Fall 2020 News & Updates

A Word From The Director
Steve Sartori, MD, ACC
Director, CMDA Center for Well-being

Challenges, stress, burnout, fatigue. Every doctor and medical student knows those realities, only too well. But who cares about doctors? Don't they live in big houses? Don't they drive fancy cars. Don't they 'have it made?'

We know the sad and challenging answer is: No. No, the truth is that medical professionals are being overwhelmed with unrealistic expectations by both their patients and the systems within which they must 'operate!'

At the Center for Well-being, Christian doctors tell us things every week they would never tell another living soul. And, of course, because we are committed to the strictest measures of confidentiality, we would never divulge the stories of pain, stress, and loss of hope we hear. But your generosity in supporting our ministry brings encouragement and light to the doctors we love. In a word, CMDA loves Christian doctors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the burnout risk for healthcare professionals, and The CMDA Center for Well-being continues to promote the well-being of CMDA members through writing, podcasting, speaking, connecting, coaching, and training. I was interviewed by Drs. Mike Chupp and Jeff Barrows on the July 16 episode of the CMDA Matters podcast, addressing the well-being of healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

On a recent episode of The Healthy Doctor Podcast, I had the privilege of discussing physician leadership development with General Mark Hertling, author of “Growing Physician Leaders”. On another episode, Dr. David Larson and I discussed well-being initiatives in graduate medical education, and the development of moral, reflective physicians.

If you have suggestions for how we can serve you better, I would love to hear from you. We appreciate your ongoing prayers and support, so that we might care for you as you care for others.

Steven J. Sartori, MD, ACC
Director, Center for Well-being

Our coaches specialize in confidential, ICF-certified and Christian-doctor-specific coaching!
Yes, there are days when the world seems shut down, toxic, out of control. But even in the midst of the chaos, God reigns! We're here to provide encouragement, inspiration, and an understanding ear. Our focus is on Christian doctors who are on the battle lines every single day. We're here for you, and want you to know we understand, and we care.

Individual Life and Leadership coaching for physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals continues to be the core of how we serve. It is a true joy to witness the ah-ha moments and liberating truths clients uncover as they find new strength and hope to walk through these challenging times.

Reach out to [email protected] with questions or if you want to explore coaching for yourself.

Greetings! CMDA Life and Leadership Coaching training courses are meeting needs. As this pandemic continues, the need for connection, support and excellent communication skills is only increasing. We know that the coaches we've trained have a powerful tool for effective communication to minister to colleagues, patients, and friends. And, CMDA's coaching training courses fill-up quickly! (Demand has caused us to develop wait lists.) To meet this increased interest, our coach training team now offers all of our coaching courses online, in a variety of scheduling formats. Here are upcoming training opportunities: 

501 Foundations in Coaching
(Our entry level course)
Two- Day format-
November 6-7, 2020, info and register here 
(only three spots left!)

Six-week format-
Feb 1-March 8, 2021 Monday evenings 8-10 pm Eastern Time (Check our website in coming weeks for info and registration) 

503 Coaching Change, Transition and Transformation
(This course has a 501 or equivalent prerequisite)

Six-week format
March 22- April 26, 2021 (Check our website in coming weeks for info and registration) 
A Word About 80 Million Gallons …
Ken Jones
Director of Development/Communications

It sits like a timeless sentinel in Alley Springs, Missouri. They call it the Old Red Mill, and before it became a 'landmark' in Shannon County — before it was so famous that the federal government minted a special quarter for the state of Missouri featuring the iconic Old Red Mill — I used to play inside that old building. Somewhat dangerous, I suppose. Snakes, and spiders, and ghosts, who knows? But so much fun as a young boy.

My grandpa was the Superintendent of Alley Springs State Park when I was a kid. A few weeks ago, I got to visit the park again, and take a sort of 'sentimental journey' back in my memory. I stood next to the old mill, and remembered again what it was like. And as I looked and listened, Alley Springs sang its familiar song to me, too. I heard again the sound of water rushing up from the ground and over falls that have been there for hundreds of years, and I marveled.

80 million gallons of water bubble up from the earth at this place, every single day. Whether anyone is there to notice or not. Whether anyone is there to see, or hear or drink from that spring or not, 80 million gallons of water a day run down a spring branch, as if some giant faucet or spigot had been turned on by God himself, and then left open.

I'm not sure how many words of encouragement and hope have been dispensed by the caring team at the CMDA Center for Well-being since its inception. No way to tell how many words have been spoken during coaching sessions by our certified coaches, either. God knows, of course. He keeps track of such things. My guess is that the word count may not be 80 million, but it is … significant, and growing.

And our ability to serve and fulfill what we believe is a call from God to minister to Christian doctors is directly tied to the flow of support that you have faithfully provided. The stream of God's nurture and encouragement to the doctors we love continues day after day, flowing from the spring of His grace, mercy and love. We love Christian doctors. We care. And we are here because your generosity makes it possible.

Thank you for giving. Thank you for caring. The waters of your gift are producing life-changing results.