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"Because we care..."
Today, the Athens-Clarke County Leisure Service Teens in 
Freshly planted flowers by Teens in Service
Action  day camp vis ited the Day Center to volunteer to accomplish several important projects. They pulled weeds from the brick path, picked up trash and downed limbs from around the house, vacuumed  the floors, and planted flowers in our empty planters. When we gathered after their work was done, I thanked them and informed them that they made a huge difference. When I asked if they understood how much of a difference they made, one camper said that it makes a difference for the Day Center to look nice. I asked him why and he replied, "Because it shows we care." BINGO! I was super impressed by the wisdom of this young camper.
Look no weeds in the bricks!

The  weed free walk, the beautiful flowers, the clean floors all say Welcome!, we care about you here!

As an IHN A v olunteer, you do this on a regular basis. You set up your congregation in a loving and homey manner. You greet our guests with a smile and kind words. You prepare a delicious meal to share with our guests. All of these things say WE CARE FOR YOU!

I am exceeding grateful for the hospitality that you provide our guests. Thank you! And thanks to the Teens in Action for reminding me what is important about our work. 
Significant progress and thanks to new and existing congregations!
We are up to 34 congregations (14 hosts and 20 support) who are partnering with IHNA to provide housing, care, and compassion to our guest families. This means that we can have greater impact serving more families during the course of a year. Over the last few years, IHNA has had to close it doors to new families beginning in November and did not open back up until the end of January. Thanks to our new congregations (as well as to all those congregations who have faithfully served), we will not be closing and will have families during the entire months of December and January.

Please help us welcome our most recent congregations: 

New Host Congregations
- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
- Bethlehem United Methodist Church
- Union Christian Church working with Ashford Memorial Methodist Church and Watkinsville First Christian Church as support congregations
- Tuckston United Methodist Church
New Support Congregations
- Trinity Lutheran is a new support congregation for Oconee St. United Methodist Church
- Good Shepherd Presbyterian is a support congregation for Alps Road Presbyterian Church
- The Christian Science Church is a support congregation for Holy Cross Lutheran Church

For a listing of all of our congregations please click this link:  http://www.ihnathens.org/our-team.html

We are grateful to all of our congregations who provide support to IHNA and we are especially grateful to the committee who helped us recruit these new congregations specifically: Stacy Pardue, Edward Bolen, Linda Lacy, Josh Garner and Sarah Beth Tankersley. 
Special thank you!
There are so many folks to thank for their selfless work and support that allows IHNA to continue to thrive and to serve homeless children and their families. Each of our 800 volunteers, our tireless volunteer coordinators at each congregation, our volunteer trainers, the clergy and support staff at each of our congregations. I hope each of you know how much we appreciate you!

I also want to say a special thanks to some major donors this month which include:

- Bobby Carvell and America's Home Place who is a Custom Home Builder that understands the importance of home. You can find out more about them at: http://www.americashomeplace.com/
- Milledge Avenue Baptist Church Foundation

Lastly, I want to thank Sarah McKinney and the 
Athens Area Community Foundation for their support of our community and of IHNA. We work with the AACF as an agency fund holder to safely manage some of our assets and recently AACF helped us secure a UGA MBA Leadership Fellow to help us more efficiently use our database. They are making the Athens area a better place and we are grateful. 
National statistics of interest
The Family Promise 2016 Program Services Report was recently released. This is a compilation of all the work of Family Promise Affiliates nationwide. It is interesting to see how our work combined with the work of other affiliates is impacting homelessness on the national level. To take a look at the report, click here
Dates to remember
- Volunteer Coordinator meeting - July 13 at 5:30 at First Baptist Church
- Next training opportunity - July 30 at 1:30 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1080 Julian Dr, Watkinsville, GA 
- IHNA Whole in One Golf Tournament - October 9 (for more info go to: http://www.ihnathens.org/golf-tournament.html
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA
393-1 West Hancock Ave
Phone: 706-425-1881
Website:  www.ihnathens.org

Davin Welter, Executive Director - director@ihnathens.org

Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director - assist.ihnathens@gmail.com

Regina Roth-Goldman, Service Director -

or mail a check to our address above. Thank you!

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