I stood at the back of the convention hall with a cup of coffee in hand. I watched people strolling in, chatting among themselves, then suddenly growing silent as they heard the music in the air. A jazz ensemble is leading worship with contagious joy. Nearby an organist sits tall and ready to play when the time comes. I know that when the organist taps the keys, I will feel the strain of a little liturgical whiplash. But the echoing transition between jazz ensemble and organ remind me what I know already is true: the United Church of Christ is incredibly diverse. Across our denomination our worship styles differ greatly as do our theologies, beliefs, and practices; our backgrounds, cultures, and geographies; our ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations; our life experiences, bodies’ abilities, and embodiments. When we, the United Church of Christ, are gathered, we are collectively the beautiful, diverse, complicatedly holy Body of Christ.