July 18, 2019 - In This Issue:


BearBuy will be unavailable  Friday, July 19 at 6 p.m. through Sunday, July 21 at 9 a.m. to upgrade from release version 19.1 to 19.2. To avoid delays, please complete all BearBuy requests prior to the system maintenance. BearBuy will be available on Monday, July 22.
Change in UC Travel Regulations
The University of California Office of the President recently announced changes to the G-28 Travel Regulations policy. The revisions, effective July 1, 2019, allow delegation to the Chancellor or other University official to reimburse, in limited circumstances with pre-approval, spouse/domestic partner, dependent-care provider, and dependent travel expense or dependent-care expenses related to employee's or employment candidate's University business travel.
  • For more information on specific changes, please read our news article
  • The updated policy can also be found on the UCOP website
Supply Chain Management Communications Survey  

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is working hard to improve our customer
experience, and a big part of that is how we communicate with you. We are  currently working on a plan to update both the monthly newsletter and the SCM website. You can help us make informed choices by completing a short survey about our current communications efforts. 

We appreciate your feedback
 and look forward to improving your customer experience. 

New Graybar Electric Co. Inc. Hosted Catalog
We are excited to announce that a Graybar Electric Co. Inc. hosted catalog is now available in BearBuy. Graybar provides products and services that support new construction, infrastructure updates, building renovation, facility maintenance, repair and operations, and original equipment manufacturing. The hosted catalog offers the University's contracted discounts. 
Changes to Forms in BearBuy 
A reminder that Supply Chain Management began piloting three new forms in BearBuy: the Non-Catalog Form, the Amount-Based Purchase Order (PO) Form, and the Capital Equipment Form. 

Important Note: Do not copy an old form submitted in BearBuy prior to the June 24 launch. Copying the form to your new cart may cause delays on the order. 
Upcoming Check Pickup Closure Date

If you or someone in your department is scheduled to pick up a payroll or reimbursement check, please note that the office will be closed on Tuesday, August 6.

Please share this information with any staff members who may be picking up checks.
I n-Person BearBuy Support Office Hours
Come to the next BearBuy Office Hours to get your BearBuy questions answered in person. No appointment is needed.  The event is first come, first served.
    The next three BearBuy Office Hours will be held on:
  • August 8 from 9 a.m. to noon at Mission Bay, Genentech Hall, Room S204
  • August 21 from 1 p.m to 4 p.m. at Parnassus, Campus Library, Room 210
  • September 10 from 9. a.m. to noon at Mission Bay, Byers Hall, Room 413

Supply Chain Management representatives will be available at these locations to answer BearBuy questions such as:

  • Navigating BearBuy
  • Shopping using catalogs and forms
  • Submitting or approving orders
  • Managing purchase order changes
  • Searching for BearBuy documents
  • Ways to optimize and streamline your BearBuy purchases
  • Managing your BearBuy settings and email alerts
We are here to help, so please come visit us with your BearBuy questions. 
We can answer many BearBuy questions, but if you have payment-related questions, please contact the SCM Accounts Payable Helpdesk directly at scmap@ucsf.edu.

Q: When placing an order in BearBuy, do I need to include the cost of shipping in my Purchase Order?

A: No, you do not need to include shipping in your BearBuy orders. The supplier can bill for the cost of items, shipping and appropriate sales tax in their invoice, and UCSF will pay the full invoice amount. 

Q: I placed an order in BearBuy. How will I get billed for shipping?

A: Some suppliers will ship your items and  bill for it by including the shipping cost 
on their invoice. The shipping cost will be paid against your BearBuy Purchase Order (PO).

Other suppliers will ship your items using UCSF's master FedEx or UPS account (so that you get UCSF's discounted rates). In such cases, shipping charges will be billed separately by our partner, Vantage Point Logistics Inc (VPL). It will still be paid against the chartstring from your PO, but it will be processed directly in PeopleSoft and will not appear on your BearBuy PO.

VPL invoices for these shipping charges are listed in the VPL Inbound Freight Reports, which will contain the VPL invoice number, BearBuy PO Number, and shipping details such as the tracking number. To access the reports, click on the BearBuy Reports link located under the Welcome message on the BearBuy homepage. A new window will open. Double-click on the VPL - Inbound Freight Report folder.  
Note: The VPL Inbound Freight Report has been split into two spreadsheets to maintain functionality:
  • for shipping charges through June 2019
  • for shipping charges from July 2019 onward



FOR BEARBUY technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
Phone: (415) 514-4100, option 2 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

FOR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE support, contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk.
Phone: (415) 502-3331
Email:  scmap@ucsf.edu

Phone: (415) 502-6245
Email:   logistics@ucsf.edu

FOR GENERAL Supply Chain Management questions, please email
supplychain@ucsf.edu or visit our website at supplychain.ucsf.edu.

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