It has been a “normally” different fall. October and early November were extremely dry and warm but things are changing with heavy rain and cold weather forecasted. The dry fall has delayed the “normal” leaf drop schedule and will likely delay our ability to finish clean-up many sites as we can’t pick up the leaves until they fall. This next week looks like the beginning of major leaf fall and we will be quite busy through mid December with major leaf pick-up.  
We work diligently to get our mowing finished up over the last couple of weeks when it was dry and although we will likely need to mow one more time this fall, it likely won't be for a few weeks as leaf removal is our priority. we always get some dry weather in the end of November or early December and we will take advantage of that tomorrow one last time. we also like to know one last time after leaves are done as that helps clean up lawn areas for the winter.