Meet and Volunteer to Build Relationships In Your Neighborhood
If you're strongly committed to connect with your Plano neighbors and want to serve and inspire others, then come learn more about the Good Neighbor Volunteer Program.

Thursday, January 23 | 6 PM | Davis Library

During this one-hour meeting, sign up to be a Neighborhood Ambassador or Neighborhood Builder. Learn more about these roles and volunteer opportunities available through Neighborhood Services. Remember, when we take care of each other, we take care of our community. To learn more, click here.  
Donate and Help Your Neighbors

Taking Care of Each Other, Taking Care of Our Community
Many Plano residents need assistance with home maintenance to ensure their safety and protect the integrity of their neighborhood. The City of Plano offers assistance to veterans, single parents, widows or widowers, seniors, disabled residents and more. From minor home repairs to outdoor maintenance projects, Neighborhood Services offers programs to help you and your neighbors.

Get Involved!
Your donation of time, skills or resources supports residential projects to purchase building materials, tools and supplies. Also, some home maintenance issues require hiring contractors or renting specialized equipment. Contributions are used solely for the expenses associated with these assistance programs and are tax deductible. Click here to donate, volunteer or suggest a neighbor needing assistance.
Household Care Facilities FAQs

What is a Household Care Facility?
It is a dwelling which accommodates no more than eight people, regardless of legal relationship, who are elderly; disabled; orphaned, abandoned or neglected children; victims of domestic violence; or those rendered temporarily homeless due to fire, natural disaster or financial setbacks. Occupants live together with no more than two caregivers as a single household. Due to personal privacy regulations under the law, detailed information on Household Care Facilities may not be available to the public.

Occupants of household care facilities may be protected under the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. They may apply for reasonable accommodations based on the regulations to allow disabled persons an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. Please visit the City’s Fair Housing page for more information.

Are property owners notified when a new Household Care Facility locates in their neighborhood?
Land uses allowed by right don't require any kind of notice. For example, a change of occupancy for a new household (single family residence) does not require notice to neighbors. All single family zoning districts allow Household Care Facilities by right, in order to be consistent with state law. Therefore, property owners typically don't receive a notice about new household care facilities within their neighborhood.

Are there specific licensing and requirements for Household Care Facilities?
Where applicable, Household Care Facilities are required to have appropriate licensing and/or registration by the State of Texas. The zoning ordinance distinguishes Household Care Facilities from Rehabilitation Care Facilities. Rehabilitation Care Facilities accommodate individuals convicted of prohibited criminal conduct. Rehabilitation Care Facilities are not allowed by right in any residential district.

How does the City ensure requirements for Household Care Facilities are met?
Under the zoning ordinance, the City verifies a household meets requirements of a Household Care Facility. As with any neighbor, the City can enforce disturbances (such as noise) and behaviors (such as disorderly conduct), traffic violations, excessive occupancy, trash accumulation or other violations of the law. For disturbances, behavior concerns or street obstructions, call 911. For excessive occupancy concerns or trash, contact Property Standards at 972-208-8150 or
Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek is a small, diverse voluntary Homeowners Association (HOA) located in the heart of Plano, between Jack Carter Pool and Bluebonnet Trail. Once an inactive HOA, neighborhood leaders and residents of Hunters Creek re-engaged earlier this year after learning about the City of Plano's BEST Neighborhoods programs.

Neighborhood leaders rolled up their sleeves for extensive outreach through door-to-door canvassing, email and social media. These efforts led to the creation of five neighborhood-based committees: Welcome Committee, Event Committee, Landscape Committee, Beautification Committee and Crime Watch Committee. Through the committees, Hunters Creek created a website; applied and received a Neighborhood Engagement Mini-Grant; and, hosted a neighborhood block party with over 100 neighbors in attendance!

They have achieved so much in a short period of time, and yet strive to further enhance the quality of life within their neighborhood. Hunters Creek is a leading example of how being good neighbors within a neighborhood leads to stewardship in the surrounding community.
2019 BEST Neighborhood
Congratulations to Avignon Windhaven HOA for being designated a Gold level awardee through the City of Plano’s BEST Neighborhoods Designation Program! The Gold level designation is the second highest designation within the program. There are benefits for BEST Designation Program neighborhoods and Avignon Windhaven is eligible for several Gold level perks.

Thank you Avignon Windhaven for being a neighborhood that goes above and beyond to create a community that is BEST - Beautiful, Engaged, Safe and Thriving! 
Go Green with Smart Energy

Do you want to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint while increasing the market value, longevity and comfort of your home? The City of Plano offers a Smart Energy Loan Program, in partnership with BTH Bank.

This program gives eligible Plano homeowners the opportunity to make affordable, energy-efficient improvements to their homes. Improvements include water heating systems, air conditioner and heat pump replacements, solar screens, daylighting systems, replacement of appliances, new windows and more.

Check out our website to download an application and learn more.
Help Survey Plano's Homeless

Plano's annual Point-in-Time Homeless Count is on the evening of Thursday, January 23.

Volunteers are needed to collect food and hygiene packs in December, as well as conduct surveys with people experiencing homelessness on the night of the Count. All survey volunteers receive training and assistance from a Plano Police officer. Sign up to volunteer here.
Learn HOA Legal Tools

2020 HOA Legal Clinic
Saturday, March 7
Rowlett Community Centre
5300 Main St., Rowlett TX 75088

Learn to better manage your homeowners association and find tools for hot-topic legal issues. Speakers include attorneys, financial institutions, community managers and more! Neighborhood Services will charter a bus for Plano residents to ride together to the event. Plan to get on the bus and stay tuned for more details.
Neighbors Connect Social

Join us for our upcoming Neighbors Connect social event on Thursday, January 30. Socialize with Plano residents and learn more about Plano neighborhoods. More details coming soon, check here for updated information. 
Beautify Your Neighborhood's Community Space - We'll Help!

If your neighborhood group plans to apply for a Neighborhood Revitalization & Beautification Grant, the time is now! The pre-application deadline for the 2020 Spring grant cycle is Thursday, January 2, 2020! Contact Steven Doss with any questions at 972-208-8150 or
Jamal D. Murray
Senior Property Standards Supervisor
Serving Plano Since 2007

Describe your role within Neighborhood Services?
As a Property Standards Supervisor, I am primarily responsible for reviewing and evaluating the work of property standards specialists. The most rewarding aspect of my job is getting the opportunity to encourage professional development and assist staff with developing their career plans. 

What made you decide to take this career path?
The career chose me. I was looking for a career which gave me the opportunity to employ all the skills I’ve acquired throughout my life. This job incorporates all of my skills, along with a passion to serve others.

What do you enjoy most about working for the City of Plano?
Working with the Neighborhood Services department gives me the ability to make a positive difference in someone’s life.  
What are you most passionate about?
The future of our children and guiding them to make sound, Godly decisions which affect their lives and the world around them in a positive way.

What is one thing you want people to know about Neighborhood Services?
We are here to help. Serving our residents brings us a sense that we are making a difference.

Fun fact about where you grew up or a hobby you enjoy outside of work?
Not really a hobby, but I enjoy singing in the church choir anytime I get a chance.

What makes the neighborhood you grew up in or where you live now special?
The people. The people I grew up with are still my best friends and anytime we get together, it’s like family.
What is your favorite place in Plano and why?
Anywhere I can get some good food. I love to eat!
Thank you for making our community a better place!