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"May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter,
and every window open to great possibility." 
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Featured this month...
Holiday gift suggestions!

As always, you will find a wonderful array of gift ideas at Christianson's. In addition to beautiful plants, trees, houseplants, winter-blooming bulbs, wreaths, garden art and pottery, we have a fabulous selection of gift items which can be found in Primrose as well as our Garden Store and Conservatory.

We know the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to gift giving, so we have created the following list of gift suggestions. I f you need assistance finding specific items or are looking for something in particular that's not on this list, please let us know.  We are happy to help!

For those near and dear...
  • Tea, holiday jam, and scone mix
  • Cozy gloves or fingerless mittens and soothing hand cream
  • A warm hat, a stylish metal water bottle, and an outdoorsy book, such as 'Day Hike! North Cascades'
  • A cute mug, peppermint hot chocolate, and a candy cane
  • Socks, mulled cider mix, and the book 'The Hygge Life'
  • A cozy knit infinity scarf or a pretty hat
  • Linen napkins, antique 'Mother of Pearl' silverware, and the book 'How to Set a Table'
  • Holiday soap and napkins, a winter-themed pillow, and vintage ornaments
  • A cake platter or tower and a special baking cookbook
  • Paris-themed placemats and coasters and an Eiffel tower ornament
  • Travel organizer bags (set of 3), a luggage tag, and a travel purse
  • A travel-size sketchbook and matching watercolor set
  • A pretty piece of jewelry and some lovely French soap and lotion
  • A new or vintage teapot, Holiday Tea, and the book 'Taking Time for Tea'
  • Super-soft flannel pajamas and a good book, such as 'Eliza Waite' by local author Ashley Sweeney
  • An antique picnic set and a cozy blanket or vintage quilt


For special gatherings and host & hostess gifts...
  • A Cocktail Party Gift Set (includes tasty bar mix, sea salt crackers, red pepper jelly, pomegranate cosmo mixer, and cocktail napkins)
  • Truffles paired with a dessert sauce gift set
  • A linen wine sack and cocktail napkins
  • Holiday candles, such as traditional bayberry tapers, paired with a pretty box of winter-themed matches
  • A wreath or door mat and the book 'House Blessings'
  • Puzzles or games, such as Bird Bingo, Dog Bingo and Cat Bingo or  vintage editions of Yahtzee, The Game of Life and Scattergories
  • Vintage cookie cutters, a holiday cookie cookbook, and/or a cookie mix (we have Stonewall Kitchen Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread Cookie, and Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookie mixes)
For the gardeners on your list...
  • Hand cream, garden gloves, and a scrubby nail brush
  • A 2018 calendar and ' A Year in the Garden' journal
  • 'The Naturalist's Notebook' or 'Nature Observer' journal and a vintage- style magnifying glass
  • A beeswax candle, honey soap or lotion, and the book '100 Plants to Feed the Bees'
  • An herb planter, herb scissors, and a mortar & pestle set
  • Pruners and/or knee pads and a special garden-themed book such as 'A Garden of Inspiration' or 'Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden'
And of course, a Christianson's Nursery gift certificate is always
the perfect choice for everyone on your list!

We wish you the very best of the season and may your new year
be filled with joy, laughter and great possibilities!

Poinsettias  - a Yuletide Treasure
Christmas trees and evergreen wreaths are sentimental favorites for the holiday season. However, not all plants tied to the holidays are conifers. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima), a sub-tropical plant native to Mexico and Guatemala, are also considered a mainstay symbol of the holidays.
The 'flowers' of Poinsettia plants are actually their petal-like leaves known as "bracts".  Poinsettia do have flowers, but these green and yellow flowers are small and resemble the stamens that are in the center of most flowers.   
Today, Poinsettias are sold in many sizes, shapes and forms with many new cultivars being introduced.  And although red continues to be the most popular Poinsettia color during the holidays, color choices range from white and cream to pink with green variegation.   And now there's a beautiful double-red form called 'Winter Rose' (see below).

Caring for your Poinsettias:   Keep your Poinsettias in a warm, well-lit room away from drafts and water regularly so the soil is kept moist. After the color has faded, prune back to promote fresh, new growth.

10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays...  
Just Like the Ones Our Grandparents  
Used to Know  
Embrace the attitude and traditions of an earlier generation for old-fashioned holiday fun!

Experiencing an old-fashioned holiday season centers on choosing what really matters to you. Reflecting back and practicing meaningful traditions not only pays homage to relatives and friends with whom you shared time, but also shapes the traditions you practice today.

Consider the following suggestions for inspiration in making your holidays intentionally slower while infusing the wisdom of generations past.

1. Use Cash Only
Many of our grandparents had a budget and stuck to it out of sheer necessity. Spending with cash can make it feel more real.  It also gives you a moment to stop and think about what you're buying, which makes spending more focused.   

2. Bake From Scratch
Dust off the old recipe books or cards and try your hand at making homemade butter cookies or a friend's no-fail brownie recipe.  You have to slow down enough to read the recipe and may find that the nostalgic act of remembering those who gave you the recipe makes everything just a little sweeter.

3. Send Holiday Cards
In the age of social media and instant updates, real honest-to-goodness cards are a way to reconnect with family and friends far and near.  You can buy boxed holiday cards - or look to craft websites for inspiration and make your own - then take an afternoon and write a handful of cards to send via snail mail!  

4. Save Those Ribbons!
As a child, my grandmother taught us to carefully open packages and save the ribbon and wrap.  Not only was this a thrifty means to re-use packaging (remember ironing your ribbon to make it look new?), but it extended the anticipation of what lay underneath.  And today, it is environmentally friendly.

5. Spend Time Together
Bake cookies with your kids. Plan a family game night. Attend services at a house of worship. Go caroling. Drive around and look at holiday lights. Make ornaments. Arrange a potluck party with friends. The point is to interact and be present in the moment with your family and friends.

6. Make Your Gifts
We all have talents so think about ways you can give your talents as your gift.  For example, maybe you could paint your mother-in-law's bedroom, or bake homemade goodies, or put a ribbon around a jar of homemade jam that you made last summer. The possibilities are endless!
7. Dress Up!
When you look at old photos, you see that everyone is dressed nicely at big holiday gatherings - even the children; faces washed, hair combed and cheeks oiled.  Most days in our lives are casual.  To make your gathering feel special and different, dress up!

8. Send thank you notes
In our digital age, a handwritten card or thank you note reigns supreme.  Sit down and write a real thank you note this holiday season, whether you're thanking someone for a lovely party or a special gift.  This simple act of thoughtfulness will go a long ways.

9. Share Your Memories
Part of the joy of the season is reminiscing about what makes your family unique. Sharing stories, traditions, and values defines your family and is a great gift to each other that doesn't cost a cent.

10. Give Back
Our grandparents shared what they had with neighbors when times were tough. Your gifts don't necessarily have to be monetary. Collect coats for homeless shelters. Help an elderly neighbor put up her tree. Send care packages to military members who are deployed away from home this year. Invite someone who's alone and may not have family nearby to your own holiday dinner.

Cyclamen...Beyond the Holidays

Florist's cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) has arrived for the holiday season in colors of red, white and fuchsia.  But don't shoebox this flowering tuber for only a special occasion.  Cyclamen make excellent houseplants and require very little care.

With their blow-your-hair-back styled reflex petals and their heart-shaped leaves, in the right conditions the plants will bloom continuously for a few months. We now offer individual plants or potted containers ready for giving.

Cyclamen like bright, indirect light in the winter.  Do not expose them to temperatures below 50 degrees.   When leaves are present the plant is actively growing. Water whenever the soil feels dry but do not let the plant sit in excess water.
Spring/Summer Care:  As the flowers begin to fade, stop watering and let the tuber go dormant.  Put the plant outside in the shade and even tip it on its side so rain won't rot the tuber. When September arrives, start watering and feed with a liquid fertilizer to promote leaves and flowers for the next season.
December Class Schedule
We are hosting a double-header this December!  
On Saturday, December 9, we have scheduled some of our most popular winter classes starting at 11 am and 1 pm.  Sign up to reserve your spot in the Garden Store or call us at (360)466-3821.

Winter Interest in the Garden
A U.W. graduate in Botany, local radio and television personality, business consultant and long-time Nurseryman, Scott Conner teaches 'Winter Interest in the Garden' in the Schoolhouse.
Saturday, December 9
11:00 a.m. - noon
Class Fee: $8
reservations required

Snow Geese of the Skagit
Vast numbers of snow geese migrate to Skagit Valley farmlands from Alaska and Wrangell Island, Russia. Come learn more about their fascinating life history and challenges with wildlife biologist Martha Jordan, Executive Director of the Northwest Swan Conservation Association. This class is almost full so make your reservations soon!
Saturday, December 9
1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Class Fee: $8
reservations required
"Ask John!"
John loves hearing from his customers and do they love to ask him questions! Each conversation features an actual question submitted by someone like you.     

Q: Hi John,  We are choosing a balled & burlap living tree from your Nursery for Christmas this year but I am worried about keeping it alive through the holiday.  How should I care for it?  Thank you and Merry Christmas!  
-Jane, Sedro-Woolley, WA   
A: Hi Jane, 
Care for balled & burlap living Christmas trees are similar in maintenance to cut trees once inside the house.  With a living tree, however, it should not be moved directly indoors. Instead, it's best to first transition it to a porch or a garage allowing it to acclimate to warmer temperatures.  Plan to bring it indoors for a maximum of two weeks (around December 11) and water it daily!!!  They take a lot of water; think how much a cut tree absorbs - and they don't even have roots!  Right after Christmas move it outside.  You don't want the tree to get comfortable and begin growing roots prematurely.   If temperatures are freezing, transition it back to your porch or garage for a few days so it's not put out directly into the cold.   
December and January are still good months to plant trees, including your balled & burlap live Christmas tree.  Plant your tree, then loosen the top of the burlap bag and remove the synthetic twine around it.  Roots grow quickly this time of the year which will support growth in the spring. Remember to water throughout the summer of the first year of growth. 

Wishing you a Happy Holiday! 
- John  
Have a garden-related question?  Email us:
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AM 660 KAPS * FM 102.1 KAPS* 10:30 am.
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