Beazley Execuguard offers  innovative coverage features  for management liability and includes  comprehensive risk management through BeazleySure.
Coverage Highlights
  • Broad insured person investigation and inquiry coverage. The costs involved in preparing for interviews or sworn testimony prior to the launch of any formal regulatory investigation can be heavy.  Historically they have not been covered under D&O policies. 
  • Books and records coverage.  Security holders can - and quite frequently do - seek to inspect the books and records of insured organizations.  Execuguard covers reasonable and necessary fees and expenses incurred in meeting these demands. 
  • Immigration practices defense cost coverage sublimit. With increasing political focus on curbing illegal immigration into the United States, the Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986 and other laws may be invoked more frequently.
  • OSHA coverage sublimit. Given the increased penalties now being imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this could prove a valuable additional benefit in the event of work related fatalities or serious incidents. 
  • Wage & Hour defense costs sublimit(subject to underwriting). Beazley continues to provide wage & hour defense costs coverage for companies in industries prone to these types of claims. 
  • Broad definition of discrimination, harassment and inappropriate employment conduct. Coverage extended to wrongful acts by any employees by means of the internet, including social networking activities.
  • Privacy violation coverage affecting employees. As hacking attacks continue to intensify, it's good for companies to know they are protected by the market's leading provider of specialist privacy and network security insurance.
  • Protection for the insured while acting in a settlor capacity is now included under the fiduciary insuring clauses.
  • Private enterprise "PE" enhancement endorsement.  Specialized coverage enhancements for small to medium sized businesses.  Coverage includes: 1) softened 90/10 Hammer Clause; 2) 90 day post policy period claim reporting, extended to 120 days if policy is renewed with Underwriters; 3) pro-rata return premium calculations if Policy is cancelled for any reason; 4) softened Securities Exclusion for pre-IPO activities; 5) Retention reduction credits for employment practices liability available for: early settlement consent; obtaining legal advice prior to an employee termination; early claim reporting within 30 days of when claim was first made.