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#16, Vol 7,
April 27, 2017
Remember how Vaidya Mishra always, over and over again, used to emphasize finding and addressing the root of a problem when trying to fix an imbalance, isolating the original cause, or "hetu," in order to address an ailment? Well, here's a beautiful example of what you can accomplish when you follow his guidance. Watch Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum's latest video testimonial - a case of chronic allergies. In her write-up, she shows us how it is possible - when we follow Vaidya's guidance and SVA protocols - to get incredible healing results! 

THANK YOU for the emails, letters, notes, messages, and boundless inpouring of love on the occasion of Vaidya's mahasamadhi. The love and support have been unstinting, and it is giving us all strength and making us more resolute in our commitment to keep serving the SVA community worldwide. We share Linda (Sarita) and Michael Rocco's loving tribute to Vaidya below. 

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-  case history -

I thought this would be an appropriate case history to share with everyone, since we are at the height of the allergy season.  I always like to show patients there is another alternative to automatically taking pharmaceuticals for each and every imbalance that arrives throughout the year.  This is especially true when it comes to allergy symptoms.

As with everything we do, we have to get to the root of the problem.  Normally the immune system has the intelligence to know what to attack, such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.  However, various influences can throw the immune system out of balance causing it to become hyper-reactive, and as a result it can begin attacking dust, pollen, molds, foods and sometimes even the person's own body, resulting in auto-immune reactions and diseases.

The most important thing to do is to identify all the factors which are throwing the immune system out of balance.  In this patient's case, there were a few mitigating factors:

First, she was receiving flu shots every year for about 20 years, which resulted in high levels of mercury settling in her bone marrow.  Mercury has a burning quality, and as a result, it can immediately burn out the friendly bacteria which reside in the gut, within 15-20 minutes of receiving the immunization.  In addition, it can pierce through the seven tissues (blood plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and reproductive fluids) and go straight to the bone marrow/nerve tissue, upsetting normal immune function.

 We began the use of Rasa Sodhaka drops, ingeniously developed by Dr. Mishra, based on cilantro, which is the best chelator of mercury, and is non-toxic,  unlike so many of the chelating agents on the market.  As her levels of mercury came down and her friendly bacteria grew, her immune system gradually retained its intelligence.

Also, remember this:  the friendly bacteria keeps the immune system intelligent.  When present in normal amounts in the gut, they prevent the immune system from hyper-reacting to all the allergens present in the environment.  We only use the Natren Probiotics since they are 100% potency guaranteed.  In the early years of my practice I looked at all the probiotic companies under a microscope and was shocked to discover the probiotic cultures were dead in every company, except for Natren.  When I contacted the company, I was told that they discovered how to process their live probiotic cultures (taken from Russia) without killing the culture during the processing of the probiotic. This patient had been eating yogurt, which we had her discontinue, since it is channel-clogging.  Most Americans eat yogurt in the wrong way - cold, in smoothies, at breakfast or dinner.

We had her avoid yogurt until her clogged channels cleared out, then we described the best way to make yogurt - using the Natren Yogurt Starter.  Years ago Dr. Mishra and I tested all the yogurts and yogurt starters.  None of them met his standards, except for this one.  When we made yogurt using it, he exclaimed that this was the type of yogurt his mother used to make, and the type of yogurt the Ancient Rishis who cognized Ayurveda recommended.  It had an alkaline taste.  If the yogurt is too acidic, these acids can actually kill the friendly bacteria they are trying to propagate.  

However, there are strict rules about taking yogurt in the correct way:  it should never be combined with spinach or fish, it should be eaten more in the summer months when the sun is closest to the earth, preventing ama from forming from the cold yogurt.  It should also be made into a medicinal lassi, only taken in between bites of food at lunch, when the digestive fire is strongest.  Here is the recipe:  1 part yogurt, 3 parts water, 1 pinch of dry toasted (or toasted in ghee) ground cumin and a few fresh cilantro leaves.  Blend, and sip on this during lunch. 

Next, we examined her diet thoroughly and identified numerous problematic foods, such as peanut butter and hard cheeses, which were clogging her physical channels.  Keep in mind the sinuses and lungs are a physical channel, which air should go through.  When we eat foods which are heavy, processed, and leftover, the delicate physical micro channels of the body will clog up, creating a substrate for infections to grow.  Once this patient gave up all the channel-clogging foods, in time her repeated sinus infections went away.  She strictly followed her dietary recommendations and as a result experienced a quick turnaround with her health.  

At the same time we cleaned the bone marrow with Vaidya's Guduchi transdermal cream down the spine twice a day and also taught her how to make drumstick (moringa) soup, which can also clean the bone marrow.

When serious types of toxins, such as those found in the flu shot,  enter the body, free radicals are immediately formed which can cause serious diseases.  Our antioxidant system, known as the glutathione system, can attack and dismantle these free radicals, but with so much exposure to numerous chemical toxins (gar vista) and internal ama visha, which is created from bad food and/or improper digestion, the glutathione system can become seriously depressed.

I spoke with Dr. Mishra about this problem four years ago and he was the first to make a Glutathione cream, based on natural ingredients, not synthetic like most of the companies use.  In fact, he made a powerful cream using fresh guduchi leaves from his own garden, mixed with glutathione:  Guduchi with Glutathione Cream.  This is what we used in her case.

As we cleaned her bone marrow and chelated out the heavy metals, and as she strictly watched her diet and daily routine, we then next taught her how to do Panchakarma at home, which she did once a week until the immune system once and for all settled down.  

It has been over six months since she has had any allergy symptoms or sinus infections.  She is forever grateful and always tearfully expressing her gratitude whenever she comes for her follow-up visits.

I am so grateful for having studied with Dr. Mishra for the past 17 years.  All of us have been blessed by his knowledge.  I personally will continue to educate and treat the public as much as I can in his ground-breaking technologies, as he brought this ancient medicine of Ayurveda into the modern age.  Thank you Dr. Mishra for sharing your unending fountain of Vedic knowledge with all of us.  Your wisdom has alleviated much suffering in the world.

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

There is nothing more precious than experiencing radiant health.  
How can we enjoy our birthright - higher states of consciousness and the bliss that lies latent in every cell in our bodies - if we are feeling sick, tired, depressed and our physical bodies are laden with toxins? 
But robust health is a rare commodity these days, as we fall victim to the temptations of eating unhealthy processed foods, go to bed late and then just pop pills for the ailments that will eventually arise from this type of lifestyle.
There is a way out however, and it is totally within your reach.  The key to good health is 3-fold:  eat healthy, keep a good daily routine, (going to bed early and waking up early), and learn correct detoxification.
When I tell patients they need to do these 3 things in order to regain their health, they automatically start telling me of the cleanse they just finished - they either did a maple syrup-cayenne pepper cleanse, or a series of colonics or a liver cleanse using milk thistle.  Many of them have taken harsh herbal laxatives such as cascarasagrada and senna.  Yet, even though they have just finished their cleanse they are not only still highly symptomatic, but more often than not, they are in worse shape than before they started their cleanses.
So here we have a beautiful booklet by Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, where he systematically and sequentially unfolds the knowledge of his divine family lineage, Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA for short).
As you read through the pages, you will be struck by the attention to detail Vaidya Mishra brings to whatever he does.  He describes everything you need to know about detoxification:  the 4 types of toxins and where they come from, a thorough discussion of the physical and vibrational channels and the role they play in the detox process. Then he describes in even greater detail the actual cleanses - keeping in mind that we not only want to pull out the toxins, but we want to direct them to the bowel and kidneys for evacuation and we also want to bind them while waiting for evacuation from these areas so they do not start roaming and creating havoc somewhere else in the body.  And while doing all this, we have to keep the liver cool so the patient doesn't develop rashes on the skin or develop loose bowel movements.
Having taken thousands of patients through this cleansing process, paying attention to these details as the patients do their cleanses, I can tell you this type of detox works extremely well - and best of all it is fairly easy and safe to do.
Many times, a patient will come up to me and ask me if there is a cure for cancer.  This is your "cure" right here, in the pages of this booklet.  And it turns out that the cure for not only cancer, but any serious disease you can think of, comes in its prevention - again, by eating healthy, going to bed early and learning correct simple daily detoxification procedures.
I see thousands of patients each year.  And I see lots of suffering. But I can tell you honestly and with strong conviction:  the suffering can be alleviated - it is within your reach - and you, like all of my patients can do this - you will be amazed at how quickly your health returns, thanks to the guidance and teachings of Vaidya Mishra and his millennial healing family lineage.
Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum
Cinnaminson, New Jersey
March 2014


One of my greatest teachers and personal Ayurvedic physicians, Vaidya RK Mishra passed away on Thursday, April 13. 2017
There are so many great memories of Vaidya Mishra.  My husband Michael, Vaidya and I spent many hours in our little kitchen preparing Ayurvedic foods together. Vaidya taught us the fine points of Ayurvedic cooking.  Not just food as medicine...but DELICIOUS food as medicine. 
Vaidya loved to eat.  Everything would stop when it was time for a meal. Vaidya epitomized the digestive agni of the Brahmin and had to be fed when he was hungry....kind of like a baby :)   My husband was particularly good at making sure he was fed on time while he taught courses at Arsha Vidya in Saylorsburg. Vaidya always assured him that he'd "send" him the course knowledge telepathically, not to worry about missing anything. And he did.  My husband recalls many of the course's content...even though he wasn't even in the room during the teaching. Vaidya was a mystic. A true, living mystic. 
I hosted him for several courses including Pulse Diagnosis and Marma Yoga during my 10 years at YOGA INLET.  I sat with him during consultations as his scribe, voraciously capturing every word. It was a magical and expansive time. I was acutely aware of the huge boon it was to spend time with him. 
Vaidya's son Raj lived with us for almost a year.  He mainly studied yoga during that time.  Raj is mischevious, fun-loving, deep and spiritual, much like his father. Lots more cooking went on, especially when Vaidya was in town. We made priceless memories. 
One powerful lesson came to me when I was doing some writing for him. I asked him to please give me a deadline for the project, so I was sure to get the work done on time.  His answer to me was this: "Oh, Linda...I will never give you deadlines...I will only give you lifelines."  It was true...he gave me many lifelines during my time knowing him.  He was most generous and kind healer/teacher I've ever known. 
Vaidya is well known for his all healing advice: "Don't worry."  Somehow, when he said it in his all knowing, gentle voice, all worry really did stop. 
Everyone who knew him will have similar stories. His compassion and his generosity, the subtlety and depth and breadth of his knowledge was truly staggering. He was always creating new knowledge. His memory with regards to the source texts, especially Charak Samhita, was perfect. He was generous with his knowledge and gave it freely to sincere seekers. Everyone who came in contact with him came away with a piece of that knowledge, a piece of infinity. 
I have been blessed with access to many people of great knowledge in my lifetime. In a rare moment in time, I had the great fortune to cross paths with a teacher whose knowledge was without limit. Vaidya was that teacher.
Our heart goes out to his family, practitioners, students, friends, patients and especially to his wife Melina who worked tirelessly to help bring his work into the world. Dr Melina will continue to provide the world with his brillant and pure product line Chandika
My husband and I will remember Vaidya with great love, infinite gratitude and deep respect. We will miss him dearly and honor him eternally. 
Sarita-Linda & Michael Rocco

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