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July 19, 2017

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Heart-shaped wreath of flowers for a wounded homeland. Global Earth Exchange 2017,
Darlington, PA. Photo by Joanne Martin

Have you imagined that you can't make beauty for a wounded place because you're not an organizer, a mobilizer? Have you thought that you need a big group of people to make it happen? Or that the "wounded place" you attend has to be something large and visibly bad, like a Superfund site or an old-growth clear-cut forest?

Not at all.

This year, for her Global Earth Exchange, Joanne Martin of Darlington, in eastern Pennsylvania, did a small private event for what she called her "wounded homeland."

Never in my life have I rejected nature, particularly the little ecosystems that I've lived within. When I moved to my home six years ago, the gas fracking boom was taking off. Now there is a petrochemical plant being built in our community to process the gas byproducts with four more plants planned for the wider region. "Cancer Alley" is our new name.
Even while joining with other activists to protest these events, somehow I also withdrew and closed myself off from the wild life happenings at my homestead. I hardened and closed my heart. This year, I chose to do a solo Earth Exchange, feeling that I HAVE wounded my own eco-home here with my rejection.
I wandered, allowing the wild happenings to call to me--the snakeskin, the dark cool under the pines, the gnat at my ear, shadows, dew drops, the wind!  There was nothing for me to do other than allow my heart to be touched. I wasn't struck by a lightning bolt of wisdom, or hit on the head with a snapping branch of insight. I was gently reminded of the resilience and unjudging stance of nature--She does what She does with or without my attention. But Oh! Maybe my reverence, gratitude and love will be felt by Her, and my heart wants to offer Her those gifts.

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