...it Takes a Village
to Rescue an Island...
Dear Golden Friends:
GREAT NEWS! Thanks to all of you who believe in our mission by providing ongoing support for the GRSRS&EC Program (emotionally, financially and physically!) we are now in a position to provide critical support to a new and important rescue....and RESCUE in every sense of the word! 

We've been communicating with Eileen Whitlock, President and Founder of Golden Retriever Rescue of Puerto Rico. She shared that life is still very difficult as power has not been restored to many areas of the island, there is a lack of dog (and human) food and obtaining veterinary care is difficult. With no electricity, many veterinarians cannot refrigerate important vaccines nor can they perform critical surgery. 

This disaster has made us recognize that we should rise to the needs of the Goldens Retrievers in Puerto Rico:


Eileen suggested that at this time we send our financial support to the Golden Rescue South Florida program, which she has recently entered into a relationship with during these very difficult times in Puerto Rico.     

Eileen shared with us that her program can barely keep up with the daily demand to rescue Goldens of all ages from swamps, rubble and abandoned homes.  Many of her foster homes have been impacted by the hurricanes yet they are rallying to the cause as Eileen asks for help.

"At this time, the Florida partner is providing the needed veterinary care, food and transport to get the Goldens off the island as soon as they are medically cleared and meet the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture.  Once they arrive, these Goldens receive the balance of veterinary care needed to ready them for adoption by Golden Rescue South Florida."  Eileen Whitlock, President and Founder of Golden Retriever Rescue of Puerto Rico

Eileen shared she doesn't know what she would be able to do without their generosity and concern during these very troubling times. And here is the best news - this partnership has resulted in helping more than 80 Golden Retrievers since the hurricanes

Because of your belief in our mission and the integrity of our work, this will now make THREE organizations we are actively helping. 

We have sent an initial donation of $1000 to Golden Rescue South Florida to support their efforts on behalf of the Goldens in need from Puerto Rico and will provide financial assistance quarterly for the coming year.

We hope that you all agree with our helping the Golden Retrievers of Puerto Rico during this recovery period and will get ready for, and support, our upcoming online Silent Auction in February that will fund all our 2018 programming.

It has been said that "It takes a Village" to raise a child. 

We believe It takes a Nationwide Golden Village to ensure that the most needful Goldens who have survived this tragedy receive the treatment needed for a full and happy life.

Now, more wonderful news! Robin Adams, the Founder of Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, Reinholds, PA,  with more than thirty years of rescue experience on a local and national level, has graciously accepted to be the liaison between our program and 
Golden Retriever Rescue of Puerto Rico 
Golden Rescue of South Florida.

Robin has personally visited several organizations in Puerto Rico so she has a comprehensive picture of the programs and efforts there and will help us keep you informed of the continuing challenges and hopefully, progress!  WELCOME ROBIN!

Thank you for sharing and supporting our mission! 
Together we call help our golden friends and families! 

Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

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With a Third Golden Rescue in Need, 
Let's show our golden spirit (as a donor or bidder) with our February 2018
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 February 9th - February 14th
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If you'd like to donate here are some ideas: Quilts...home-made or bought, throws of all kinds, wreaths (holiday or seasonal),decorative pillows, faux sheepskin items, spring bulb collection gift certificates, gift certificates for china or crystal, Sweaters for men, women, children and pets, unique leather items, pottery, gift certificates for dog/cat beds, jewelry of all kinds that feature gem stones or dogs/cats/horses, birds, horses, gift certificates for horse blankets, bird feeders, bird houses, decorated mailboxes, show leads for dogs of all sizes, knitted baby clothes, dolls, gift certificates for larger toys, use your imagination. 

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Please ship your donated items to arrive by December 15th to:
Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.
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North Reading, MA 01864

Thank You to All Our Anonymous and Caring Donors!

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Sky's Helpful Hints!
(Sky Puglia is pictured right) 

The Red Cross knows that your dog is an important member of the family and their First Aid app puts potentially lifesaving, expert information right in the palm of your hand.

The simple step by step instructions guide you through everyday emergencies such as cuts, burns and cardiac events, using videos, images and interactive quizzes.

Create a pet profile to manage medications and vet appointments and keep your vet's contact information readily available.

Not in your normal neighborhood?? This App can locate the nearest emergency vet hospital too.( posted in Modern Dog Magazine Fall 2017)

"Thanks for reading my tips! If you have one or want us to answer your golden questinos, email mom at j epgoldens@yahoo.com. GO PATRIOTS! (Or whoever you root for this football season!)" - Sky Puglia
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