December 12, 2018
Right now bulbs of garlic and onions planted at Costello Urban Farm are growing into next year's produce.
Right now herb gardens made by kindergarteners at the Breen are sprouting lavender, mint, and cilantro while the children benefit from hands-on minds-on learning .
Right now hundreds of trees are taking root across the city, ready to blossom come spring. The trees will beautify the city, will reduce ambient street temperature, and will lower cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.
Right now access to the rich gardenscapes along the city's rivers is being opened and improved, so that all can enjoy vistas and walkways .
Right now on Green Team ten high-school students from Lawrence are achieving new personal heights as they prepare to launch into their future.
Every vegetable, every lesson, every tree, every park, every tomorrow .  
It's all happening. Right now. Because of you.
And it's up to you to keep it going. Together we can and we will make it happen. Together we transform tomorrow.
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