratchet up your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as Motorcycles, Castles, Airplanes, and Monorails. Then use special pieces to create your own unique design! New and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Robotics using the LEGO® WeDo® System Grades 2-5
Cost: $204

Grades: 2 to 5 
Tuesdays 10/9/18 - 12/4/18 
NO CLASS: Oct 16th 
3:35pm - 5:35pm 
Min 11 / Max 16

Course description - Build and program robots in this introductory Robotics class using the LEGO® WeDo® system. Learn basic programming skills, simple engineering concepts, and the names of robot components. Work in small groups to complete several projects using tilt and motion sensors. This is a great way to prepare young Robotics enthusiasts for our more advanced Robotics programs

Click here to register for either session (you will need to be logged into your PTA website account)! 

**Please be reminded that, per PTA guidelines, parents must volunteer for at least one class per each child registered. Your child's registration will be considered incomplete until a parent has signed up to volunteer . If classes do not have a parent volunteer, the classes will be cancelled. All parent volunteers must be approved by the district. Fill out an application here.

Lego Enrichment Chair


The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts
competition which was started in 1969 and is the largest arts in education program of  its kind in the United States. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity  for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own  original works, created around a specific theme. 

A student may submit an entry in any  of the following six arts categories, or as a special artist (an option for students with  disabilities who receive services under IDEA or Section 504):

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Music Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts

Deadline for entries: Wednesday 10/26 @ 1:30pm in the Rockwell office.

Participation Rules and Student Entry Forms available on the Rockwell PTA Website /Reflections (some hard copies will be available in the Rockwell Main Office after 9/26)

Reflections Chair


Back to School BBQ was a fun event! This is your last chance to  upload all those wonderful pictures for yearbook.

Pictures must be taken on school grounds and capture only Rockwell students and/or staff (no parents or siblings not attending Rockwell).

Email your photos to:

We appreciate your time and effort!


Spirit Wear is Coming!!

We've got SPIRIT, how about you?

Nothing shows school spirit more than wearing school colors - Purple and Yellow!

While we wait for your child to submit a new logo/design (Due Sept 21st ), we are busy working on the finishing touches of the Spirit Wear link.

The items available are short & long sleeved tees, hooded pullovers AND (new this year), a basic crew neck sweatshirt!

Spirit wear orders will be processed ONLINE October 1 - October 19th .

We've got spirit wear coming soon!

Spirit Wear Chair


If you didn't get a chance to order a yearbook yet, don't fret! You can still place an online order here.

If you'd like to order a yearbook, but need to pay by cash or check,  email

Check out our LifeTouch flyer for more information.

Volunteer at Rockwell!

Share your talents, gain experience and inspire a child. 

If you're planning to volunteer in the classroom, library or during an after school program, you must be approved by the district.

LWSD recently updated the volunteer application; you can find it here. Your volunteer status will expire after 2 years, at which time you will receive a notice to renew.

Thank you for volunteering!

Places to earn: 
Click here for all the easy ways that your shopping can benefit Rockwell!

View the flyers approved by LWSD and targeted to Rockwell from local organizations...sports tryouts, after school classes, and community events. 
The best way to stay informed!

Join PTA to access all the directory information.

Volunteer Application:  
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