“I’m now a more open-minded person. I've been introduced to so many different cultures and people through the showcases. I’ve grown up and changed my perspective. I’ve changed for the better .”  
In 2020, Alexander has big plans. In addition to being a guitar major in the Music Conservatory, he is now learning the trombone. Alexander shares,  “In college, I want to major in music composition so I can go into film music! One of the reasons why I started the trombone is because I want to know what it’s like to play in a band setting to compose the best I can.”      

Alexander’s goal before leaving ChiArts is to compose a powerful band piece.
ChiArts is much more than a school; it is a catalyst for change. Your generosity makes it possible for students like Alexander to access tuition-free, pre-professional training in the arts.
Every day this week we are highlighting a scholar-artist from each conservatory and sharing their #BecauseOfChiArts story. Be sure to look for tomorrow's feature!
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