It is easy to fixate on the harm and trauma caused by the racist and inequitable systems that confront of us every day. The magnitude of it all can sometimes amplify despair to its loudest decibel, and quiet hope to a whisper. In the same mind, we measure the need for healing to the proportion of harm and think, “That’s too big,” or “There’s nothing I can do.” These thoughts, at their end, produce inaction. But we don’t heal through hopelessness, fear, or apathy. We heal through action, every day.


The healing actions we take are big, small, active, and still (e.g. yoga, mindfulness etc). They all count -- every act or word of kindness, thoughtful gesture, moment spent, and gift given. Healing through action means we all play a part in our collective repair through our words, deeds, and presence.


This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to partner with us in taking healing action through support of our programs with a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will help us reach our 2022 annual fundraising goal and make it possible for TBC to continue to show up for our city’s youth of color, and the adults who support them.

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