Thanks for Making a Difference in Someone's Life
Seniors often feel isolated, especially when they don't have family nearby or if they aren't able to get out to socialize. This isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness, boredom and even depression.   According to the 2017  Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults, nearly half of people 60 and older in Central Indiana said they feel boredom, and 42 percent reported being depressed. 

One way to combat that is to ensure homebound seniors have more contact with people. To help accomplish this, CICOA  relies on an army of volunteers--like you--who are getting connected in new and unique ways.
CICOA has a team of more than 242 friendly visitors who help brighten the day for central Indiana seniors. It may be as simple as stopping by to play a game of cards, work a puzzle,  read to those who can't see well, or just reminisce about old times. These simple gestures are making a difference for seniors. So much so that CICOA is adding more programs to reach even more homebound clients.
CICOA also introduced a telephone reassurance program in 2017 to help relieve the feeling of isolation that so many clients face.  CICOA now has 53 volunteers making regular calls to 305 clients. Some clients like the calls so much, they have asked to talk to someone twice a week.
Our handymen also do tremendous work, sometimes changing light bulbs, installing grab bars, painting, or  in one instance, even replacing a damaged porch roof.
Volunteers also serve on committees and boards to advance CICOA's mission, and participate in special events, such as CICOA's annual Signature Breakfast fundraiser or Safe at Home Day.

"Volunteers make all of this possible," said Tara DeBoo, CICOA's volunteer coordinator. "You are all so wonderful, and you touch our clients' lives in ways our employees can't."

In 2017, volunteers like you provided 15,993 hours of community service-- more than $300,000 worth of time enriching and improving the lives of area seniors. As CICOA introduces more ways to keep seniors connected, DeBoo is always looking to recruit more volunteers who are willing to give a little of their time to help a senior in need.
You are making a difference in someone's life.  Learn more about some of our newest volunteer programs below!

Phone Reassurance
Relieve feelings of isolation in homebound seniors and brighten their day from the comfort of your own home by making weekly check-in calls. For many seniors, this may be the only contact they have with another person that day.  Learn more .

Pet Therapy
CICOA introduced a new program in which a trained volunteer brings a therapy terrier into the home of a senior, who can hold, pet or play with the dog.  The program is a partnership with Therapets, a nonprofit that offers pet therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and now to CICOA clients.  Learn more .

Music Therapy
Beginning in late 2017, Amy Rohn, an Indianapolis Celtic harpist, volunteers her time to bring her music into the homes of CICOA clients each month. If you also are a gifted musician and want to offer the healing touch of music, we invite you to explore this unique volunteer opportunity.   Learn more .

Follow your passion while contributing to a cause that's important to you. To learn more about how you can make a difference for older adults and people with disabilities, contact Tara DeBoo at 317-803-6003 or
Volunteer today!
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