Beautiful Ways to Use Cracks
in Concrete Floor Designs
If your concrete floor has a few hairline cracks, don’t automatically reach for the filler. As long as the cracks are not creating structural problems, they can be an asset to your project and add distinction. In some cases, you can even turn the cracks into a natural-looking flagstone pattern. Instead of cringing at cracks, take a look at these ideas for incorporatimg them into an appealing floor design.
Darken to Add Decorative Effects

Minor cracks and pits can be darkened with additional applications of stains or dyes. You can even fill the cracks with a white-tinted filler, which will absorb even more color and make the cracks more visible. Depending upon the number of cracks in a floor, darkened cracks can impart a crackle effect, giving the floor a marbled or veined look. See how this   floor  was dyed and polished to accentuate the flaws.
Disguise with Sawcuts

Try working existing cracks into your design through sawcuts, creating a pattern that looks purposeful yet blends in with the cracks. One way to do this is to leverage the design off the control joints and sawcut more "joints" into the concrete that follow existing crack lines. See how cracks were worked into the design of this  residential floor .
Blend in Patterns

Cracks will be much less obvious if you divert attention away from them by using color and pattern. For instance, cracks can be hidden in   stencil patterns   applied to a floor. Beautiful swirled floral patterns or repeating designs can also mask blemishes. 
Embrace Their Character

Cracks are a great design asset if you want to create a rustic look. Their random arrangement adds natural character that can't be duplicated. Start by airbrushing the cracks with color to accentuate them, and then color the entire floor with an acid stain to intensify the natural color variations. Get more ideas for using stains to rejuvenate existing floors.
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Long-Lasting Beautiful Color
Stain-Crete from Increte Systems is a deep-penetrating reactive concrete stain system that creates beautiful, mottled color tones. Available in nine standard colors that are resistant to peeling, chipping and cracking.
Quick Concrete Resurfacer
RapidSet’s CR Concrete Resurfacer , an advanced hydraulic cement-based mortar, produces a smooth and durable surface that is able to receive foot traffic in as little as two to three hours.