2020 has raised our collective consciousness and sparked global activism around racial equity in ways we've never seen. But it can't stop there.

Right here in our city, BPS youth of color (YOC) have a 30% less chance of graduating high school and finishing college within 6 years than their white peers. 60% of Boston's youth population are YOC, and 1 in 6 children in the city are affected by adverse childhood experiences. The median net worth of Black families in the Boston area is $8.00 compared to $248,000 for white families, layering economic disadvantage on top of trauma.

Yet this Giving Tuesday we are emboldened with hope in our call to action and vision for a more equitable Boston. The promise, potential, and resilience of our city’s youth and the commitment of partners like you are proof it is possible. By supporting our annual fund, you help sustain and strengthen our healing response to Boston's racial equity challenges through our youth programs, clinical care, and racial equity trainings.

If you haven't yet, please make a tax-deductible
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We encourage you to continue your racial equity learning journey. Whether it began in 2020 or 20 years ago, it can’t stop there. Feel free to watch the video below as a primer and/or visit our resource center for more.