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FACIAL FAT TRANSFER. Restore Volume Loss with Natural Tissue.
Facial fat transfer to restore the volume loss that often accompanies facial aging. People begin to lose their natural facial fat in their late thirties, and the process accelerates over time resulting in a hollowed appearance. The upper cheeks, the temples, the lips, the chin, and other facial areas are mainly affected. The procedure also offers beautiful results when combined with facial rejuvenation surgery. LEARN MORE
MORPHEUS 8. Innovative Tightening for the Face.
Microneedling Combined with the Power of RF Thermal Technology with Morpheus 8. Morpheus 8 combines the microneedling and RF technologies to deliver the thermal energy of radio-frequency waves to deeper layers of the skin and tissue with adjustable microneedles. This combination allows RF energy to reach both the dermis and epidermis to improve skin tone and texture. LEARN MORE
BROW LIFT. Reverse brow descent with Brow Lift.
Restore the settling of the upper facial structures with brow lift. Significant brow descent can occur for some people as they age. Habits of expression that activate the frown muscles can naturally pull the brow in a downward direction. As a result, the brow begins to crowd the upper eyelid and obscures the contours of this region imparting a tired or weary appearance, which can lead to a misperception of one’s mood or age. LEARN MORE
NECK LIFT. Rejuvenate and Restore Tone to the Neck.
Different Treatments to Restore and Lift the Neck. With so much attention to facial rejuvenation, the neck can often be a secondary consideration. If there is significant loss of tone to the neck, a neck lift is the best solution. We offer several different neck lift techniques designed to meet the needs of different patients including: the isolated neck lift, the neck and jaw border lift, Slimlipo for patients with excess neck fat, and FaceTite. LEARN MORE
10 questions - 10 FACTS. Things to know when Considering Facial Surgery
Dr. John Q. Cook has put together a list of 10 Facts you need to know when considering facial surgery, as well as  10 Questions you should ask your facial plastic surgeon to help you select a surgeon who is not only competent, but also passionate about his or her work.
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