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March 13, 2020

Dear Neighbors

If we can get through some more muddy days this month, spring flowers will be awesome.  

The Free Food Bank is still on for Saturday morning, but the star party at the BC Library is canceled due to cloudy sky.  It will be rescheduled in June.

And good news for us all.  Beaver Creek School remains open.  Detailed information from Superintendent Ward is below.

Saturday, 3/14--Free Food Bank is available at Beaver Creek School  from 7:45 to 9 AM.  Food is always available the second Saturday of each month for distribution to everyone and during the month as needed.  Emergency boxes are available by calling the school at 928-567-4631.

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March 13, 2020
Dear Beaver Creek Families and Staff:

On Thursday, March 12, 2020 Governor Ducey, State Superintendent of School Kathy Hoffman, and Dr. Cara Christ of the Arizona Health Department led a conference call for school districts. I listened to the call and the questions from around the state from other superintendents.

*        We learned that as of right now Arizona is in a minimal risk area for COVID 19 aka Corona Virus.

*        We learned that we could track information on the Arizona Health Department Website (

*        We were reminded that our decisions on how to close schools should be based on data, not emotion, as the emotional frenzy can cause unjustified anxiety for our children.

*        We were reminded to complete district plans for Pandemic Preparedness. Arizona Department of Education released the updated plan at 6 pm on March 12th.

*        We were reminded that the best way to fight the spread of this illness:

*        Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. (Soap dispensers are in every classroom and teachers will institute a hand washing routine several times a day.)

*        Cover coughs and sneezes with elbow or tissues. (Staff will remind our students of this important defense.)

*        Clean hard surfaces often. (Teachers and Paraprofessionals have Clorox wipes to help with this process on tables, desks, door handles etc in their rooms). Custodians are cleaning all other areas nightly with deep cleans on Fridays and over Spring Break.

*        Stay home if you are ill. If you or a family member has symptoms of COVID 19, call your health provider to be directed for testing.  ( Symptoms include  fever, dry cough , shortness of breath) You may return to school or work after 72 hours fever free without taking a fever reducing medication like ibuprofen or Tylenol.

*        Any families whose children have health conditions that could be compromised will be excused from school with work sent home. Other requests for school absences will be reviewed by Principal Sacco. She will coordinate with you as we understand this is a family's personal decision.
Be prepared as a family for childcare needs, if the school closes.

The Yavapai County Health Department and the Schools already work together if there appears to be an infection in the community. This relationship and communication will continue.

If the pandemic situation changes in the area, the Governing Board may close the school at any time, upon direction from the Superintendent.  At that time, teachers will provide for instructional materials on-line and with handouts. The district will also provide food assistance to children during the closure.

As of today, March 13 Beaver Creek School remains open.  Stay in contact through DOJO, School Messenger, and the website for updates. This is a rapidly changing situation. Updates will be sent as needed.  Contact me via email with any questions or concerns even on the weekend!( ).

Karin Ward, Superintendent

Mrs. Karin Ward
Beaver Creek School District #26
4810 E Beaver Creek Road
Rimrock, Arizona 86335
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