FALL 2015
Beautiful and Cooler Days Ahead
A couple of cool days have us anticipating the blaze of color and beautiful days ahead. Fall color across North Carolina is a significant attraction and Charlotte, the City of Trees, is among the most beautiful places to visit for an abundance of color. Take time to enjoy the autumn foliage and grand finale while making preparations for the flurry of fall landscape maintenance.

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If your fescue turf made it through the summer thanks to watering and regular care, you are among the few lucky ones. The official/unofficial drought in Charlotte caused many lawns to thin (stress) out. Other lawns in our area were covered in weeds like we mentioned at the beginning of summer. Proper lawn care in the fall is essential to get your lawn through a long, cold and harsh winter. Autumn lawn care begins in September because it is during this month that your lawn begins preparing itself for the upcoming winter. Grass grows vigorously during September with both top growth and root growth. Proper lawn mowing, irrigation and fertilizing are some of the things you need to ensure you perform in September. Read more.

Leaves have already started to fall and late October is when those leaves really hit the ground. Rake young grass lightly if needed to minimize damage to baby seedlings. October is also a great time to redesign other parts of your garden. Be creative, look for new and exciting plants. There are so many opportunities in this climate for texture, color and size.

Take note of what worked in your yard this summer. A garden journal will be helpful when you decide what to plant next spring. Did you enjoy your vegetables? Did you notice a new garden pest? These little notes can help make next year's garden more successful. It can also stimulate interest in starting a year-round garden journal of your landscape. If you haven't already done so, cut back your spent perennials like sedum and daylily.  Once this is done, mulch them in for the winter. 

Best Practices

Fall is the best time to aerate and seed lawns in our area:

  • More efficient use of water and fertilizer
  • Thatch will be minimized
  • Helps grass establish deeper roots
  • Aids ability of lawn to withstand more activity, stress, and drier conditions
  • Post aeration over-seeding will benefit and grown quicker
  • Improved lawn health and appearance water_drops_on_leaf.jpg

Aeration and seeding is a process that can take place from the end of August through late October. We work with clients and nature to achieve the desired results: a beautiful, green lawn. "It's the single most valuable thing you can do for a lawn beyond mowing, watering and fertilizing." 


The success of aeration and seeding is a commitment to water. Please review the follow up instructions to care for your newly aerated and seeded lawn. Crews monitor the germination process on weekly visits and do not mow until new grass is rooted sufficiently. Bare spots can be dealt with by digging up or scratching the area and applying seeds and fertilizer.


Other seasonal services can brighten up your fall landscape. Consider fall annuals installation or mulching after the leaves fall. Check out some of the top fall blooming flowers for your garden. Contact support@barringerlandscape.com for more information.


Russell and Melissa with Millie Savannah Lancaster


Newest Family Member:

Russell and Melissa Lancaster welcomed their first child, daughter Millie Savannah Lancaster, in June. Russell has been with us as shop foreman and equipment and irrigation specialist since 1989. In addition, Russell is a beloved member of our team and to many of our clients. We share this happy news with you as we rejoice with Russell and Melissa in this blessing to their family.



First Day of Fall September 23rd


September 25 - 27 Festival in the Park   Freedom Park 1900 East Blvd. Charlotte NC 28203
October 3  Charlotte Oktoberfest  
1000 NC Music Factory Blvd. Charlotte NC 28206
October 8 - 10  Wing Haven Fall Plant Sale  
248 Ridgewood Ave. Charlotte NC 28209
October 22  Taste for the Land  
sponsored by Catawba Corps
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