Issue 1829 | July 16, 2018
Cement Tile
Beautiful, Trendy and Diverse!
Cement tile has been at the height of fashion for the last several years,
and if you’re looking for some beautiful inspiration on ways to use it,
you’ve come to the right place here at AT&S!
This tile is diverse and can be enjoyed almost anywhere including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even some outdoor applications.
All of these beautiful installations feature cement tile.

Here at AT&S we can help you choose the perfect design and layout for your project. Check out the tips below and enjoy the gallery of cement (encaustic) tile installation pictures for guidance and inspiration.

Tips for a Successful Installation
  • Minimize the size of grout lines to make your design look seamless and your space look larger. Go with 1/16" grout joints using non-sanded grout.

  • Consider your grout color carefully. If you use colored grout choose a color that matches the lightest color in the pattern (or go lighter!). Using dark grout could stain light tiles.

  • Sealing the tile is a two step process. Start with sealing before grouting and then again after grouting. Cement tile that is not sealed will stain and fade. Which sealer you choose may depend on the how and where your tile is installed. Fading will occur with cement tile over time with or without sealing.
  • Tiles can be used on floors and walls, indoor and outdoor, but check with the tile manufacturer for use in freeze/thaw or submerged water conditions.

  • Plan to buy 20% more tile than your exact measurements. This allows for waste, damage during installation or shipping, and tile variations. With cement tile you can expect variations from one tile to the next.
You are invited!
Come to our showroom to check out a slideshow of more beautiful cement tile installations and to see to displays for the five manufacturers that we represent!

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