Beaver Creek Community Calendar

August 24, 2015


BC Area Suffers Wind Damage & Electrical Outage
Rimrock /Lake Montezuma Lacks Emergency Notifications
The Beaver Creek eNews and Calendar Crew sincerely hope that no one was injured and that any damage to property was not severe from the sudden high wind attack.  That information is unknown to us at this time.  Electrical outages appear to be continuing in portions of the district.

What is known is that this area is not receiving emergency notifications and updates on our local emergency.  Where are the Code Red Emergency Alerts and General Notices? 

Getting the information to keep cars off the roads and to check on neighbors in order to provide information and help as needed is very useful.  Residents with wells have no running water without electricity.  Worry begins about food in refrigerators and freezers.  Worry begins about is the number of backup oxygen tanks in the home sufficient for those who need that assistance. Information about road closures and approximate outage time helps.  Communication helps to alleviate stress. 

Beaver Creek School is the designated emergency shelter.  The superintendent was not contacted by area agencies.  The Beaver Creek Community Action Team resumes meeting in September.  Emergency response procedures can be an important agenda item. 

Please sign up for the Code Red Emergency Notification System.  Next time we can get information from it.

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