Because of you, the 63-year-old woman sent to Collier Resource Center through the Department of Children and Families was referred to another organization and received the wheelchair she desperately needed.

  Because of you, we were able to connect a couple caring for their terminally ill mother with hospice care. They were exhausted and needed respite - but did not know how or where to find relief.

 Because of you, the 58-year-old disabled man who needed a bed and a mattress was connected to St. Matthew’s and Goodwill and received both items.

   Because of you, the stepmother who called seeking activities for her 21-year-old disabled daughter was connected with Star Ability, Equestrian Challenge and various county programs.
   We are so grateful for your support of Collier Resource Center and proud to have created so many positive outcomes for Collier residents. We have many success stories involving low-income individuals receiving medical assistance through Healthcare Network, NCH, and Bonita Springs Lions Eye Clinic. We have helped seniors find financial assistance for rent and electric bills. Often, throughout the year, we help our clients find work shoes and clothes, food pantries, places to shower, and safe places to park for those homeless living out of cars. None of these clients were aware that such services were available.

  Collier Resource Center works. We are able to answer questions for Collier residents, connect with them organizations that can help and stay with them as case managers until their needs are met - because of you.

   We can summarize it with a quote from a senior who called looking for meals to be delivered to his home. He said, “You don’t have money for me, but you gave me information and listened to me. That is especially important. Thank you so much!”

   As 2020 draws to a close, know that you have made a difference in the lives of many of your neighbors; And for that, we offer our deepest gratitude.

With wishes for a happy and healthy end to the year,