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I am excited to share some great news with you! Max Fab Consulting's new Veteran READY Certification and Training Program works with businesses to build a vibrant and inclusive veteran-READY culture that will attract highly skilled veteran employees.

This program, tailored and scalable to meet the needs of each business, specifically addresses the unique challenges and opportunities that veterans bring to the workplace, ensures seamless integration, and maximizes the potential of this valuable talent pool. It also assists in creating a work environment where veterans feel valued, understood, and supported. Through comprehensive training and support in areas such as camaraderie, military-to-civilian transition challenges, mental health, and values alignment, businesses will be equipped with the right tools to create a work culture that encompasses the unique needs of veterans.

The Veteran READY Certification and Training Program also presents a distinctive opportunity for civilian employers to foster an environment that not only recognizes the valuable skills and experiences that veterans bring but also actively supports their successful integration into the workforce.

The first step to ask yourself is: How many veterans do I employ or lead? If you can't answer this question easily, it's time to contact me.

Be a Kangaroo

I recently wrote a blog post inspired by a conversation I had with one of my mentees. It explores the unique characteristics of kangaroos and the valuable lessons we can learn from them. Kangaroos can only move forward and they utilize both near and far strategies to navigate their journeys. Their unwavering resilience and adaptability serve as a remarkable example for us all. Uncover more of my insights in this latest blog post.

Moral Injury

Lately, I've received numerous questions that prompted me to write a blog explaining the concept of moral injury and its difference from PTSD. As a military veteran, I personally experienced the profound impact of moral injury on my life. I've faced ethical dilemmas that forced me to make agonizing decisions that conflicted with my core principles. Read more and connect with me to start healing from the moral injuries in your life.

Guest speaker on a Top 100 National Podcast

For the second time, I was a guest on one of the Top 100 National Podcasts, Deep Leadership, with host Jon Rennie. He is a former Cold War Submarine Officer who spent 22 years leading businesses in Corporate America before starting his own manufacturing business. We talked about why businesses should hire more veterans and what unique skills and traits they can bring to the workplace.

Listen to the episode and let me know what else I should talk about in future podcasts.

The Apex Leadership Summit

Finally, I am thrilled to announce the inaugural summit of the Apex Leadership Institute on August 18, where I am one of four founders. Titled “Our Community, Your Leaders, Your Prosperity," the Apex Leadership Summit will be a groundbreaking event and will host esteemed keynote speaker, Stephen Long, Ph.D., Author & Coach of The Prosperity Trait Index. Dr. Long is renowned for his expertise in unlocking the potential of leaders and guiding them toward unprecedented success.


In addition, we have also assembled an exceptional speaker lineup of industry leadership and growth experts. Prepare to be inspired by the wisdom and insights of Melanie SchwarzShelby Jo Long, and Jennifer Reiser, along with yours truly. Together as the Apex Leadership Institute, we share a common vision of creating a world where every leader possesses the tools, support, and guidance necessary to unleash their unique genius and make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.


The summit will bring together leaders at all levels to learn about themselves, improve their prosperity traits, and effectively use their energy and time to take their greatness and make it more extraordinary. Register for the summit today!

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