"Visual arts was my savior. It has also helped press the fears I have about the future. This is what I’m good at. This is something I’ll always have. This is a skill I’ve developed and worked hard towards! People enjoy my work and I enjoy it. It’s a rock for me.” 
In 2020, Gomez is really excited for their Visual Arts electives in wearable sculpture and sequential arts. In sequential arts, Gomez is already thinking about the comic books they will design. And in wearable sculpture, they will be building a full garment inspired by a building.

Gomez shares, “I remember Freshman year, seeing these paper garments in the hallways and being mesmerized... thinking I want to do that when I’m a senior! And now I am that senior! The visual arts program is insane and nothing like I’ve ever gotten before, or even thought I could get at a public school. They teach you the foundations and go through the process as you would at a college!"
ChiArts is much more than a school; it is a catalyst for change. Your generosity makes it possible for students like Gomez to access tuition-free, pre-professional training in the arts.
Every day this week we are highlighting a scholar-artist from each conservatory and sharing their #BecauseOfChiArts story. Be sure to look for tomorrow's final feature!
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