Spruce it up now for 2021
Dear Berks Countians,

We heard from many community members that 2020 was the year to light-it-up!  With so many people feeling confused, despondent, and downtrodden, adding a bit of warmth to our homes seemed like the logical thing to do for a boost or a ‘pick-me-up’! I felt honored receiving phone calls from community members that were willing to share their stories with me as to why they wanted lights. Some wanted to remember a deceased family member, some to welcome family members home for the first time in a year, some to foster a sense of peace…

Anewalt’s spruced up more residence and business locations in 2020 than ever before. And, even with all of the homes and businesses we lit up, there were many more inquiries about planning ahead to spruce it up for Christmas of 2021.  

If that was you, you may want to reach out to us now. We have preseason Light and Winter Décor savings going on now through February 28th! This means we are able to roll back savings on our unique lighting products and honor installation pricing from 2020. We are always happy to show you what your home or business would look like prior to the lighting by providing you with a digital design.  

We also want to thank GT Church in 2020 for choosing us to assist them in their PEACE light display in West Lawn. It was an honor to be a part of their unique set up that brought serenity to a community in need. There is no greater focus with our Lights & Winter Décor than to give Glory to God. 

Always Sprucing it up in Berks,

Lori & Eddie Anewalt
Pre-Season Sale for Lights
& Winter Décor
In 2021, light up the long, cold winter months with a custom outdoor Lights & Winter Décor design by Anewalt’s! Spruce Up the holidays at your home or business and make them glow with the addition of our festive lighting! 

Your loved ones will treasure the warmth and beauty of the investment you make in our commercial grade lighting, and visitors to your highlighted business will feel welcomed and valued with our professional design brightening the path to your door.

Lighting up your landscape doesn’t have to be only for the holidays either! RGB lights are premiering in Berks county, and they have the ability to be year-round lighting for various occasions! What are RGB lights exactly? Using a remote control, you can control the pattern in which your lights flash as well as the color or colors that they show. For example, do you want pink or red lights for Valentine’s day? The RGB lights can switch color at the touch of a button! You have the control!

If new lights are something that would interest you, our roofline lighting, spritzers, décor, RGB lights, and more are all available in our Light & Winter Décor Presale!

How does this work? We work with you to purchase the lights that you will want through Anewalt’s at a special, discounted rate. Then, those lights are yours, but we store them, maintain them, install them and remove the lights as part of our Light & Winter Décor program. If the lights can stay up all- year long, then we make sure that they continue to function properly and light up your landscape for all to see!
If you are interested in landscape lighting at a preseason rate, then give us a call at 610-916-7070! 

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