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Dear Neighbors

For most of us with mailbox delivery, the Census 2020 invitations have come or are coming this week. There are clear directions on how to go online to complete the very short census for the household. Anyone in the household may complete the information for all, including roommates and renters. RV occupants on premises may be included or they may file separately using the same address. Please complete the short form online by April 1. That will save us all money. After that, paper forms will be mailed out. In late May those who have not responded either way will be contacted by census workers.

Currently 843 customers receive mail in post office boxes at the Rimrock Post Office. You will not receive census information in the mail. It is your responsibility to go online at
and complete the survey. If you cannot do this, census workers will try to make contact in May.

Everyone counts. The community count affects education, medical and transportation services and funding.  Please help us help ourselves.

Got it done!
. . . . . the calendar crew
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