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20 August 2019
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Have you read the game plan?
You’re likely familiar with Jesus’ prayer that His followers would be one. Less well-known is how strategic and timely this prayer is, as well as how instructional the prayer is about the kind of unity Jesus is praying for. Combine Jesus’ prayer with the Apostle Paul’s citywide analogy, and you have a gift that provides powerful direction for how the body of Christ is supposed to operate in every city – direction that could provide the very societal transformation we so desperately seek and need. Check out Jesus' Surprising Strategy !
Invest i n Jesus' John 17 prayer
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Harmony Hub
What I See...
Carol Peterson
In Tucson the church has been divided by the same obstacles as the first church, and personally I have felt the division of Christians throughout my life. Even so, I saw an example of acceptance of differences set for me and my siblings.

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Collaboration Corner
Sharing Our Strengths with One Another
Matt Merrill
When God calls anyone to do something, He normally doesn’t just call one person. I would one day see that my heart for prayer, the lost, and culture was actually God’s heart that He had given to me and that He also had placed it in many, many more people in Tucson. Why does that matter? You and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel because, in all reality, other people have.

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The Good News of Jesus
in a Donkey-Elephant War
War brings with it many casualties, and one of the worst is the collateral damage, shrapnel wounds that injure unsuspecting bystanders. This Donkey-Elephant war is taking place in our living rooms, we have invited it in, and we are alienating people in the process.

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