Beatitude or Battitude? from Creation Gospel Workbook Five Vol 5: Devarim
Torah Portion Ki Tetzei 

The title of the Torah portion Ki Tetzei means "When you go out."  Count how many times the word "hand" is used in the portion, and then seemingly random commandments tie together.  What is in my hand is what is within my power or my sphere of influence.  The commandments instruct me how to handle the things and people that are "in my hand," or under my ability to influence for good. Every time I "go out," there is potential within my hand to demonstrate the quality of mercy.

We preserve the dignity of sacred relationships by abounding in the quality of chesed, lovingkindness or grace.  One who has chesed is predisposed to act favorably toward another.  One definition of an attitude is "a predisposition to act."  It is not the act itself, but the precondition.  Attitudes can be good or bad before the corresponding action.  

According to Scripture, an attitude of lovingkindness predisposes one to act favorably toward a parent, child, townsman, Israelite, or an alien who is working his way toward citizenship.  Even Egyptians and Edomites were to be given grace and an opportunity to join the covenant community when certain conditions were met.  It is only toward Amalek that Israel is told to have no attitude or predisposition of grace.

The problem with chesed is that it is often based on good things the person has done for us, our social history.  Once that person has done some harm, we become predisposed toward gracelessness.  We set up an internal account and start keeping score on their errors.  We interpret everything that person does as negative, foolish, or suspicious.  

If we were favorably disposed toward that person, which is the commandment of the Torah portion, then we would take no account of wrongs.  We would not begin noting or recalling the "signs" that confirm our graceless attitude and recording them internally, or worse yet, sharing that account ledger with others, who may in turn set up their own debit account based on your testimony, not actual wrongs done to them.  This battitude, too, is sin, for taking up a wrong not your own violates the Word.  When we take up an offense not our own, it is usually without hearing any evidence from the accused.  If we do hear evidence, we can be "bribed" by our good relationship with one party and fail to hear the other party impartially.  It's wrong, but it's very human to be graceless "when we go out."

This Torah portion commands an attitude of grace, even in judgment of death.  Even toward sinners.  Even toward those who "deserve" their consequences, like a debtor or one under the death penalty.  It does not mean they are exempt from consequences, but that they are met with a predisposition to accept their imperfections and to believe that repentance will occur.  We try to mitigate the judgment.  

A man hung on a tree must not be left there one second after sundown.  One second more, and the judge becomes the sinner.  The corpse cannot help himself, for he is dead.  Why worry about a dead man's humiliation?  He's dead!  We worry about shaming even a dead man on a tree or terrorizing a mother bird because when we do it or allow it, it is to our own disgrace.  Preserving the honor of the creation is a commandment because WE are damaged when we are graceless toward the helpless.

When he hung on the tree, Yeshua was flanked by two men.  One had nothing to offer but a word of tribute to the dying Yeshua.  The other had nothing to offer but a word of shame to a dying Yeshua.  Even though the thieves could not have known it, THEY were the ones who soon would be the beneficiaries of grace and gracelessness.  One thief returned what he could to The Beginning of the creation: a final word of encouragement to one forsaken.  The other thief robbed the dying Yeshua of grace...and received none.  The grace-giving thief received paradise with Yeshua "this day."  

Chesed, grace, lovingkindness, is a form of love.  It is the love predisposition or attitude that believes all things, hopes all things, bears all things.  Understand this grace attitude by examining the child-parent relationship, the sacred relationship in which grace functions most reliably.  It functions less reliably as one works outward into spouse, extended family, family of faith, community, strangers, and then enemies.  

For instance, parents are most likely to believe the good things they hear about their children.  We are least likely to believe a good thing about our enemy.  Children receive the greatest portion of a parent's grace.  Parents are least likely to accept the bad things about their children.  Parents sometimes will blame themselves, the conditions, the teacher, the school, the coach, other children, etc.  

Although a lesson on child discipline could be inserted here, the point is that teaching grace searches for reasons to put faith in the goodness of children.  Grace is a wonderful quality when it is balanced with discipline because it communicates to the child that he stumbled in the choice or behavior, yet the failing does not reflect his true nature, just as our own blunders do not reflect the nature of Messiah Yeshua, but our bad choices.  A predisposition of lovingkindness has faith that sooner or later, the child will live up to his high calling.  Our Abba believes this of us, as well.

On the other hand, if someone has offended us, we search for evidence of corrupted character.  Everything becomes a sign of his incompetence or worse yet, the lack of God's approval on his life.  Bad things that happen to them become God's judgment, and it validates our lack of trust.  It may well be God's judgment, but it may also be a test in their lives because their Abba loves them.  It would be wrong to be Job's comforters and incur the Father's wrath with foolish talk and foolish thinking.  After all, if their Father is predisposed toward that child with lovingkindness, which I like to call livingkindness, He will not receive your cold or judgmental words toward His child well. How well do you receive evil reports on your children?

Many believers have a "messiah" mentality.  They demand that all others "in their hand" conform to their level of observance and timetable.  Even Yeshua gave grace on the tree:  "Father forgive them, they don't what they're doing."  The soldiers did not know until the darkness and earthquake that they'd crucified the Son of God.  Can you imagine how you'd have felt?  "WHAT HAVE I DONE?  CAN I EVER BE FORGIVEN FOR NAILING THE PRECIOUS HANDS OF THE MESSIAH INTO A DEAD TREE?  GOD PUT THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY 'IN MY HAND,' AND I DESTROYED THE ONE WHO WEPT TO GATHER JERUSALEM UNDER HIS WINGS!  MY GOD, SAVE ME!  FORGIVE ME!  I HUMILIATED THE SON OF GOD!  WHAT SHALL I DO? OH MY GOD, MY GOD."

Yeshua, the mother bird of Jerusalem, had already forgiven them, not forsaken them.  When they were mocking, murdering, robbing, and callous to the cries of those dying on the trees of humiliation and torture, Yeshua had already forgiven them.  He didn't say:

"Follow this commandment precisely when, where, and how I tell you."  

Yeshua was THE Messiah, but he forgave people who didn't understand what they were doing yet.  It was not yet within their hands to obey because it was not within their understanding, but because it was in HIS hands to forgive them, intercede for them, and leave a Comforter to teach His Word, he left the door open for them to "Ki Titzei" when they understood.  

Father, forgive us for not having a predisposition of grace.  Change our hearts so that we may give kindness to all whenever "we go out." 

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